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We’re just walking through the school building normally, and yet we’re the center of attention.

What a wonderful development.

It’s just like I imagined it would be! Everyone is throwing us puzzled looks and suspicious sidelong glances.

I can already feel just how much we’re being disliked.

But, I’m amazed, too.

Rumors sure can get around quickly.

I’ll have to thank those girls for spreading the news about me so fast.

“I heard that Alicia-Sama was abominably rude to a few of her upperclassman.”

“I heard that too.

And did you hear about how frightened the one girl was She was apparently quivering in fear to the point that the others had to support her.”

“I wish she wouldn’t act so high and mighty just because she’s a bit skilled at magic.”


And she even said terrible things to Liz-Sama, too!”

“I can’t believe how different she is from her brothers.

How can she be related to Albert-Sama”

Oh! They’ve already started to badmouth me behind my back I really must be a genius after all; my aptitude for becoming a villainess seems to be off the charts.

“Who is that boy that she came with anyway”

“I don’t know, but isn’t he adorable”

“I suppose, but still.

He’s hanging around Alicia-Sama, you know”

“Eek!! He glared at me….!”

It’s only being glared at… Is that really something to shriek about

The students in this academy are supposed to eventually take up powerful positions within the country, right What is this world going to come to

I glance over at Gilles to see his reaction.

Oh, wow.

That’s quite the terrifying expression there.

With a look like that, no one would dare call him cute anymore.

Though, I would expect nothing less from a villainess’s righthand man.


Suddenly someone grabs hold of my arm and pulls on it.



The last thing I see is Gilles rushing towards me and yelling my name before I’m thrown to a different place using transportation magic.

Who could it be That spell should only be acquirable after reaching level 80…..

Slowly, I open my eyes.

I’m now in a room surrounded by bookshelves with a large desk in the middle surrounded by a couple of couches.

Is this some sort of conference room maybe

I look down at the hand that’s still grasping my arm.

It looks large, masculine, somehow beautiful…..

It’s how I would imagine a man’s hand should look.

And, oh.

What’s that He seems to smell really good too.

Slowly I glance up into the face of the man who had grabbed me.


No no no.

I can’t deal with being this close.

He’s too sexy.

My knees are turning to pudding.

I feel weak.

My goodness, was Duke-Sama always this tall I feel like I’m craning my head back just to see his face.

Ah, my heart feels like it’s going to explode.

Calm down.

Get ahold of yourself, Alicia.

A villainess won’t become flustered just because of a proximity issue with a handsome man.

“Where are we exactly” I ask, slightly breathlessly.

“The student council room.”

“Ah, I see.

And What am I doing here exactly” I say, getting my voice more under control now.

Duke-Sama likes Liz-san, right So then why would he suddenly run off with me to this sort of place

Don’t tell me, it’s because I said those harsh things to her earlier The power of love is quite astounding.

It makes people do some crazy things.


Could he be planning to kill me off Just like that

“Why didn’t you refuse my father’s request”

At his words, I freeze.

Request Could he be referring to me monitoring Liz-san But how does he know about that No one was supposed to find out.

This isn’t good.

Did I mess up already

Duke-Sama stares into my eyes, waiting.


Trying to find the answer as if it was written in their depths.

If I try to make something up and lie here, I’m sure he’ll figure it out right away.

“Why do you know about that” I hedge.

“If there’s something that I want to know, then I’ll find it out, no matter what it is.”

As expected of a brilliant prince.

His information network knows no bounds.

I guess he must have had everyone who’s come near Liz-san thoroughly investigated.

“So What did you bring me here for, Duke-Sama”

At my question, it’s his turn to freeze up.

Without saying anything, his eyes slowly trail lower, stopping to look at the diamond necklace laying delicately between my collar bones.

….He wouldn’t say something like he wants me to give this back, right

Well, even if that’s the case, it really can’t be helped.

This necklace is super valuable after all.

Duke-Sama reaches for the stone, gently picking it up and rubbing it between his fingertips.

This pattern….

Does this mean he’s just going to rip it off my neck instead of bothering to ask for it back

That would be great.

That’s exactly what should happen in this sort of scenario between the prince and the villainess.

What an honor that I’ll actually be able to experience such a notorious scene for myself.

But, if that’s what is about to happen, then why does his expression seem so wistful…. Is he regretting giving the necklace to me

Duke-Sama leans towards me slightly and lightly presses his lips to the gemstone.


Without meaning to, I let out a little noise of surprise.

This action was so far removed from my expectations that my head is having trouble adjusting.

My heart is also beating noisily in my chest and I can feel my face heating up.



What was that just now What was the meaning of that Did he perhaps cast a spell on my necklace to keep me away from Liz-san

But, that’s not the sort of rationale that would bring him to kiss an accessory that he had given to me himself.

Come on, Alicia.

You aren’t one of those idiotically dense girls that can’t read the mood.

You need to think about this calmly and collectedly.

“Cute,” Duke-Sama says, running a lock of my hair through his fingers.

Now that’s just not fair.

Is he trying to kill me

He called me cute just now, right I mean, I’m the only other person here, aren’t I There’s no one else who it could have been….

My heart’s beating even louder now than it was just a second ago.

I can hear each beat so clearly, it feels like it’s echoing throughout the room.

Wait, wait, wait, before that….

When did he and I get so close

It’s hard to imagine Duke-Sama doing this with just anybody, so does that mean he’s still harboring some good feelings towards me That has to be it, right You wouldn’t act this way with someone you hate.

But then, what sort of relationship does he have with Liz-san

Wait, that doesn’t even matter.

Isn’t it bad for me to be sticking so close to him regardless

As I come to this conclusion, my rationality starts returning to me.

Right, no matter what, Duke-Sama needs to be closest with Liz-san.

So this, whatever’s happening right now, can’t happen.

In any case, it will be terrible if it was known that the most evil villainess in the world was acting all chummy with this country’s prince.

“It’s not because of the request.

My personality really is just that bad,” I tell him and then flee.

I fly out of the student council room as fast as my feet will carry me.


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