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Authors Note:

Id like to address one thing since Ive received some comments regarding this.

As a character setting, Alicias standards of villainy are skewed.

If you started reading this story expecting her to take on a truly evil role, then I apologize.

Also, Id like to thank everyone for bookmarking this series.

Im extremely happy that you all have been kindly reading my story! Thank you so much!

“Hey, Alicia.

What do you think about appearing in our production as a guest performer”

What did you just say You want me to act as a guest performer Albert-Oniisama, what the heck are you thinking!

“Oh yeah! Thats a great idea!”

Gayle-Sama Please dont just agree with that ridiculous suggestion! Im not a member of the student council!

“I have no desire to do so,” I say enunciating each syllable clearly.

“Why not” Albert-Oniisama asks, scrutinizing my face.

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“First of all, Im not even a student at the magic academy.”

“Just let us deal with that.”

No, thats okay.

Theres really no need…..

“Its a great opportunity! You should definitely participate!” Liz-san says smiling brilliantly at me.

“I said no.”

The tension in the room.

Its rising.

But Liz-san doesnt even bat an eye.

Her smile stays in place and shows no signs of displeasure.

Shes just so difficult to deal with for some reason.

I suppose its probably because we operate on completely different wavelengths.

“Itll definitely be fun~ Im sure youll make some great memories.”

“Liz-san, wont you please refrain from arbitrarily forcing your own sense of values onto me”

And with these few words, the mood changes completely.

A look of embarrassment floats across Liz-sans face.

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Great! She finally gets it! This is the face that Ive been striving for!

I didnt manage it during our last encounter, but Ive finally succeeded! This is my revenge for her being so thickheaded all the time.

“Im sorry.

That wasnt my intention,” Liz-san amends, apologizing to me immediately.

Huh I was expecting a much more intense battle of words to play out.

She gave in so easily.

“Alicia, your words were also rather harsh,” Albert-Oniisama reprimands looking a bit mad at me.

……I did it!! I finally managed to anger Albert-Oniisama.

“I was merely expressing my honest opinion.”

“Saying something like that will hurt the other persons feelings.”


I cant deny that.

But whats wrong with speaking the truth

“Lets just move on for now, shall we Ali-chan was probably just feeling uncomfortable because we put her on the spot,” Curtis-Sama lightly interjects, his voice resounding in that awkward silence.

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His reasonable tone and words start to calm down the turbulent atmosphere a bit.

But they dont work to calm my heart.

Somehow, I still feel slightly disturbed.

Their reactions really are different to when I was 7 years old.

When youre young, selfish and willful words are easily forgiven.

But once you grow up, I guess that sort of self-indulgence is no longer tolerable.

It was the same in my past life as well.

I saw these reactions a lot when I acted selfishly after becoming an adult.

But to think that I would be experiencing this now when Im still only ten… I guess members of the nobility really are held to a much higher set of standards and expectations.

But the Alicia from the game must have never learned that lesson.

Even though she grew taller and older, her personality and temperament never matured and thus she was viewed as a villain.

So doesnt that mean that Im perfect just as I am I just need to grow up and continue to act as I do, and I should safely succeed in my role as the villainess.

I guess theres nothing to worry about then! Ill be fine as long as I just continue to live honestly as I have been so far!

“Ali, go visit the town with Liz.

Get to know each other better so you two can learn how to get along,” instructs Albert-Oniisama.


T/N: Ohhh! Here it is!! Albert is taking Lizs side! (Or is he) What do you guys think When the rift gets bigger between the heroine and our precious villainess, whose side will he take

Also, Im getting Neverland vibes from this chapter lol.

I feel like Alicia just made a resolution to never grow up hahaha

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