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T/N: Today Id like to thank my Cookie Donors Anthony and Emma! Thanks for the sweets

“I like black best.”

“Oh! You like black! My favorite color is white.”

“It would seem that were exact opposites then,” I say, smiling at Liz-san who also grins back at me.

Although were both smiling, the meanings behind our expressions are the exact opposite as well.

“Isnt it great that were opposites”



Great,” I agree mechanically.

This conversation is quickly turning tiresome.

Whats the point in continuing As if we could actually learn anything about each other through these shallow, meaningless exchanges.

“What do you like”

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Youre seriously still asking me questions And theyre even becoming more abstract now.

Liz-san really lacks the ability to read the mood.

And here I had hoped she might actually be able to glean at least a single extra thought or emotion from my expression.


This is why I cant stand the heroine! Shes so dull and thickheaded!


With a crisp, clear sound, I snap my fingers.

In a flash, one of the flowers from the vase across the room slides loose from its bouquet and floats towards me.

My gravitational magic spell which is supposed to draw objects towards its caster acts exactly as I had intended.

With a flourish, I gracefully pluck the single bloom from the air and offer it to Liz-san.

“For you.”

Not just Liz-san, everyone stares at me with wide eyes.

Could they be awed by my gallantry

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Hurry and take the flower already, would you Its embarrassing to keep holding it out like this.

“But isnt Ali-chan still…..”

“Shes…… ten.”


I overhear Curtis-Sama and Albert-Oniisama murmuring amongst themselves.

When I had first used magic in front of Grandpa Will, he had also asked how old I was.

I wonder if Ive surpassed the level of magic that kids my age can typically use

“Thank you.”

At long last, Liz-san finally takes the flower from my outstretched hand.

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“A daisy.

Its beautiful,” Liz-san says, her face alight in a smile that would even put angels to shame.

Dont point that dangerous thing at me.

That sort of irritatingly sublime look could even capture me, the villainess!

And no matter how much your favorability towards me rises, I wont be the slightest bit happy.

I was trying to be nasty when I handed you that flower, you know

What a blessing it must be to be that ignorant and foolish.

In the end, nothing was decided today either.

The only thing that we accomplished was that Liz-san and I managed to hold a conversation.

A long, boring conversation.

Now that everyones left though, I head off towards the library so that I can actually do something productive.

But before I reach my destination, I see Albert-Oniisama and Father standing in a little alcove and talking.

Theyre expressions look extremely grave.

Is their conversation that serious

I sneak closer to them as quietly as possible so as not to alert them to my presence.

“Alicia used magic Is that true”

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I saw it with my own eyes.”

“But Alicia is only 10 years old…..”

Whats wrong with being ten Why is everyone always so taken aback when they talk about my age

“This is the first time Ive ever heard of such a thing.

I cant believe it.”

“I almost couldnt either.

Since you shouldnt be able to use magic before turning 13.”

…Before turning 13 But Im…..



The math doesnt seem to be working out right…

“Enfant terrible,” Father murmurs in a low, somber tone.

Enfant terrible Me

The heroine was supposed to be the who doesnt conform to the standards of society, not me.

Besides, being able to use magic only after turning thirteen just doesnt make sense.

There has to be some kind of mistake.

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Without waiting to hear more, I spin around and run the rest of the way to the library, unable to fully digest what I had just heard.

I know its unacceptable for a villainess to let herself lose her composure to this degree, but for once, such thoughts dont even flitter across my mind.


T/N: *Face palm.* Alicia, in what world is handing someone a variant of their favorite flower considered mean I cant think of even one reason why that would have been a rude or hurtful gesture lol.


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