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Just like how Lod would not believe Mephisto’s lies, how could Mephisto, who was known for being treacherous and cunning, easily believe in a Lord of Hell with an unknown origin

However, Mephisto believed that he would definitely be the final winner!

In fact, when he came to see Lod this time, other than asking him to teach his son a lesson to the Black Heart Demon, Mephisto had other thoughts, and wanted to test this Lord of Hell who had suddenly appeared!

Now, it seemed that there was nothing to fear.

After the two sides came into close contact, Mephisto could clearly sense that the origin of hell in Lod’s body was not dense.

He immediately guessed that what he controlled was only a small piece of hell fragment.

This was also the reason why Mephisto was so confident.

It was just a small Lord of hell, could it be that he could overturn the heavens

When he obtained the contract with Saint Fan, he would be able to exert half of his strength in the world.

At that time, even if Sorcerer Supreme came, it would be useless, let alone a weak Lord of hell!

Unfortunately, Mephistopheles’ abacus was making a crackling sound, but he did not know that Lod was already prepared for him.

The moment Mephisto tore open the space of the Modern Realm and exposed his own hell, Lod secretly used the Shadow Space to split a part of his soul, and then stayed in Haschwalth’s body!

Through the soul that remained in Haschwalth’s body, he could ignore the obstruction of the rules of hell in Mephisto, and establish a new connection with Haschwalth, and he could instantly descend at a critical moment!

As a hostage, Haschwalth was safe, and he could return to Soul Society through the realm gate at any time.

However, Lod did not expose him.

He wanted to see what else Mephisto would do when he lost his hostage!

Due to the rules of hell, Mephisto could not stay in the human world for long.

The longer he left hell, the weaker his strength would become, so after seeing that his goal had been achieved, Mephisto opened his mouth to say goodbye and return to his hell.

Lod smiled and watched Mephisto leave.

However, before Mephisto left, he gave Lod an important piece of information about his unfilial son, the Black Heart Demon.

Originally, all demons needed a powerful and evil vessel when they descended to the mortal world.

Otherwise, they would not be able to display their original strength.

Just like the vengeful spirit in the body of the Ghost Rider, the Black Heart Demon was an exception.

The Black Heart Demon took the initiative to abandon his authority as the son of hell and asked the rules of hell to bind him.

Therefore, after descending to the mortal world, the Black Heart Demon could display his full strength, which was why Mephisto felt troubled and had to seek help from others.

Lod could roughly guess what the Black Heart Demon was going to do next.

It was nothing more than to find the first Ghost Rider Carter through Johnny, and then use the three thousand souls of the Fallen Saints in the contract to rebuild a hell that only belonged to “His Black Demon” in San Venganza.

But in fact, if he thought about it carefully…

The Black Heart Demon was obviously lacking social poisoning, and he thought things too simply.

The law between heaven and hell had long been set, and there was also a guardian, Sorcerer Supreme, in the middle.

Even Mammon and Gabriel failed, how could a mere Son of Hell do it

Therefore, Lod was not very worried about the Black Demon.

Even if it was Black Demon at its peak, could it be more difficult to deal with than the Archangel Gabriel


If the Black Heart Demon was really so powerful, then why would he run out of hell and directly kill his father Mephisto, usurping the throne and inheriting such a large hell dimension

“Forget it, let’s not think about this anymore.”

Lod shook his head and stopped thinking about these trivial things.

After drinking the ice water in the cup, he planned to sleep and feel the five-star hotel.

But before his thoughts could come to fruition, a scorching red flame directly rushed through the floor-to-ceiling window.


As the engine roared further and further away, the terrifying heat left behind by the traces of flames melted the entire glass into juice.

Looking at the melted floor-to-ceiling window, Lod had a face full of black question marks.

If he wasn’t mistaken, the figure that was riding the motorcycle from outside the floor-to-ceiling window just now, in a way to escape the gravity of the earth, was Johnny Blaze, who had run away yesterday.


Another gust of wind swept over.

In the eerie howling, a hideous face could be vaguely seen, chasing after the Ghost Rider.

The explosive wind howled and extinguished the burning flames, destroying the entire room like the wind of sword.


Then another stream of water rushed up.

“Very good… very good!”

Lod’s face was extremely gloomy.

He crushed the crystal cup in his hand and flames of anger rose in his eyes.

“Wind Demon, Water Demon, and Ghost Rider, the three of you are dead!”

Even a clay Buddha would still be a little angry, let alone that he was not a Bodhisattva.

If there is a road in heaven, you don’t walk, and you break into hell without a door

If I don’t kill you today, I will recite my name in the future!


The demonic knight rode on the Hell War Chariot and galloped on the glass of the building that was 90 degrees vertical.

Meanwhile, the Wind Demon and Water Demon recruited by the Black Heart Demon turned into elements and chased after him relentlessly.

During this period of time, they launched several sneak attacks and almost pulled Johnny down.

A moment later.

Johnny rode the Hell War Chariot to the top floor of the hotel.

The burning tires rubbed against the ground and drew a huge arc before stopping.

Wind Demon and Water Demon rushed up to the top floor of the hotel at almost the same time.


Johnny got off the Hell War Chariot and pulled off the chains wrapped around his shoulders.

He rubbed his hands together and attached the Hell Fire to it.

Then, he stared at the two demons with his flaming eyes.

“Now, it is time to end your lives!”

Wind Demon, who was like the wind, slowly walked forward.

His eyes revealed a mocking expression.

“You can take advantage of the fact that you are still stubborn.

When we get the contract, you will be the dust in the history of the new hell!”

“Ghost Rider, you are already in the past!” The pool of water that flowed on the ground gradually took shape, turning into a drenched man.

He laughed darkly and said in a low voice, “Very soon, we will turn the world into a purgatory.

It is not too late for you to join us now!”

“Found… you guys!”

A voice that was obviously suppressing its anger suddenly sounded.

Wind Demon and Water Demon were stunned for a moment.

They turned to look at the source of the voice and saw that under the bright moonlight, a silver-haired man wearing a long black robe was slowly walking towards them.

“It’s… you”

The flame in the dark knight’s pupils shrank, and he subconsciously took a few steps back to distance himself from the man.

“Did you know…”

The man’s blue eyes burst out with a terrifying killing intent.

“Disturbing other people’s sleep is a felony!”


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