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Ive finally reached level 80!

Honestly, it was easier than I thought it would be.

And thanks to these last three years of daily practices, Ive slowly grown accustomed to using magic.

Also, with Fathers nearly constant reminders to never skip levels, to always learn new spells in order, Ive been being extra careful to go by the book.

And after all that, Ive made it to level 80 at last.

Slow and steady really does win the race!

Ive learned a whole slew of new spells.

But of course, I havent told anyone that Ive made it this far yet.

I wonder what sort of reactions everyone will have…… Im looking forward to it.

Normally speaking, at my age, I should have just been starting to learn magic now, right

The Alicia from the game would have been an even more outstanding villainess if she would have just put in a little more effort…..

Its such a shame.

She clearly had all this untapped talent that was just wasting away.

Ive also often wondered what happened to that boy who lost his magic, but every time Id try to bring it up to Father, hed always avoid my questions.

I wonder if he was trying to tell me that I should find the answers for myself

Though well, Ill just leave that on the back-burner for now.

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In these past couple of years Ive also continued to polish my swordsmanship and Ive acquired a lot more knowledge! With this trifecta of expertise I should be able to take Liz-san on fair and square now, right

I havent seen her ever since that day when I heard she had collapsed.

So Im really curious to see just how much stronger shes become…..

In these next two years before Im able to enroll in the magic academy, Ill have to work extra hard and show everyone just how brilliant I can be!

Standing in front of the mirror, I take a good look at my reflection.

A persons appearance sure can change a lot in three years time, huh

Even though Im currently wearing the diamond necklace that Duke-Sama had given me, it no longer looks out of place in the slightest.

And my hair has gotten a lot longer.

It now reaches halfway down my back…..

Somehow, it makes me look much more grown up.

My appearance now gives off a very wicked feeling!

It shouldnt be long before people will be cursing my name as the villainess.

The days when Ill be able to bask in evil glory are nigh!

When I imagine it, I cant help but start grinning.

I need to maintain my focus for this final mile!

“Alicia-Sama, the Master is calling for you,” I hear Rosetta tell me from the other side of the door.

New novel chapters are published on lightnovelworld.com

Father is

I wonder what he could want…..

Hearing that hes calling for me makes me feel a bit nervous.

I take in a quick, deep breath to calm myself and then stride confidently out of my room.


T/N: Those days might be coming faster than you think, Alicia.

Thanks for all the comments last chapter~ It was very fun to read through everyones varying reactions! ❤ Hopefully next chapter well hear a better explanation for the babysitting that the council is expecting Alicia to do for them.

*Fingers crossed.*


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