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C465: Revenge


As the Elysian Imperial Army began to retreat, I was worried that Marquis Deer Grafful might flee, but somehow only the marquis army was coming toward us.

Well, it’s not a problem since it’s convenient for us.

“Nanami, let’s hurry up, Farma’s patience is probably running out.”

“I know.”

After beating that powerful enemy, the movement of the Elysian Imperial Army changed drastically and they gave up on continuing the battle and began to retreat.

Nanami accompanied me to Farma, thinking that there would be no problem even if she stopped defending the mountain pass.

Vajra Kai was not able to fly, so we headed for it by moving on the ground.

Arleo-2 can fly with Vajra Kai in its arms, but I chose not to push it because the remaining ether level was getting low and current Arleo-2 might not be able to show even one-tenth of its original ability.

As we approached Marquis Deer Grafful’s army, Farma noticed us.

“Yuta! Nanami!”

“Farma, thanks for waiting.”

“Farma, let’s destroy Marquis Deer Grafful together!”

When Nanami and I called out to her, Farma replied emphatically,

“I’ll never let him get away again!”

Now, even if we were to defeat Marquis Deer Grafful, we need to think about how we would do it.

If we destroy the entire ride carrier, we may not know if we really eliminated Marquis Deer Grafful so it would be best to stop the ride carrier.

“All right, then, let’s get started.

Nanami and I will deal with the enemy’s magicraft, and Emina, you will make sure that Marquis Deer Grafful’s ride carrier is stuck so that he can’t escape.

Farma, you will cover us from the air, aiming at the artillery and the enemy magicrafts.”




We moved quickly.

I think it’s safe to say they’re retreating, but I’ll be on the lookout for other Elysian troops that might attack.

However, although we launched a spirited attack, the fighting spirit of Marquis Deer Grafful’s army was much lower than I had imagined.

Even though Nanami and I had only defeated a few magicraft, they seemed to be completely spooked and began to flee in all directions.

In the blink of an eye, there were no soldiers left to protect the ride carrier of Marquis Deer Grafful, and he was completely isolated.

Marquis Deer Grafful also tried to escape, but stopped in place, unable to move due to the fact that Emina’s destroyed the power source of his ride carrier.

“Farma, I want you to aim at the bridge but don’t shoot.”

Farma levitates in front of Marquis Deer Grafful’s ride carrier and aims her Arrow at the bridge.

The bridge was targeted by the huge Arrow, and the inside of the bridge was in panic.

I spoke to them through the external output sound.

“We’re here for Marquis Deer Grafful.

Give him to use and no one else will be hurt.”

The words “no one else will be hurt” seemed to have an effect, and a few moments later, a fat, elderly man dressed in wealthy clothes appeared, being led away by several men.


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