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T/N: Today Id like to thank my Cookie Donors Teresa and Olivia! Thanks for the sweets~! ❤


Did you overhear our conversation” Father asks me, hesitantly.

Its probably better to be honest, right


“Forget everything that you heard.”


At Yohan-Samas words I almost cant believe my ears.

What did he just say As if I could forget that easily…..

though I suppose it might be possible with magic.

Im sure I saw a spell with that sort of effect in one of the books Ive read.

I believe it was level 68 If I master my magic skills up to there then Ill be able to erase my own memories.

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But isnt making that sort of request a bit unreasonable

I glance over at my father, asking with my eyes if he really thinks this is necessary…

Wait, why are your brows furrowed like that Dont tell me you actually agree with him!

I absolutely do not want to erase my memory.

Especially not over something like this.

“I will under no circumstances disclose what I heard here today.”

“You wont disclose…..”

“I wont say anything to anyone about the commoner, Liz Cather, being a security risk.”

Theres no one that I have to tell this information to in the first place, but Ill promise anyway.

I cant have them thinking that Im some loose-lipped gossip.

Both Father and Johan-Sama make complicated, slightly bewildered expressions.

“Liz Cather…..”

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Huh Whats with that reaction

Could it be that they werent talking about Liz-san


Then, you can leave your memory intact.”

“Much obliged.”

They agreed to that unexpectedly easily.

I cant really complain since thats what I wanted, but I dont think you should believe the words of a small child so readily…..

Though, thankfully I dont have to worry about erasing my memory anymore.

I breathe out a sigh of relief.

“Alicia, you….” Johan-Sama starts, but then he shuts his mouth with a snap.

Jeez, if you stop mid-sentence like that youll just stir up my curiosity.

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“Its about time that I be off.

Good day, Arnold.

Alicia,” Johan-Sama says before striding out of the library.

Father lightly pats my head and then follows after him.

I wonder what Johan-Sama had wanted to say to me.

My heart feels unsettled….

I want to know!

I continue to mull over my curiosity as I mount the stairs to the second floor.

I pull the books detailing levels 6-10 off the shelf and start practicing the spells.

Honestly, they are so easy to use, it almost doesnt feel satisfying when I successfully execute them.

Well, up until level 9 that is.

The spells from levels 1 to 9 I dont even have to think about to perform them perfectly, but once I hit level 10 I stumble a bit.

No matter how much I practice using the level 10 spell, I cant seem to get it to work.

I even went through the trouble of bringing a glass of dirty water with me in order to practice, but no matter what I do I cant seem to purify it.

Once again, I close my eyes and cast the spell to clean the water.

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……But its no use.

Although I get this feeling that the water is becoming purified….

when I open my eyes I see that its still just as murky as before.

I wonder if Im somehow messing up the casting process.

I read over the instructions in the book detailing level 10 magic again.

But as I thought, Im doing everything that it tells me to do.

I scan over the book that lists all the spell types as well, just in case.

I flip through, not spending more than a couple seconds on each page until something under the level 25 magic section catches my eye.

『Level 25 Magic to purify water.

Note — water magic has stronger purification capabilities.』



The spell for purifying water and the spell for purifying something other than water are two different things!

Thats deceit.

A scam! Give me back all of my wasted time and effort.

A sudden wave of tiredness washes over me.


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Then I suppose that means I should be able to clean my shoes…

I cast the spell once again, though this time on my shoes.

In an instant they go from looking slightly used and dusty to being sparkly clean.

Just like new.

A sharp stab of regret pierces my heart as I lament not realizing my error sooner.

No, Alicia.

Stop it.

Dont think like that! You wont become a villainess with such a pessimistic outlook.

You just need to learn from your mistake so that you can do better next time.

Dont just assume something will be easy.

You need to read the directions thoroughly and take the time to properly research each spell before trying it.

One pep-talk later and a self-satisfied smile finds its way back onto my face.

Feeling refreshed, I nod and promise myself that I wont make the same mistake again.


T/N: Alicia! You have a seemingly photographic memory!! How did you miss that! *Face palm.*

Also, the whole forgetting thing reminds me of Saiki and his Nanana memory eraser haha.

I wonder what her brain would fill the hole in with A conversation where they are considering how to punish her for her crimes! XD Itd be closer to the truth than what she thought she heard lol.

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