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“What sort of production are you guys planning to put on”

Albert-Oniisamas expression becomes slightly exasperated.

“We havent thought about it yet.”

“Then what were you expecting me to help you with”

“We wanted to hear if you had any ideas for what might be good, Alicia-chan,” Liz-san cuts in, forcing herself back into the conversation.

Since she wants to participate so badly, I guess I should gracefully accept this opportunity to show off my villainy.

“I wasnt speaking to you, Liz-san,” I cheerily inform her, a refined smile playing on my lips.

And in that moment the whole room falls silent.

Thats right.

Its this type of atmosphere that Im going for.

I was born to ruin the mood like this!

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“Alicia Is there something wrong” Albert-Oniisama asks, peering over at me with concern.

My dear brother, nothings wrong.

Im merely fulfilling my dastardly duties for the day.

“Wait a sec, Ali-chan….

Youve already met Liz” Curtis-Sama asks, trying to break the tension.

“Thats right.

We met before at the academy.”

“Oh! That one time!” he says excitedly, effectively thawing the icy atmosphere that Id so painstakingly created.

If only it had stayed that way for a little bit longer.

At that rate, I was sure I could provoke Liz-san into a glaring contest at the very least.

And amidst that hostility, a heated argument surely wouldnt have been far behind!

“So do you have any ideas, Alicia~” Finn-sama asks me brightly, bringing us back on topic.

Any ideas…..

So long as Duke-Sama and Liz-san are able to act all lovey-dovey, honestly it doesnt matter what sort of production they put on.

I guess that means theres no need to even consider it.

I can safely focus all my attention into bullying her for now then.

“Liz-san, werent you supposedly able to use every type of magic”

“Thats right,” Liz-san admits hesitantly, her expression turning a bit guarded.

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Ufufu, thats it.

Thats the face that Ive been yearning to see.

As the villainess, to be able to put that flowery heroine on her guard…..

Theres no greater joy! I cannot wait for all our future developments together!

“What if you make use of that Wouldnt it be utterly wasteful if you didnt show off that rare skill of yours” I say, smirking at her.

Ah, my face just now! I wish someone could have taken a picture of me.

Thats a villainesss trademark sardonic smile at its best.

“Thanks you!”

….Wait, what Why is she thanking me

“Your high regard for my abilities really means a lot to me!”

I was being sarcastic! Agh! How thick can you be! This is exactly why I cant stand the heroine!

What do you expect me to do if you end up actually liking me! Arent you supposed to be the heroine Look sad….

Look displeased… Or hurt….

Something other than that atrociously bright face youre making right now! Dont you want to use this as an opportunity to curry favor with Duke-Sama Dont you want him to rescue you from your misery

Thats so cunning, thanking me like that.

“That certainly does seem like a good idea,” Gayle-Sama says, nodding his head thoughtfully.

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Wait wait wait wait wait….

Dont just go with it!

What is going on right now! Is this a new form of bullying Dont tell me theyre actually trying to bully me, the villainess

I faintly hear someone chuckling behind me.

Slightly perplexed, I look over my shoulder and a wide, affectionate smile enters my eyes.

Just now, did he laugh at me

……I was just laughed at.

Duke-Sama actually laughed at me.

I wonder if he noticed that I was having fun bullying her.

But his expression is oddly warm and sweet for looking at a person whos enjoying herself by tormenting others……

How am I supposed to interpret that look


T/N: Lol, does Duke know He sees her struggling to be mean and failing miserably, and so he laughed cause he thought she was cute! Somehow, it feels unlikely, but I cant imagine why else he would have laughed haha

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