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Ah, what nostalgic scenery.

It’s been so long since I last visited the magic academy.

After that day when I snuck in here, they sent out a notice that I was banned from the premises so I haven’t had the chance to come back since.

I know I’ve only been here once before, but it’s just as extravagant as I remember.

I glance over at Gilles to get a look at his reaction to the grandeur.

His mouth is hanging wide open and his eyes are as round as dinner plates as he stares at the academy.

Well, considering he’s only ever seen the impoverished village up until now, this sort of response is to be expected.

I’m sure he’s been experiencing one surprise after another since coming to this side of the barrier.

The first time he saw the sun he actually shed tears, and during our whole carriage ride over here he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the scenery passing by.

Everything here on the outside must seem like a brand new experience for him.


Why is it so different” Gilles mumbles.

“Just what did we do that was so wrong” he asks, turning a slightly stricken gaze towards me.

His eyes look wet, but he doesn’t let the tears spill.

He just looks straight at me with that agonized expression.

You won’t let yourself cry here, huh….. I’m proud of you, Gilles.

“Gilles, do you think that you, yourself, did something wrong”

He gives a little shake of his head.


It wasn’t you.

This whole class system is at fault.

Regardless of ability, all the power lies in the hands of the nobles.

At their whim, anyone can be put down and the truly talented are left wallowing in the shadows.”

“What about the saintess”

“Her talent is so rare and priceless that she was able to overcome her low status.

Plus, she’s able to use magic, right That’s the one thing that separates the nobility from the commoners.”

“…..That’s true.

But I can’t use magic, so is it really okay for me to enroll here”

“Of course.

Even though this place is called the magic academy, magic isn’t the only thing that’s taught here.”

Gilles turns away from me to look at the gates leading into the academy.

Since he seems to have seen his fill, we don’t linger any longer.

We walk straight towards those gates.

I wonder if the same guard will be standing there today The one who had stopped me the last time…..

Ah, he is.

He looks a bit older, but it’s definitely the same person.

I do get the feeling that he has more wrinkles than he did before though.

“Alicia Williams-Sama, welcome back,” he greets, smiling at me.

…..His attitude did a complete 180 in comparison to last time.

“I hope you realize there’s another person here besides me.

This is my attendant, Gilles,” I say, glaring at the guard.

He gulps and noticeably quivers before bowing his head.

“Please forgive me! Gilles…..Sama is it Welcome to the academy!” he says loudly, his eyes never leaving the ground.

I wonder if he’s keeping his head down because he doesn’t want to see my face after I glared at him like that.

Gilles, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to care a whit about the guard’s initial slight or his now deferential posture.

He just walks ahead unaffectedly, ignoring the guard entirely.

As expected of a villainess’s attendant.

We seem to have arrived at the academy right at lunch time.

How unfortunate.

I had hoped we would arrive while classes were in session.

I guess we should search for Liz-san for now then.

According to the information that Father gave me, these last few years she’s been attaining excellent grades in her magic classes and otherwise, and aside from that one episode, her magic has been stable and completely under control.

“Oh! Could this be Alicia-Sama”

“Albert-Sama’s younger sister, right”

“Oh, how cute!!”

“So that must mean she’s also Henry-Sama’s and Alan-Sama’s younger sister”

“Yes! She’s so pretty! She’s the spitting image of her brothers.”

It’s only been a couple minutes since I’ve gotten here, but I’ve already become this famous

But putting that aside, who are these girls This is our first time meeting, is it not I would prefer it if they didn’t act so overly-familiar with me.

Since I’m planning to act as an evil villain starting here and now, I have not the slightest intention of making nice with them.

“Alicia-Sama, if you encounter any difficulties here, please don’t hesitate to come to us at any time.”

“How utterly absurd.”

With just a single statement, they all fall deathly silent.

These young noblewomen who have crowded around to get the chance to talk to me all stiffen and stare at me.

My lips twist up in a sneer as I glare at them for all I’m worth.

“Did you think that I would just carelessly trust the words of some stranger whom I’ve only just met”

The young women turn frightened gazes towards me.

How weak.

At least the inhabitants of the impoverished village had the gall to glare back at me when I’d glare at them, but these young ladies who will soon be at the top of this country……

How disappointing.

But that’s normal, I suppose.

The heroine really is the only one who has the chance to stand on equal footing and duke it out with me.

But, since they’re scared already, they might as well fear me even more.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if they’d become terrified at the mere sight of me.

“You’ve come forward to address me all at once and not one of you has offered me her name.

How egregiously impolite,” I say imperiously, pressuring them with my gaze.

One of them even starts to tremble when our eyes meet.

Ah, I’ve already brought a person to quake in fear of me.

I guess that means my villainous demeanor must have passed with flying colors.

Though, on second thought, rather than a testament to my wickedness, such a strong reaction might only prove how incredibly weak these girls are.

“What are you all doing over here”

This light and airy tone….

sounds quite familiar.

I slowly turn towards the one who spoke.


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