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Everything Roy had learned about the Count, the Empire, and himself from the maid became clearer after his soul merged with the true owner of this body.

‘I have become the citizen of an empire that existed in a novel!

He found out that he was in the Great Sun Empire that lorded over the Far West, one of the four continents of a world too huge.

As for its name, the people of the Far East had three names for it; they were, Nus, Threa, and Aad. However, Roy knew this world was nothing more than an Ancient Battlefield of the Gods.

He also understood that he was not famous like his father but an infamous piece of **, who everyone knew as a waste.

Amelia has kept some things hidden from him so he would not feel pained.

He was, in fact, no genius and just a stupid little fool that was mentally ill.

After finding out his fiancee didnt want him anymore, he hid in a corner and cried. Amelia tried to find him, but the one who found him first was his second brother.

Noah took him out to the garden to cheer him up.

He practiced his magic skills on Roy.

One of the spells he cast on him was an illusion spell.

After a while of bullying him, his second brother left.

But he forgot to remove the spells on him.

Because Roy was under an illusion and mentally ill, he failed to differentiate between right from wrong and a bed from a cold pond.

He jumped on the cold pond thinking it was his bed.

‘I have transmigrated into the body of a character who should be dead by now.

When Roy Badulf Baldwin died, the amulet around his neck sucked in his soul and kept his body functions going. Otherwise, he would have appeared dead to Amelia too.

The necklace was similar to the one Roy Fisher had on him all the time back on Earth.

It had pulled his soul to this world after the beast killed him and forced him into the body of Roy Baldwin.

As for the soul inside the pendant, it has fused with Roy Fishers.

Both of their souls were on the verge of breaking because they had died a violent death.

Before they could die, the mighty soul pendant merged his soul with Roys so that it wouldnt shatter apart and stabilizes.

But that also meant that Roy Fisher was now Roy Badulf Baldwin and vice versa.

Roy Fisher knew and understood what terror Roy Badulf Baldwin felt as he died because of a damn prank from Noah!

‘I would like to kill that damned brat, but I am completely powerless. It cant be helped. I can only swallow my anger down and let him go for now.

Although Roy Badulf Baldwin was the counts son and now born out of wedlock, Roy thought otherwise. After all, which father wouldnt care about his dying child Last night, he had frozen to death, but Badulf hadnt thought it necessary to even check up on him.

All boys deserve a father, but not all fathers deserve a son!

Roy gnashed his teeth, feeling indescribable pain in his heart. But before Amelia could notice his strangeness, he smoothed out his complexion.

“Where are you going”

In the entire county, Amelia was most likely his only ally.

“My lord, you havent had a meal for almost a whole day. I will go and see what I can get for you from the chef in the kitchen.”

Her sudden reminder was enough to make his stomach growl.

“I indeed am feeling hungry.” Roy placed his hand on his tummy and felt it going in as if it was not fat but air. “Bring whatever you can from the chef and bring extra. Lets have a meal together.”

He hadnt eaten, nor had she.

Amelia felt good knowing that her master was caring for her and smiled after turning her back to him. “I will return in a hurry!”

She went out of the room without noticing how Roys eyes had thinned to the size of needles.

He had been pinching, pressing, and caressing his overgrown stomach that was thrice the size of a nine-month pregnant, and what he found out from doing that disturbed him greatly.

He was able to push his stomach back halfway in. It was the same for the other parts of his body.

The fat in his body wasnt natural and more like air.

There was something wrong with him; he found out after going through the memories of the person whose soul he had merged with and realizing that he ate like a normal human being.

There was not a single day when he had more than three meals, but there were many when he had less.

However, he was still unbelievably fat.

Even if he had a hormone problem, he couldnt have possibly become so fat while eating so less.

Roy had a suspicion that someone had put a curse or played magic on him!

But who would harm a mentally ill child, and for what reason

The door slid open, and in came Amelia. There were two trays in her hands. Each tray had two plates, two cups, a jug, and a bowl. In total, there were a total of eight dumplings, two pieces of chicken, a sauce, and a drink that would go well with them.

Amelia placed them on a table that was heavier than him and tried to move it up to him, but Roy had her let go of it, pick up the trays and place them on the bed directly. As he had ordered her, she couldnt refuse.

Roy was so hungry that he picked up the dumpling a took a big bite out of him. It had chicken, meat, a lot of spices, juices, and onions inside of it, and all that flavor bursts into his mouth, sending him to high heaven directly.

“Sit beside me and eat.”

Amelia was just standing beside the bed as if she was ready to pour him a cup of juices when he reached out for the glass.

“But young master, a slave like me cant eat on the same table as her master.”

How could he forget This was an empire with many stupid rules. Some of them were that slaves, maids, and servants couldnt eat the same food as their masters, eat at the same table as their masters, or even wear clothes made of the same material as their masters.

Moreover, the slaves followed these rules by heart as if it was some kind of heavenly edict.

“This is not a table but a table, so sit here and chow down on these yummy little fluff balls.”

Roy grabbed her by the palm and gently helped her onto the bed.

“But I cant.”

Although he made her sit close to the food where she couldnt not take in the aroma of the roasted chicken and dumplings and feel hungry, she suppressed her desire to taste chicken and refused to break the Empires law under his orders.

If someone caught them eating together, the familys elders would reprimand her master. She didnt care about how harshly they would punish her, but she couldnt bear to see her young master receiving an earful.

“If you dont eat, I wont either.”

Roy knew what was troubling her, but this place was at the deserted corner of the counts manor. The number of people passing by at this time of the day was non-existent. Except for them, there would be no one here. So it was alright for her to break a rule or two of the empire. And under his urging and stubborn stance, Amelia, for the first time in her life, broke a silly rule and felt more than a servant.

“Is it not tasty!”

The old Roy didnt know how to cherish this person, for he was less intelligent than a kid and more like a blank sheet of paper. But this Roy was going to pay her back for everything she had done for him in the past and also reciprocate her for everything she might do for him in the future.

“Umm-hmm, it is.”

“Have one more.” Roy stuffed another meaty dumpling covered with sauce in her mouth. ” You are already at the age where you should get married But are all skin and bones. Let me tell you this, a woman without much flesh on her is going to have a hard time finding a spouse. You need to eat lots!”

She swallowed what was in her mouth and jumped down the bed before kneeling on the still-warm floor.

“Please dont throw me away, young master. I dont want to get married. I only hope to remain by your side and serve you till my last breath.”

She was a bit too paranoid about being abandoned by her loved ones, Roy discerned.

He didnt mean what she was thinking, but he didnt mind using her paranoia to his advantage.

“I wont if you eat till youre satisfied tonight.”

“You mean it”

“I never lie.”

“I will eat this whole chicken then.”

That night, the master and his maid ate till they were satisfied.


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