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T/N: Today I want to give another big thank you to my Cookie Donor Rich! Thank you again for the sweets ❤

“Over here,” Liz-san says, guiding me right up to the door of the school building.

…..To think that I would end up being indebted to the heroine like this.

“Did you come here to meet someone” she asks, glancing down at me with those emerald green eyes of hers.

Such a striking color.

How can a real person have such pretty eyes…..

Theyre so big and deep, I feel like Im falling into them.


“Huh Oh, umm…..

Im very grateful to you for showing me the way.

Then, good day,” I say before turning on my heel and fleeing into the school building.

I cant very well tell Liz-san that I came to meet her.

Wouldnt that make it look like Im a fan of hers or something So I walk in an arbitrary direction away from her, striding purposefully as if Im searching for someone.

When Im a good distance away, I let myself take in my surroundings more and am once again awed by just how beautiful this school is.

And it isnt just beautiful, its immaculately clean.

There doesnt seem to be even a spec of dust anywhere.

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I wonder if they use magic to clean it

Im also somewhat surprised because for as far as Ive walked, I havent seen even a single other person.

Could it be that class is in session right now….

I must have missed the proper timing for coming here.

…..Since no ones around at the moment though, I suppose it wouldnt hurt to take a little tour, right I will be enrolling as a student here in five years after all… So, lets take a look around.

I continue to stride down the overly spacious corridor.

All these rooms lead to lecture halls, huh I can hear teachers voices seeping out from each of them.

And every topic sounds so interesting.

I really want to sit in on one of the lectures, but I shouldnt….

I need to hold back so I can fully enjoy myself when I finally get to enroll.

I just need to be patient.

At the end of the corridor I come upon a small wooden door.

It looks like something straight out of a fairytale.

Just what could be on the other side

Ahh, Im so curious….

I want to know! Should I just go in

If this room just so happens to be off-limits to students….

So much the better! I can show off just how malevolent I am!

What a delicious opportunity~

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I enthusiastically turn the knob and throw open the door.

Or at least I try to, but the door wont budge.

Could it be locked

….No way, I dont want that!

With all my might I try pushing and pulling….

until suddenly a loud bang erupts through the hallway, startling me.

At the same time, I lurch backwards, ending up sprawled on the floor.

…..Its open.

I guess the door was meant to be pulled, not pushed.

I stand up while patting the dirt off my dress and notice the faint scent of books wafting towards me…..

Could this door lead to a library

I walk in, entranced, and the moment my foot steps into the room Im overcome with the smell of paper, parchment, and leather; all those unique booky aromas.

What a wonderful place!

Instead of a room built to house books, it seems more like a room created to relax in.

Sunlight streams in through huge windows, illuminating handsome wooden desks and armchairs.

Books lay haphazardly spread about the room, giving it a comfortable, lived in atmosphere.

I take in a deep breath and feel myself instantly relax.

I could spend a whole lifetime in a place like this.

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I leisurely make my way towards the far side of the room, soaking it all in.

At the very back, I notice a dark, empty wall.

…..A blackboard

I walk over to it.

From up close, its quite impressive.

Its nearly twice my height! How was this even built Its huge! Those slabs could never have fit through the door.

I gaze at it for a moment before I realize that there is something written on it towards the top.

I squint and crane my head back to get a better look.

“Methods for taking over the Ravaal Kingdom,” and just beneath that, “Feel free to offer suggestions regardless of status or position.”

The Ravaal Kingdom…..

Taking over…..

At these words, my brain starts running on overdrive.

I drag a chair over to the board and hop up onto it.

Absentmindedly I pick up a piece of chalk and then I let my thoughts fly, filling the black board with white.


T/N: So… Any of you history buffs want to make a prediction Based off the very limited knowledge we gained about the Ravaal Kingdom from chapter 14 Mad props to anybody that can actually guess based off just that hahaha.

I personally have zero clue XD

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