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…..So it was Liz-san after all.

Unexpectedly, it was rather easy to find her.

Those emerald green eyes of hers are as insufferably sparkly as I remember.

And just behind her come my brothers and their friends, following in her wake.

Duke-Sama’s looks seem to have matured quite well since I last saw him.

In what feels like the blink of an eye he’s become exactly my type.

Though from here on out, I won’t be able to see that kind gaze of his aimed at me anymore, will I

“Alicia-chan Is something wrong”

Ah, it’s been so long since someone’s called me that.

I don’t think anyone besides Liz-san uses that form of address with me.

“What’s wrong Why are you trembling like that” Liz-san asks one of the girls from the group of noblewomen standing around me.


I send a surreptitious glare towards the girl who opened her mouth and she shuts it again instantly with a snap.

A villainess is someone who needs to be able pressure others with just her gaze.

Which is exactly why I’ve practiced my glares every day in front of the mirror.

Mine should be more fierce and intimidating than anyone else’s now.

And even without all that practice, I was literally born to be a villain.

It doesn’t take much effort to flawlessly make use of my already sharp, upturned eyes.

Even when relaxed, I’m sure I look like a cat cornering a mouse.

If this academy were to put on a glaring contest, I’m sure I would take the gold.

“Did Alicia do something wrong” Albert-Oniisama asks, quickly coming over to my side.

…..I did attempt to make a villainous first impression in front of these women.

But, I don’t believe I did anything inherently wrong.

They got scared of me all on their own, with no provocation on my part.

I didn’t even threaten them.

“Alicia-Sama said some terribly abusive things to us….” says one girl in the bunch who’s clearly trying to cozy up to Albert-Oniisama by acting all delicate and coy.

So, that’s considered abusive… I had no idea.

These noblewomen really are like pampered little princesses.

I guess they’ve never heard anyone say such things to them before, let alone uttered such remarks themselves.

I technically should be considered the same breed as them, but despite also being a young noblewoman, I can’t see any resemblance between us.

“Alicia, were you being rude to them” Albert-Oniisama asks me, a slight wrinkle forming between his brows.

I don’t know….

Was I I’m honestly not sure.

“I just told them that they were being absurd.”

“Why would you say something like that” Liz-san asks, butting in on our conversation.

…..Even though I’m currently speaking with Albert-Oniisama.

Why is she cutting in I fail to see how my conversation with my brother is any of her business.

“I didn’t say anything wrong.

Those girls got hurt all on their own,” I reply, glaring at Liz-san.

“Alicia-chan, its your words that hurt their feelings.

If someone said something mean to you, wouldn’t you also feel hurt by it That’s why you shouldn’t say things like that to other people,” Liz-san says smiling at me.

Ugh, that angelic smile….

She’s acting like she’s oh-so-perfect and is just trying to guide me to the right path with her infinite wisdom.

Give me break.

It’s so blinding and cringey.

“They’re the ones who came running over to me without first understanding what sort of person I am.

I didn’t initiate any of this.”

Although Liz-san is slightly taller than me, I say this while eyeing her like I’m looking down on her.

“So the responsibility lies with them, wouldn’t you agree” I continue, plastering an innocent smile on my face.

Liz-san must have never imagined that I would suggest such a thing, since she’s now staring at me quite stiffly.

How surprising.

If things keep working out like this, I really will be able to become the perfect villainess.

I glance over at Gilles.

He’s currently glaring at Liz-san and the other girls so fiercely that any who meet his eyes have gone completely frozen.

What an icy gaze…..

Outstanding work, Gilles.

“Alicia, what’s wrong” Albert-Oniisama asks, looking at me in concern.

Hm Why are you worried about me though

“Could it be that Alicia-chan has a fever” Liz-san suddenly bursts out as if she had just been struck by the thought.

What What the heck Is she an idiot

Liz-san raises her hand as if she’s planning to feel my forehead.

With a loud *slap*, I bat it away.

And of course, this wasn’t one of those purely instinctual responses.

This was a fully intentional, deliberate smack.

But that should be obvious.

How dare she attempt to treat me like an invalid.

“Don’t touch me,” I say, glaring at her.

Not only did I slap her hand away and glare at her, but I also spoke bluntly and rudely to someone older than me.

That should have increased my villainess points by a ton.

Ah! This is so great.

I feel like I’m on top of the world right now!

“Gilles, we’re going,” I say and then without saying another word, we leave.

I can feel all their gazes on my back as I stride away, but I don’t turn.


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