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A pale hand swung in front of his face.

Its owner moved carefully like an animal that couldnt swim.

‘Even if she knows the way of the sword, shes still born with such fragile-looking hands.

Ed hid his body, being sure to avoid Lil and make room for her to walk.

As if her eyes were finally accustomed to the darkness, Lil swept her elegant forehead.

Her sweet, raised nose and gaping lips lit up the darkness with a picturesque silhouette.

His bright green eyes followed her like flies caught into bright light.

“…Damn it, its so dark…”

Lil, startled by her own voice, cursed.

‘Oh, God.

Its so quiet here, that I accidentally spoke out loud.

Trying to figure out what was in front of her, Lil took out a dagger.

She reflected some light with the blade, making sure that nothing was obstructing her path.

After confirming, she could finally walk more comfortably.

She quickly made her way to the window and moved the curtains.

‘The desks close.

She was about to open a drawer, when…

“Where are you”

The unfamiliar voice stiffed her back.

Lil instinctively lowered her body to the floor and hid under the desk.

‘Where the hell did that voice come from

Suddenly, her blood turned cold and her heart started to beat faster.

‘I didnt do anything, but Im already out of breath.

Lil hastily pulled out her dagger.

“Im sure youre here.”

The sound of someone cheerfully humming a song was terrifying.

‘Only one person.

But there was no sound of a door opening and I didnt notice anything until he spoke.

She held the dagger tightly.

– Silence… –

Lil checked her dagger again, strangely nothing was reflecting in the blade.

‘Im going crazy.

Its too quiet.

She focused on her surroundings.

However, she could only hear the pounding of her own heart in her chest.

‘It could be troublesome if I run into him.

Lil cursed at the count.

‘Before wed hit him on the head, he said he emptied the hallway.

It felt like she was stuck there for a long time.

Eventually, Lil lifted the dagger above the desk and adjusted the angle a bit.

Reflecting against the moonlight, the blade didnt show the shape of a person or anything similar.

‘At least he isnt close.

Determined, she corrected her crouching posture and prepared herself to leave her hiding place.

She turned her body, placed one foot next to the desk, shifted her weight and popped out her head.

Two pairs of eyes met.

There was a man.

He was crouching down just as she did, bringing them on the same eye level.

Lil almost screamed in surprise but covered her mouth just in time.

She saw a face with a childlike expression, excitedly expecting a strange bug to come crawling out of a cave.

He sat in front of the drawer, looking at the space she was hiding in, waiting like a madman.

“As expected.”

Illuminating green eyes lit up in the dark.

Suddenly there was a hole beneath them.

It took a second before Lil recognized it as his big smiling mouth.

The sight was so creepy, it left goosebumps all over her body.

“I knew youd come.”


She instinctively wanted to blast that disturbing face.

Her hands reacted faster than her brain and were already pointing a gun at him.

It wasnt until she started to pull the trigger, that she realised she was even holding the gun.

‘No! Guards will rush in when they hear the shot.

The moment that fact pierced her brain like a needle, Lil immediately stopped her finger.

“Thats dangerous.”

In the blink of an eye, the gun was in the mans hand.

Afterwards, an intense pain hit her wrist.

Lil frowned due to the unexpected pain and tried to remember his action.

‘No matter how close were, how can he be so fast

Besides, she couldnt recall the feeling of being disarmed.

“This is a rare gun.”

Lils right hand, which was about to quickly draw her dagger, was caught along with the hilt.

Her left hand was unable to move due to the injury.

She bit her trembling lips.

‘If Im shot at this distance, Ill be killed instantly.

The man, whod been looking at the gun with a curious expression, suddenly stopped and slowly pointed the weapon at her.

The round, pitch-black ring of death was aimed directly at her forehead.

Lil tried to shrug off the fear that flashed through her body.

‘Get it together.

Her mind thatd been engulfed by fear finally snapped out of it.

She quickly kicked his shin with her left leg.

The blow wasnt significant due to the lack of force, but it was sufficient enough to accomplish her goal.

While the man staggered, Lil struck the gun with the sheath and dived out the narrow space.

Simultaneously she pulled out the dagger, however, the tip of the raised knife trembled.

Chills spread all over her body as if shed her back pressed against ice.

She recognized the man.

‘Damn it, why is that pervert here At that time, the guard definitely didnt recognize him, but if hes someone who can go in and out of the Counts house, how can the guard not know …Crap, he said he was new, right I never thought this would happen.

“Your surprised face is so cute.

Hm, I like it.”

Ed looked at the gun that flew far away with regretful eyes.

‘Who the hell is he Is he working for the Count But he has a navy tattoo on his upper arm

Lil quickly rolled her brain.

‘I cant give him any excuses now, he already knows I carry a dagger and a gun.

Whoever Ed is, hed never believe Im here to seduce the Count.

Also, unlike then, Im wearing pants and look like a man…No, Cesar took off the necklace and kissed me before I entered the study.

“Who are you”

‘Lets just pretend I dont know.

Hes too dangerous to escape recklessly.

Lil didnt notice Ed for a moment.

‘I dont know what will happen if I leave him be.

She bit her lip.

Unlike her, standing with her back to the terrace, Ed was still half-crouched.

The moon shone on his smiling face.

Ed slowly stood up.

The shadow of the thin window frame fell on his smooth profile.

Instinctively, Lil knew he was an opponent that she couldnt beat.

Her speciality was shooting, but that was useless in close range combat.

And there was also the risk of alarming the guards if she fired a shot.

Her grip on the dagger tightened.

“Ive been waiting for you.”

“What You perverted bastard.”

“I thought it was a bit suspicious that a woman was so obsessed with the power of the navy.

But from the fact you came to the study, it seems obvious that youre not interested in the Counts money or valuables.”

“And I thought it was suspicious that you hid your involvement with the Navy.

But I never thought youd be in the Counts study.

Seeing that youre going to all this trouble, it seems clear that Im your target.”

“Ive never really hidden it.”

“Cut the crap.”

Ed raised his eyebrows and touched his earlobe out of habit.

He rubbed it several times as if he was trying to erase the moonlight that had shone on it.

Seeing his relaxed attitude, Lil swallowed dry saliva.

She was prey with nowhere to go and they both knew it.

“Hm, thats weird.”


“Why are you so obsessed with the Admiral”


Lils mouth twitched.

‘Why At this point, does he still not associate me with the pirates

“Im jealous.

You treated me like trash.

But now youre going after the Count and the Admiral”

“You lunatic.”

“I need to know what youre up to.”

“Are you the Admirals lackey or something”

“You said youre involved in all sorts of work.

What did you mean by that Or were you lying about that too”

“I cant be talking to you like this.

Damn it.”

‘Last time we met, he was all smiles, but today he seems like a totally different person.

He must be completely insane or maybe he liked being tied to the bed.

Lil left Ed alone and tried to figure out an escape route.

“Its of no use.”


“Arent you thinking about running away Lets pretend youll succeed to jump over the chair and run between the first bookshelf and the desk.

You then need to roll over the sofa and pass the table – the same table youll probably hit your knee on – and unfortunately for you, theres a small couch in front of it.

Youll fall flat on your face.

But by all means, try it, why should I stop you and miss it”

At his lengthy and mocking explanation, Lil narrowed her forehead.

“So, youre not only a pervert but also a voyeur”


She didnt even want to know what he wanted to look at.

The thought of being alone with him in the dark, made all the blood drain from her face.

“Youre a real pervert.

Ive never met a pervert like you in my life.

Is this whole mansion specially made for perverts”


So then, Im also the most memorable one.

What an honour.”

“Just let me go, I didnt steal anything.

And why are you talking like that Using that exaggerated Sesbron accent.”

“Im not here to arrest you.”

“What Why dont you stop talking like that, youre giving me goosebumps.”

“I just want to talk.

I have a lot to tell you… and a lot to ask.”

“Why me And why should I talk to you”


Ed let out a sigh and averted his gaze a little as if he was about to say something important.

He squeezed his eyes, covering his pupils partly by his eyelids, visibly struggling with his words.

The hand that rubbed his earlobe went down to his chin.

‘He seems to be completely absorbed in his thoughts.

Now, this is my chance.

Lil inspected the terrace windows, instead of using the door, shed been thinking about the windows all along.

‘Theres no way I can run towards the door that Ive come through.

The glass windows will probably open or even break if I kick them.

I just need to get to the other side and fall down.


She made a run for it.

‘Other side…

Her hair blew slowly behind her.

‘Fall down…



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