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Rebecca’s expression turns from one of surprise into one of fear.

“Pay you back”

I give a small nod.

I saved her life, so of course I need to obtain something of equivalent value in exchange.

I’m also planning to receive due recompense for the role that I’ve played in teaching Gilles and getting him out of here as well.

Through our little talk earlier, I can tell that Rebecca has a decent head on her shoulders.

She was at least able to understand what I was saying when I explained to her about her necrosis.

She’s also quite pretty with silver hair, intelligent, light brown eyes, and nice features, though she’s way too skinny.

Years of malnutrition have left her as nothing but skin and bones practically.

And she seems to be about 15 years old I think…..

“Rebecca, how old are you”


Yup, as I thought.

I really do have an eye for people, don’t I

She also seems to have unparalleled self-control.

Although the excruciating pain in her leg shouldn’t have subsided at all, just by looking at her face, you wouldn’t be able to tell that she’s even in pain.

I guess she really must have been panicked earlier, otherwise I don’t think she’d be caught dead acting like that.

Going off of her face, the only indication that something is wrong is the sweat sheening her forehead.

She truly does have amazing willpower and self-discipline.

“From now on make sure to answer all of my questions with complete honesty.

Don’t try to lie to me,” I say, my voice low and intentionally threatening.

Rebecca silently nods.

“What made you decide to ask me for help”

As if she hadn’t expected me to ask this sort of question, Rebecca’s face stiffens.

It should have been fine for her to ask for help from any of the number of people who had been sprawled on the ground, but she purposely sought me out instead.

Rebecca looks me straight in the eyes.

“You smelled good.

Someone who’s originally from this village would never smell like that.

So I guessed that you must be someone of high status.”

“Didn’t the thought cross your mind that a person of high social status would likely have you killed for coming near them, let alone grabbing onto their leg”

“People like that wouldn’t purposely come to a place like this,” Rebecca says with a wry smile.


In order to survive in this village, she must have learned how to trust her instincts and make good decisions at a moment’s notice.

…..Changing gears here for a moment, it seems oddly quiet.

There isn’t any shouting or the sounds of an angry mob forming like I would have expected there to be after I cast a barrier spell in the middle of the plaza….

What is everyone doing out there

I survey the area outside of our little bubble.

A few people are standing just on the other side of the wall and are glaring at me.

They appear to be shouting quite angrily, too…..

Ah, that’s right, I forgot the barrier for darkness magic is soundproof as well.

Aside from those people there are a couple of others standing around and looking in at us enviously, as well as a few who just look dumbfounded.

But the majority of people seem to think that I’m some kind of savior who has come to help them.

They’re staring at me with huge, hope-filled eyes.

……Ah, darn it.

This isn’t good.

What should I do I’m a villainess.

I’m evil.

The saintess is the one who’s supposed to take care of all this savior stuff.

I’ll be disqualified from being a villainess if people suddenly start calling me the savior of this village.

At all costs, I need to prevent that from happening.

“Alicia” Gilles says, peering up at my face.

I give his head a small pat and then I turn towards Rebecca.

I grab a fist full of the ragged shirt she’s wearing and pull her face right up to mine.

Her pupils grow large as I stare into her eyes from only a few inches away.

From this close, I can actually see them dilating.

It’s just like those few seconds before a couple shares a kiss.

“Rebecca, I want you to become the savior of this village.

Do this for me, and I’ll call it even between us.”


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