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T/N: Today Id like to thank my Cookie Donor, Nathan.

Thank you so much!! The Dairy Queen was lovely ^^

Gilles must have tired himself out with all that crying since he fell fast asleep soon after.


Thank you,” Grandpa Will says and like always, pats my head gently.

It is quite nice, but… I havent done anything deserving of thanks

“I only said cruel things to him though.”

“But it was the truth.”

“I doubt youd see a saintess ever saying those sorts of things.”

Grandpa Will laughs, the corners of his eyes crinkling in mirth.

“And I doubt the words of a saintess would have been able to reach Gilles.”

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Then, does that mean that I beat Liz-san

…..Wait, stop that.

Its just silly, imagining this was actually some sort of contest between us.

My eyes drop to the dirt-stained ground, feeling a little sheepish over my childishness.

“…Oh! Right! I can use purification and cleaning magic now.”

Grandpa Will stiffens.

Even though his eyes remain calm, I can tell that hes surprised from the set of his shoulders.


I wonder if its considered rude to talk about magic in front of someone who isnt able to use it.

But then again, I wouldnt have expected Grandpa Will to be someone to get offended over something like that ……

“Alicia, how old did you say you were now”

“Im ten.”

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Why did he suddenly ask about my age

Grandpa Will cups his chin in his hands, his expression turning complicated.

Just what could he be thinking about

“Grandpa Will Whats wrong”


Its nothing.

Thats right! Alicia, would you mind casting that magic for me now”


What should I cast it on”

“I wonder… could you clean this whole room”

“I can try.”

I imagine every inch of the room becoming immaculately clean.

Usually I close my eyes when Im doing this, but theres actually no reason I cant leave them open, right

Honestly, I just like closing them because Im scared that the spell will fail and nothing will happen.

But Im actually quite curious what it looks like when Im casting a spell.

So this time I keep my eyes open as I snap my fingers and I imagine all traces of dust and filth being removed from the room as I do.

New novel chapters are published on light_nov_elworld.com

The moment my fingers connect in that crisp snap, the room is instantly enveloped in a sort of sparkling aura.

How beautiful.

The whole room is glittering so wonderfully……

The aura spans the entire room, encompassing the chairs, the desk, and even the bed in its sparkly glow.

And as quick as it came, it vanishes.

So Im actually capable of doing this sort of thing…..

Theyre my own abilities, but even I feel a tinge of surprise.

But since its something of this magnitude, I should be able to toot my own horn at least a little bit, right I mean, I can hardly recognize this place now.

Its like the room that Ive been visiting all these years was a lie.

From the stained and yellowed window to the thick layer of dust covering the ceiling and surfaces to the unbearably grimy bed, everything now looks sparkly clean.

And to think that by merely cleaning the room, even the air in here feels completely different.

Instead of the putrid, stagnate stench that Ive grown accustomed to, its now amazingly fresh and breathable.

“The air has been purified.

And even the dark atmosphere feels lighter and brighter now.

How incredible,” Grandpa Will praises and I glow under the compliment.

I feel like Im going to have a good dream tonight.


T/N: Okay, Alicia.

Now all you have to do is find a reason why a villainess would purify a whole village! Maybe….

the smell and dirt are beneath you! You will purify it because a villainess of your stature shouldnt have to frequent a disgusting place like this, right XD Who needs to wait for a saintess that is already this miserably late!

New novel chapters are published on light_nov_elworld.com


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