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Chapter 958: Treasured Painting

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At that moment, the drunkard and the other two sealed the Dao-Devouring Dragon.

If the Space Disruptors group attacked, it would break the sealing process. The Dao-Devouring Dragon would be able to break out and join forces with the traitors, It would not be good for the drunkard and the others.

“Hahaha, hurry up and let me go!” The Dao-Devouring Dragon laughed hysterically. It was incredibly pleasing as it mocked them. It never expected that the traitors would suddenly appear to help it, but that was good. The protectors had no choice in the matter.

At that moment, Blackie, Old Dragon, Nanan, and Qin Manyun stepped up, putting the drunkards group behind them as they faced the three supreme beings.

Qin Manyun said calmly, “Seniors, hurry up and seal the dragon. Leave the rest to us!”


“With just the four of you” The supreme beings raised their eyebrows as they laughed.

“The new protectors who arent even supreme beings yet dare to stop us!”

“Youre looking to die!” they looked at Qin Manyun and the others. The power of supreme beings exploded forward violently. It was enough to suffocate anyone who was not a supreme being.

However, that obviously did not entail Blackie and the others.

Blackies pants suddenly let out a black glow. Old Dragon summoned up another shell. Qin Manyun lightly plucked a string, playing a note that turned into a protective power that blocked the supreme beings pressure.

However, it was just blocking pressure. They were still not at the level of supreme beings.

“We didnt want to kill you so quickly. We wanted you to fight on an even level with the gray mist. However, youre actually looking for death, so dont blame us!”

One of the supreme beings slowly walked up, walking to the front of the group.

There was killing intent in his eyes as an arrogant aura was felt around him. He slowly raised his right hand and pointed at Qin Manyun and the others.

That point was just a very normal spell, but it was being used by a supreme being. It contained a power of a supreme being, so it descended from the heavens like a hammer. It would need the power of a supreme being to stop.

It was like a grown man dealing with four ants. It was an incredibly trivial matter.

The drunkard and the others all had worried looks on their faces. Even if Blackie and the others were no ordinary cultivators and had treasures to protect them, it was still hard to stop a supreme being.

“I think that they must have a plan,” The Undying said with uncertainty.

He recalled Blackie and Old Dragons performances in the volcano. The two of them were incredibly despicable. Their methods even chilled the Undyings heart. Even Madman Chus skeleton was killed by them, so they might really have a plan.

Precisely at that moment, Blackie reached its paw into its pants.

After that, it pulled out a scroll.

As the scroll appeared, a strange power exploded forward. Like a sharp sword, it sliced through the pressure of that supreme being. Everyone suddenly relaxed from the pressure the supreme being gave.

“Whats this!” The supreme being shouted out in surprise.

It was just a piece of paper, but it caused his pressure to disappear. Even his attack disintegrated.

He stared at that piece of paper and suddenly felt his heart beating rapidly. He had the urge to retreat.

Blackies paw held that piece of paper as a nostalgic look appeared on its face.

“Old dragon, you have many treasures. Even the ** you keep is a treasure. However, all of your treasures combined are no match for this drawing,” Blackie said in amusement.

After saying that, it raised the paper highly, but still slowly opened it.


A radiant light surged out, covering everything in the world like a torrent of water.

There seemed to be a whole world contained within that piece of paper. It felt like it could replace the whole world around them.

When the paper was slowly opened, everyone noticed that a drawing of a dog was on the scroll. It was a very small dog.

Its black eyes were filled with innocence, and its ears were slanted downward. Its tongue stuck out of its mouth. It was unbelievably cute. It looked a little like Blackie.

It was actually a painting of a young blackie!

When the scroll was opened, the dog suddenly seemed alive. It slowly walked out and moved its little head, barking at the Space Disruptor and the others.


It sounded clear and cute.

However, to the Space Disruptors group, it sounded like the whisper of the god of death. It made them feel like a calamity was about to befall them.

A formless power suddenly descended, falling right on their heads!

“No, hows this possible Even Wisdom itself was sealed!”

“Formless and shapeless. This is the power of Wisdom. Wisdom is acting!”

“So, they actually had a trump card... Wisdom gave them something to save their lives!”

The three supreme beings started to panic as they retreated. At the same time, they started to take out treasure after treasure as they circulated the powers in their whole body to defend themselves.


All of that power disappeared!

The first to get attacked was the supreme being that attacked Blackie and the others. He let out a hopeless cry of pain as his body rapidly started to get destroyed. Even if he was a supreme being that had an undying lifeforce, he was still wiped out in an instant!

Right after that was Space Disruptor and the other supreme being.

They let out a shout as their bodies exploded on the spot, turning into pieces. However, their lifeforce remained. With a glow, they barely managed to reform their bodies. After that, they looked at Blackie in incredible fear.

“Haha, what do you think about me” Blackie let out an incredibly pleasing smile.

Yet, the admiration and surprise he expected did not appear. Instead...

“H-how cute!”

“Wow, Blackie looked like that when he was young I want to hug him so badly.”

“He looked so cute and innocent. His bark is adorable...”

Old Dragon rolled on the ground laughing, “Hahaha, stupid dog! You exposed yourself! You looked like that when you were young, so why are you so ugly now Its hilarious.”

Blackies face darkened as it almost left in a hug.

It said angrily, “Hey, youre focusing on the wrong thing! Isnt this painting amazing It was something master made when he practiced his painting skills. Arent you all jealous”

Everyone nodded, “Jealous, were so jealous. Its so amazing.”

However, they could not hide the smiles on their lips.

“Enough, no one is allowed to laugh anymore!” Blackie shouted.

That was a valuable painting that it kept. It turned into a point of humiliation. It miscalculated!

Everyone immediately stopped laughing as they looked at Space Disruptor and the other supreme being mocking.

They were not supreme beings, but at that moment, they completely stood above those supreme beings. It was as if they were the hunters, and the supreme beings were the prey.-

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