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Albert-Oniisama stiffens and stares at me.

“If you don’t want to kill anyone, then why would you bother learning how to use that dangerous thing”

“That dangerous thing” cries Albert-Oniisama, outraged.

Ever since he was little, he’s loved the idea of chivalry, swords, and knights standing up for what’s right.

So to him, insulting his weapon is basically the worst insult you throw at him.

“For what reason do you have a sword then”

“To protect the people I care about.”

“Then, if those people that you care so much about were to be murdered, can you swear that you won’t seek retribution That you still won’t bloody your weapon and kill someone”

“To seek revenge to settle your own hatred will only ever breed more hatred,” Liz-san cuts in before Albert-Oniisama has the chance to reply.

If she insists on butting in whenever the conversation turns less favorable for her precious ideals, then things are going to get much more complicated for me.

But I get what she’s saying.

Hatred only breeds more hatred.

Seeking revenge will likely send you spiraling into a never ending cycle of hate, vengeance, and despair.

She’s not entirely wrong, either.

It’s just that there’s no answer that is right 100% of the time.

There will be situations where capitalizing on that hatred and seeking revenge is the only way to resolve the issue.

Ah! What a marvelously villainous philosophy to have! It seems that even my thoughts are becoming those of a true villainess now.

“Forgiveness is also important,” Liz-san adds.

I hadn’t expected her to continue.

So for a moment, I feel lost.

Where is she even going with this

But I’ll say…..

saying that sort of line with that pure, innocent, angelic smile…..

as I thought, I just can’t bring myself to like her.

“So you’re saying that if your family was killed, then you would do nothing”

“…..Even if they were killed, I still wouldn’t be able to take another person’s life.

No matter what the reason, that’s going too far.”

“Pretty speech.

But reality isn’t half as beautiful as that.”

“Hypocrite,” Gilles murmurs under his breath.

But then he looks straight at Liz-san.

“Do you even realize what you did earlier You can say that killing is bad and that you’d never take a life, but that’s all bullsh*t.

Just minutes ago you were the one that was trying to get Alicia killed!”

Suddenly it’s like the flood gates are open and words are practically spilling out of Gilles’s mouth.

Even though he typically wouldn’t say anything during these exchanges……

I take my eyes away from Liz-san for a moment to look at him. Really look at him.

His eyes are seething with cold fury as he glares at Liz-san.

The look nearly takes my breath away, there’s so much unbridled rage in it.

His eyes are chilling me to the bone, and I’m someone who’s close with him, so I can only imagine what Liz-san must be feeling right now while being on the receiving end.

“She wasn’t trying to kill Alicia.

She was trying to stop Alicia from killing someone else,” Gayle-Sama states contemptuously.

His eyes stare hard at Gilles as if he’s merely an ignorant child just wanting attention.


I was trying to kill that guy, but they were the ones who plotted to kill me first.

And after Liz-san cast her magic on me, she basically gave handed me a death sentence.

If Duke-Sama hadn’t stepped in, that thug would have surely killed me.

“You must be blind,” Gilles scoffs.

Gayle-Sama is quite smart, so with a bit of explanation, he should be able to understand, but…..

if he truly has been brainwashed by Liz-san then there’s no point.

No matter what we say, whatever mush that’s left of his brain just won’t get it.

“That man was unarmed.

But that didn’t stop Alicia from coming at him with an ax and trying to kill him.

She didn’t even hesitate,” Liz-san says, looking at the two of us challengingly.

As the person charged with monitoring Liz-san, I guess there are some things that I need to explain to her after all.

“Those men had kidnapped me with the intention of killing me.

And the man that I tried to kill with the ax was not unarmed, he possessed a knife.

One that he promptly pulled out and tried to kill me with after I was rendered completely defenseless by you.

Not to mention, it was one of your rabid fans that orchestrated this whole incident in the first place.”

At that, Liz-san’s eyes fly wide open in surprise.


Those emerald green irises! No matter how many times I see them, I can’t help but feel captivated.

“That was his own choice.

Liz didn’t do anything wrong!” Eric-Sama shouts, raising his voice to a low roar.

That wasn’t really the point.

I was just trying to explain that the murderous intent wholly originated on their side and that my actions were in self defense.

But, as always, nothing I say is getting through to them at all.

“Liz-san, you may be right.

If you don’t repay hatred with hatred, then it will lose its power.

That could very well be the wisest decision a person can make.”

I straighten my posture and carefully make sure to keep my tone serious but neutral.

As I do this, I look straight at Liz-san.

I need to be the most dignified and magnificent person here.

That way, Liz-san might actually listen to me.

She might actually learn something from this.

As the villainess and also as Liz-san’s monitor, it’s my duty to get through to her.

“But, at some point you need to face reality.

The only one who would be able to live like that is you,” I declare, a sneer raising the corner of my lips.


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