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Counterattack (6)



“From now on, don’t call me Brother.”



Better to call me Evan than that.”

“…… Evan.”

“Yes, I am no longer your brother.”

Evan hugged Aris and kissed her on the lips.

Now that they are no longer family, he wanted her to be his lover, not a family anymore.


“I’m going to kill you, Leonhard Verdick.”


Leon also tried to imitate Evan, but it was still unforgivable for the younger brother to call Aris by her name.

“You don’t even have to call my name, Leonhard Verdick.

It won’t change that I love you.”

“…… Sister!”

“And Evan, I love you.”

Evan also looked at her, looking like if she had anything to say to him, so Aris did not leave out the words that she loved Evan as well.

So the night surrounded by the two brothers began again.

º º º


With the sudden knock on the door, Leon cursed lowly.

None of the employees were unaware that the Verdick brothers were in this room.

If they value their life, they would not dare to knock on the door of this room.

This room was Aris’ room, not anyone else’s.

Besides, the sun was just about to rise, so the brothers’ night was still long.

Aris had told them that she loved them the night before.

In the meantime, he has been putting up with wanting to visit Aris for a really long time, fearing that the plan might go awry.

Aris, whom he used to hold every day, has already been away for over a week, and he is finally able to hold her in his arms!

But to dare knock on the door right now

Leon managed to calm his anger.

He will not make it a big deal.

He was thinking of slitting the neck.

He opened the door harshly, barely covering his lower body.

There, the butler politely bowed his head.


“A lot of the soldiers are asking to open the door to the Duke’s residence.

At first, we are fighting back, but it looks like they will break through soon.”

Evan and Leon noticed that they were chasing them because of the Crown Prince’s disappearance.

Evan had no choice but to pull out his cock that had been pushed into Aris’ vagina.


“Shh, Aris.

If you shout out one more time, I would be beheading our faithful butler”

“Don’t doo ittt…….”

With Aris’ whining, Evan comforted her by stroking his lips against her forehead.

“I’m worried about leaving you behind when you’re so tight when I’m inside you.

But I can’t even tell that sword fool to fix it…….”

“If Brother really thinks that way, why don’t you put on clothes first”

Evan sighed with Leon’s annoyance, put a blanket over Aris and put on his clothes.

Then, with Leon and the butler, who were waiting for them, he went to meet the soldiers who came to find them.

º º º

Leon and Evan were waiting on the first floor of the mansion.

And when the soldiers broke through the front gate of the Duke’s residence and knocked on the mansion’s door, he opened the door.

Those who visited the Duke’s residence were high-ranking nobles that were hostile towards Verdick and their subordinates.

They were thinking that this might be a chance and must have come to bite off Verdick.

But they too were taking risks.

That is why, as soon as he opened the door of the mansion, they flinched at seeing the dignified Duke Verdick and the Knights Commander.

“What is going on at this late hour”

“The Crown Prince has been missing since yesterday evening.”


“I’ll have to search the mansion.”

“On what grounds are you searching Verdick”

When the name ‘Verdick’ was given, many people flinched, and they couldn’t help but laugh.

Even most of the soldiers seemed frightened when they saw the Imperial Knights Commander, Leon.

“There are eyewitnesses who saw the Knights Commander attack the carriage the Crown Prince was riding in.”

The Crown Prince had come out in a carriage with no inscriptions written on it to move secretly.

But since they said they saw the carriage the Crown Prince was riding in, it would be a story from someone other than the escort attached to the Crown Prince.

Leon changed his carriage after attacking it with his figure covered, and he knew that there were witnesses when he attacked the Crown Prince.

But if Aris was dragged to the Imperial Palace, things would get complicated and he had no choice but to attack.

Instead, because he hid himself, the ‘witness’ followed him to find out the true identity of the Crown Prince’s murderer, but he felt that no one followed the carriage in which the Crown Prince was riding.

Leonhard knew that they would come to visit him once someone noticed that the Crown Prince had been attacked, but he would have liked it to have been a little later.

This was time to spend the night of the reunion feeling his sister’s skin.

However, since they would come one day anyway, he thought that he should get rid of them and hold his sister again quickly.


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