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Ive heard that, excluding the library at the royal palace, among all of the noble houses, the Williams familys library is the largest and most extensive.

And they werent kidding.

This place is huge! I feel like I could get lost in here….

Though that might be because this is the first time in my life that Ive ever bothered to come here.

The room contains so many rows of bookshelves that I feel as if they go on forever.

Each one is at least twice my height and theres even a whole second floor!

I could search through this place all day and night and I still might not be able to find the books that I am looking for.

What to do…..

For starters, I do a quick walk through of the whole library, but to no avail.

I didnt see any books related to darkness magic.

Books about fairy tales….

books about plants, animals, medicine….

you name it! But not one book talking about magic.

Im sure if I asked someone for help, Id be able to find them right away, but if people find out that Im trying so hard to learn darkness magic that might damage my reputation as a villainess in the future.

I should definitely master my magic powers in secret, that will be much more impressive when the time comes.

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Though, if I cant find any of the right books, I wont be able to learn any magic at all, let alone master it.

I guess Ill just have to spend the day slowly searching through the whole library…..

Though that does feel like quite the waste of time.

If I am going to become someone that can surpass the heroine then I cant waste all that time and have nothing to show for it.

I have to at least learn about something while Im here.

Maybe I should just give it another 30 minutes and if I still cant find any books on magic, Ill have to settle with learning about something else.

Welp, its been 30 minutes, and Ive found nothing.

I guess Ill just stop here for today.

I take a look at the book shelf that I just happened to give up in front of and I spy a book about plants.

Intrigued, I take it down and spend the next hour pouring through its pages until Ive finished reading the whole book.

It was actually quite the entertaining read.

It described in detail a variety of different types of flora found in this world.

In fact, tons of the plants within are of exotic species that didnt exist in my previous life.

It talked about plants that fly in the sky, plants that give off light, and tons of other fantastical flora.

Im so fascinated by them all, that I decide to just spend the day reading about various vegetation.

Its around the time when I had just started reading a book talking about the medicinal effects of different types of plants when…

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“Alicia-Sama~” I hear Rosetta calling me.

Hearing her voice finally snaps me out of my greenery mania and I realize that 10 hours have already passed since I had picked up that first book.

It looks like I had been so focused on reading that I forgot to eat, missing lunchtime entirely.

Glancing at a clock on the wall, I see that its 6:00 PM.

Oh, its already dinnertime.

“Alicia-Sama~” I hear Rosetta call for me again.

I need to hurry up and get out of here.

I quickly put down the book that I was holding, and am surprised to realize that Ive accumulated quite the large pile already.

Just how many books did I read today I wonder…..

1, 2, 3, ……., 23 books.

In just 10 hours I read through 23 books completely…….

Despite having spent a whole hour on that first one…..

Does that mean my reading speed increased that by that much

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Though I suppose that makes sense considering how focused I had been while I was reading.

Suddenly, my stomach rumbles and the noise echos grandly throughout the whole library.

……I am ridiculously hungry right now!

Ill have time to come up with some excuses for my sudden desire to read later, because for now I need food!

With that one thought driving me, I dash out of the library, heading straight towards the dining room.


T/N: Lol, a girl after my own heart! When I suddenly started to have second thoughts about having a career in Computer Science, I also thought botany might be a pleasant alternative~ XD


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