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A suppressed moan echoed from inside the car. The sound of skin hitting skin quickly accelerated. After a while, a gasp escaped the man’s mouth.




The man slumped his shoulders and pulled the face of the man buried under him. After he moved his waist a few more times, he slowly pulled it back.


“Did you drink it all”


“――. … … Yes.”


Lee Wooyeon wiped the grayish semen off Inseop’s lips with his hand and said, “Eat this too,” and held out his finger. Inseop made an expression, then put Lee Wooyeon’s finger in his mouth and licked it.


“… … But, why… … , do I have to drink it all”


Inseop frowned at the bitter taste and asked with a grumbling tone.


“I want to fill the inside of Mr.

Inseop with mine.”


“… … .”


“I want to wet all your insides. Up and down.”


Saying that, the man’s eyes stroking his hair were filled with greed.


“Why Are you afraid of getting pregnant”


“… … !”


“Don’t worry. If you could, you would have already become pregnant.”


Lee Wooyeon put his hand inside Inseop’s clothes and rubbed his stomach. Inseop laughed, saying, not to do it because the feeling of his fingertips rubbing his skin tickled. Lee Wooyeon’s expression, who had been smiling softly, suddenly hardened.


“I really want to get you pregnant,” he muttered and Inseop had goosebumps all over because he was somehow serious.


“But I can’t believe it.

Inseop seduced me.”


“… … , I didn’t seduced… … you.”


“What do you mean no You asked me to go to the car, but you pretended to be looking for something, and you just stared at my face and didn’t know what to do.”


Lee Wooyeon looked at the clock and continued.


“If it wasn’t for the recording time, I would have taken down your pants and savored those delicious holes… … I’m sorry.”


Inseop, who was aiming for the exact recording time, said, “Is that so”


“So, what do you want”


Lee Wooyeon asked.




“I’m curious as to what you want, if my sincere and naive manager is obediently sucking my dick in the car.”


It was Inseop who was against it, saying that there is a risk of getting caught in the parking lot no matter how hard it is to see the inside of the car from the outside. When he politely opened his mouth and asked for something, Lee Wooyeon laughed, thinking that this person has something to ask of him.


“I have a favor to ask.”


Inseop lowered his eyes and started talking.


“I’ll listen to anything.”


He said, stroking Inseop’s cheek with his hand.


“Then… … .”


“Except for going to America.”


“… … .”


Lee Wooyeon looked happily at Inseop’s face, whose expression quickly changed. Two weeks have passed since the contract was signed again and Inseop started working. Now, he could call whenever he wanted to, but Inseop’s heart grew heavier. At the end of the call, he couldn’t answer his mother’s question about when he would come home.


“Can’t I come back after a little while”




“… … .”


“Then, if I miss Inseop, how am I going to live Next time, if I were in that condition, I might have to live in a mental hospital for the rest of my life.”


“I won’t run away. I will be back.”


Instead of answering, Lee Wooyeon sat Inseop down on his lap and kissed him. He murmured, placing his lips one after another on his forehead, then his eyebrows and under his eyes.


“When I start recording, I feel like I’m going crazy… … So how can I send you to America”


“… … Mr.

Lee Wooyeon… …


“No. Until I am convinced that Inseop will not run away from me, never.”


“… …When will that happen”


At Inseop’s rather sharp point, Lee Wooyeon let out a pleasant laugh.


In fact, the next week, he had postponed all his schedules and had bought a plane ticket to the United States for the both of them. Of course, he did not tell this to Inseop. He thought it would surprise him and make him laugh out loud. He even told the staff who manage the schedule not to notify Inseop of the schedule change next week.


“Someday it will happen.”


“… … , … … .”


“Tell me something other than that. I will listen.”


“… … There’s nothing.”


“Think about it. There must be one.”


Watching Inseop immersed in his thoughts, Lee Wooyeon seriously thought about whether to skip filming and take him to a nearby hotel.


“Then, … … May I grow a flower pot”




“A flowerpot. … … Kate, … … I would like that.”


Inseop was upset that he had left Kate on the roof.


“Oh, that bitch.”


“… … .”


“Okay. You can.

But don’t be too affectionate to it in front of me. I might get confused while watering and pour hot water.”


“… … . … … . That’s it. just… … , … … .”


“It’s just a joke. Since it’s Inseop’s flowerpot, I will treat it with respect.”


Lee Wooyeon said so and kissed Inseop’s lips. Lee Wooyeon, who kissed his lips a few more times, said, “Fuck,” and pulled his face back.


“I can’t. If I do it any longer, I’ll really want to skip the recording. I’ll be back, so take Kate and come here.”


“All right.”


Inseop did not want to show that he felt regretful and affectionate the moment Lee Wooyeon’s lips moved away, so he worked hard to answer.




Lee Wooyeon took Inseop’s hand and said.


“… … I like you. Mr.

Lee Wooyeon.”


This was something that Inseop always told Lee Wooyeon, as if he was always determined before parting. Lee Wooyeon said, “Hmm,” and made a face.


“I’m still not convinced.”


“… … I don’t think I’ll be able to convince you anyway.”


“Someday I will be convinced. Other than that, let’s be confident.”


“… … .”


“Go quickly. Before the air gets hotter.”


Saying that, Lee Wooyeon opened the car door.


“Go right away. The more I see you, the more I don’t want to send you. You go and come right back.”


“All right.”


After watching Lee Wooyeon waving and disappearing, Inseop got into the driver’s seat. After stopping by the office for some work, he got into the car and went to his place of residence. When he saw the town he lived in a long time ago, he had a strange feeling. He couldn’t get up to the top by car because of the uphill road, so he parked his car in a nearby vacant lot. It was sparse and quiet, and not knowing what might happen at night, he always parked it in the office, but he thought that it might not matter since it is daytime now.


He walked up the hill and climbed up to the roof of the house he lived in. He cleared his throat and went up to the roof, wondering if he would be surprised if someone lived in the rooftop room. Fortunately or unfortunately, the rooftop room did not seem to be occupied.


“There it is!”


Inseop found a flowerpot lying in the corner of the roof and ran over excitedly. The leaves were a bit damaged due to rain and wind, but they were still fresh.


“I’ll take good care of you.”


Inseop went down the stairs to the roof, hugging the flowerpot. On the way to the place where the car was parked, looking at the flowers blooming everywhere, Inseop thought that it was now spring.


As he was always going to and from home, parking lot, broadcasting station, parking lot, house, and office, there was no time to feel the change of seasons.


Wait, there was no schedule after this for Lee Wooyeon today. … … It will end early, so he decided to go see flowers together. But he might be tired … … Maybe he should prepare a packed lunch and drive. If he asks him to go, he’ll go. What should he prepare lunch with


His steps were light as he was thinking about various things. When he arrived at the place where he parked the car, Inseop opened his mouth.


Again. Another white letter lay on the windshield of the van.


“Ha… … .”


He thought this was a bit serious. Wherever he went these days, there was a letter on the windshield of the car, so Inseop seriously suggested to Lee Wooyeon that he should talk to the CEO or the manager. However, Lee Wooyeon didn’t care, saying that this was not a big deal.


Still, how come they follow him wherever he goes every time


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Inseop sighed and took the letter out of the glass and put it in his pocket. Then he heard a car door closing behind me.


The woman he had seen before was staring at Inseop with a terrifying face. She once failed to pour coffee on Lee Wooyeon and spilled it on him instead, and he tried to remember the name of the woman who spilled coffee on him.


“You’re taking away the letter everyday.”




“Every time I watched, you took it. I’ve never seen Lee Wooyeon oppa take it.”


“That… … .”


When Lee Wooyeon looked at the letter, all he said was to throw it away, burn it, and tear it apart. It was only natural for Inseop to take the letter because he couldn’t throw away the fan letter in front of people.


“Are you always intercepting my letters in the middle”


“No. Lee Wooyeon goes home and reads it.”


Inseop lied.


“Then why is there no reply”


“… … he’s busy… … .”


“Do not lie! Last time he went to the cinema to see a movie! Being busy is all a lie! You are intercepting everything!”


Inseop instinctively sensed that the woman’s condition was not normal, and retreated.


“No. That never happened.”


“I saw an article in which my oppa said he would always receive postcards from his first love.”


“… … .”


It seems that the talk they had at the party that day spread and became an article.


“Obviously he read my letter and said that … … Then I’m his first love, so why doesn’t he reply to me It doesn’t make sense.”


“That’s not it. I think you have a misunderstanding… … .”


Among the fanatical fans, this delusion was too much, believing it to be a reality, and there were often people who went crazy. Knowing that such extreme cases would lead to tragic results, Inseop tried to persuade her as calmly as possible.


“For now, go home. later I… … .”


“No, not what! What misunderstanding You’re doing this by intercepting all of oppa’s letters right now! I have seen you put my letter in your pocket more than once!!”


A ferocious madness flashed in the woman’s eyes. Watching her eyes move rapidly side to side, she was not in a state where she could communicate.


Inseop thought it was better to avoid this than to talk to her, so he opened the car door. He shoved Kate into the passenger seat and stepped onto the car.


At that moment, Inseop felt something cold creeping up near his waist.


“… … ”


When he tried to turn around without understanding the situation, it slipped again, and sharp metal stabbed him in the waist.


“… … wha… … .”


“Oppa and I are in love with each other, but who are you that interferes with that”


“… … . … … .”


Choi Inseop pressed his back with his hand to check. There was red blood on the palm of his hand.


“I will kill you!”


She raised her knife again. Inseop desperately reached out and took the knife. When the knife was taken away, the woman flashed and ran towards him. It wasn’t normal. Inseop managed to push the woman away and got into the car. Even while the car door was closed, the woman reached out and ripped Inseop’s clothes. He didn’t know how he closed the door and left. Inseop stepped on the accelerator, leaving behind the woman who was screaming at him.


He felt a burning pain in his back. It hurt so badly that he was in a cold sweat and his hands and feet were shaking.


“Hospital… … , … … .”


Inseop thought he needed to find a nearby hospital and pressed the navigation with his blood-stained finger. As he moved, blood rushed out and wet the seat. It felt like the sensation was slowly disappearing on his legs.


Inseop grabbed the steering wheel. For the first time, he thought that he could die like this. When he got on the operating table, he was under anesthesia, so after waking up, he felt vaguely as if it were someone else.


“Ha ha… … , … … .”


Now it was definitely felt. That he could really die.


His vision was blurred and his body trembled. Inseop found his cell phone and called Lee Wooyeon. Of course, the power was turned off because he was recording. Crying, he felt nauseous.


Inseop grabbed the steering wheel and his body shook. He had to go to the hospital, but… Then when he dies… … . he will never see Lee Wooyeon again… … What if he thought he ran away again… … . he hated it, but he haven’t been convinced yet… … .


Inseop turned the steering wheel of the car. After seeing Lee Wooyeon’s face somehow, he will go to the hospital. Besides, the place where the recording is located is not far from here, and the hospital is closeby… … , yes, it’s on the way, so he could stop by for a moment… … .


Inseop checked the time. Lee Wooyeon will be waiting for him in the parking lot, so all he had to do is talk and go to the hospital. If he goes to the hospital… … .


“… … I might die… … .”


Inseop, startled by the sudden mumble, shook his head. He will live It’s the heart that Jennie gave him, and he was barely able to heal and live, but he can’t die like this. If he dies without any word, Lee Wooyeon will think that he has left him and ran away again. He didn’t want Lee Wooyeon to live in a mental hospital for the rest of his life. … … More than anything.


‘I want to see that person. I, I… … .


‘I miss you.’


“… … .”


Inseop gave strength to the hand holding the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator.


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