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The Arrowhead Snake was a Level 6 Magic Beast. There was no doubt in Roys mind that its body was a treasure. As for what part of its body were valuable, wouldnt he find out after Inspecting it He directed a gaze of scrutiny towards the two parts of its body.

[Youve Inspected the corpse of the Arrowhead Snake.]

[Following items are found in it: Arrowhead, blood, and poison sacks.]

[Arrowhead Snakes Arrowhead]

[Its sharpness is comparable to a finely crafted arrowhead, and it is no less durable than steel. The Merchants of the Empire would be happy to buy this item. As theres a remarkable dent on it, you may find it hard to sell it at the markets price.]

Merchants and blacksmiths were always on the lookout for this part of the Arrowhead Snakes body as it was good for making weapons and kitchen items.

[Arrowhead Snakes Blood]

[The arrowhead snake may be poisonous, but its poison sacks contain its poison, stopping its poison from entering its bloodstream. Youve killed it without puncturing its poison sacks. Its poison hadnt entered its bloodstream. Its blood doesnt contain any poison. Hence, its a delicacy that humans and Beasts alike can enjoy. The Magic Chef of the Empire would be happy to buy this item. Since it contains no poison, you may be able to sell them above the markets price.]

Arrowhead Snakes Blood was an ingredient used to make the Crimson Soup.

It was famous among the locals.

But a few too many people liked to enjoy it raw.

[Arrowhead Snakes Poison Sacks]

[They contain several drops of Paralyzing poison each. Assassins of the Empire would happily buy this item. Mages dabbling in the art of poison might be interested in it.]

Arrowhead Snakes Poison Sacks was popular among hunters. It made hunting easier.

[Your Perception Skill has come closer to advancing to the next level.]

Roy made the good choice of inspecting its corpse. Thus, he reaped many rewards.

He had learned what parts of it were traded as goods in the empire.

His Perception skill had also reached close to leveling up.

The blood of the arrowhead snake was in the air. The snow had failed to mask it. Roy smelled it as he breathed in the air his lungs so desired. He found it incredibly sweet.

“Wow… It smells like honey. No wonder theres demand for this blood in the market.”

The scent of this blood spread. Roy lost the status quo of being the only one salivating over it. The snowy mountains were inhabited by many monsters, but the main inhabitants of its depths were the snow wolves. These monsters were predators of the worst kind and could smell blood from up to 3 miles away.


They howled in excitement.

Carried by the wind, their maniacal howls reached Roys ears.

“Its about to start!”

Roy smiled coldly and tightened his hold on the sword. His ears flinched an instant later. His Perception was half a point higher than his peers. He could hear the sounds of footsteps. They were far away. But it took only several seconds for Roy to determine how many were approaching him.

“There are twelve… They are below my level. I should be able to take them, right”

Roy was looking straight ahead. A pair of green eyes entered his lines of sight. Then the second pair of eyes popped out in the darkness, followed by the third pair. In total, 11 wolves walked out and glared at him ruthlessly. They came for the sweet blood but unexpectedly also found fresh meat. How lucky. They were around 1 meter tall and looked extremely threatening with their mouths opened and fangs revealed.

Roy was well aware of what these wolves were capable of. After all, he had come here to kill. He didnt want to keep relying on quests to level up. He wanted to become stronger through slaying monsters!

“I counted 12, but there are only eleven here. Was I wrong”

No! He wasnt!

The last snow wolf had used the veil of the night as its cover to circle behind him. It was crouching close to a tree that was behind Roy. It was able to cover up its track. But its breathings were caught by his ears.

The snow wolves in front roared threateningly. Roy took a step back. Immediately, the snow wolf behind jumped out from its hiding spot and clawed at his exposed neck. Rot responded to it instantly. He had been expecting this sneak attack since the moment he stepped back.

The snow wolf failed to make the sure kill. It didnt know why but it was stopped 1.5 meters from the target. And it was feeling pained. Looking down, it saw a sword stabbed into its chest. It uttered a weak roar.

Roy pulled his sword out. Blood gushed out of its limp body immediately. With a thud, it dropped to the ground, its eyes lifeless.

『Ding! You killed a Level 3 snow wolf.』

『You Gained 30 Experience Points!』

Just like that, it had died.

The snow wolves planned sneak attack failed. Their kin also died. As a result, all of them were angered.




The snow wolves howled like crazy and rushed at Roy from all directions. Two moments later, the opened jaws of three snow wolves were threatened to reap off Roys head. Instead of retreating, he jumped ahead and swung his sword in an arc.

A split second later, he landed on the ground uninjured. The snow wolves behind him crashed down. There was a line on their neck. It gleamed eerily.

『Ding! Congratulations on killing two Lvl 2 snow wolves. You Gained 40 Exp!』

『Ding! Congratulations on killing a Lvl 3 snow wolf. You Gained 30 exp!』

Their head then detached from their body.

So far, he had killed four Snow wolves. But the chills creeping up his spine didnt die down. They just increased in intensity. Danger was approaching him!


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