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The first person was a gardener, the second was one of the maids working for us, and I believe the third one was a maid as well…”

“Wait wait wait….

Just hold on a second.”

I can’t seem to wrap my head around the words that Henry-Oniisama is saying to me so matter-of-factly.

Does that mean that those times when a gardener suddenly disappeared, or a couple of maids just stopped showing up for work out of the blue, that was because they were killed by Henry-Oniisama

…..No way.

“Just exactly how many people have you killed”

“Seven,” Henry-Oniisama says in an equally dispassionate tone, his face remaining impassive.

Seven people…… Isn’t that like he basically killed all of the dwarfs in Snow White

That’s quite a lot of people.

I haven’t killed even one person yet…..

“What was your motive for killing them Was it different for every person”

I’m sure there must have been a reason.

I really can’t imagine Henry-Oniisama indiscriminately killing people.

“No, I guess it was the same for all of them,” he tells me while smiling bitterly.

Gilles shuts the book he was reading and voices his own question.

“Did you kill them because they started working here with the intention of stealing from you”

“Well, something like that.”

Those people started disappearing a couple years ago.

But, how did Henry-Oniisama even know they were aiming for our family’s fortune

“The first one, the gardener, was cultivating poisonous herbs in our back garden.

Paul happened to see them one time and he told me that one of them was even deadly.

As for the maids, I caught them trying to put poison into our tea before serving it.

And the rest were basically the same.

They weren’t just after valuables, they were all plotting to murder someone in our family,” Henry-Oniisama says, his face turning grim.

By chance, if Henry-Oniisama hadn’t realized that they were trying to kill us, we could have died.

I, my family, any number of us could have been targeted….

“Since they were planning to kill us, they should have come into this job with the resignation of being killed, don’t ya think” Henry-Oniisama continues with a sneer.

What a terrifying expression.

He seems just like a demon when he smiles like that.

“Do Alan-Oniisama and Albert-Oniisama know”


“Are you the only one that’s killed anyone, Henry-Oniisama”

“Well, yeah.”

“But they also knew, right So why are you the only one”

“‘Cause those two were against killing them.”

Henry-Oniisama’s gaze fills with contempt for Alan-Oniisama and Albert-Oniisama.

To be against killing them…..

I suppose that must be her fault.

Even though those people had tried to kill our family….

But I guess they chose to follow her ideology anyway.

“Just because of Liz Cather….” Gilles mutters disgustedly under his breath.

Liz-san seems like the type to be vehemently against killing anyone, no matter the reason.

“With this, I should have the proper qualifications to hang out with you and Gilles now, right Ali” Henry-Oniisama asks, a flippant grin forming on his face.

I glance over at Gilles.

He seems lost in thought for a moment, but then his expression turns to one of hard determination.

“I also have a secret….” Gilles starts, and then turns to look at Henry-Oniisama directly.

He gulps, and hesitates for a moment longer, tension obvious in the stiff set of his shoulders.

But he doesn’t avert his gaze.


from the impoverished village,” he manages to get out, though his brows are arched high in the middle and a deep furrow is etched between them.

That seems to have been extremely painful for him to admit.

The mere mention of it must have brought back so many unspeakable memories for him.

“I see,” says Henry-Oniisama before walking over to Gilles.

He doesn’t stop until he’s standing right in front of him, and then Henry-Oniisama sticks out his hand and gives Gilles a soft pat on the head.

“Thanks for telling me,” Henry-Oniisama says in a kind, thoughtful tone.

Even from here, I can tell that Gilles’s eyes are starting to tear up for a moment.

With that expression, he actually looks his age for once.

With Gilles’s eyes brimming with tears like that and with him being so close to Henry-Oniisama, it almost looks like their relationship is….

No, never mind.

Forget I even started to think that.

Though, well, that wouldn’t be the worst thing.

They’re both quite good looking, and their appearances seem to complement each other well….

If they really did get together, I’m sure everyone would warmly accept it and watch over the two of them.

“So, wait….

Then where did you and Gilles first meet, Ali” Henry-Oniisama asks me curiously.

“In the impoverished village.”

Henry-Oniisama’s expression turns stiff at that.

“It’s not like we had the chance to meet anywhere else,” I add.

Henry-Oniisama remains frozen and silent for another moment but then he suddenly bursts out laughing.

Just what is so funny What did I even say to make him laugh like that I wonder

“Ali, you really are unbelievable,” Henry-Oniisama manages to get out between gales of laughter.

“I would agree with that,” Gilles seconds, his face breaking into a grin.

I don’t really get it, but they should be praising me, right So I guess it’s fine.

For the next couple minutes, my room is completely filled with the sounds of Henry-Oniisama’s bright laughter.


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