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It wasnt a lie.

Lil had contemplated countless times between Eds life and the Bell Rock.

Even when they were aboard the ship of the western pirates, she thought about getting rid of him because she couldnt take uncertain risks in uncertain circumstances.

But the guy did something useless.

He got shot instead of her.

That was when the guilt slipped in and as she was starting to carry such a burden, the intention of killing him wavered.

Besides, she couldnt shake those vivid memories of his stomach spurting blood from his ruptured blood vessels and the feeling of his hot but soft organs.

Even his rising fever as he battled the infection was felt around her finger.

With every heartbeat, blood flowed past the tip and gushed out his wound.

All those sensations intensified when she inserted her bare finger.

As a result, it was now difficult to let go of the life of someone whose pain she experienced up close.

“There was a risk in throwing you away.

The risk of you leaking whatever youd seen, whether you were a deserter or a spy.

But seeing you back then, enduring so much pain without anaesthesia… hell you even took a stimulant… told me you probably wont open your mouth easily to torture.

Its a comforting idea.

Thinking like this has helped my mental health even marginally.

Of course, its a relief that will disappear without a trace if you turn out to be a spy, but thats inevitable.

Whether I wanted it or not and even if it was a favour I was forced upon, Im able to walk around in one piece thanks to you.

I could never kill you.

On the contrary, I even saved you with my own hands…”

“Thats a very touching story.”

Lil looked down at Ed, who seemed sarcastic.

But Lils annoyance instantly eased when Ed wiped his face like a child using his sleeve.

“Actually, I tried it a few times and failed each time.”

“Thats very reassuring.”


“But now, wont a doctor start to care about a patient he operated on to save their life”

“Hm, well…”

“At least his first, right”

“Whatever you say.”


“Anyway, it was an experience I hope I never have to go through again, but I guess I can now somewhat relate to it.”

Lils answer wasnt completely honest as she in fact had consulted Cesar.

But Cesar followed a similar thought process as her, leading to the logical conclusion that Ed would be innocent and he didnt deserve to die this way.

Of course, Cesar didnt feel the same burden as she did.

In the end, they didnt do anything about Ed and let him recover on his own.

Though she never thought they would be reunited like this again, not only was Ed able to open his eyes, but he was already walking around.

“How long has it been”

“One week”

“Have I been lying in bed for a week”


The doctor here told us that you werent in good shape even before you were shot.”

Ed was startled by the fact he was checked by a southerndoctor.

To his knowledge, they were the ones who got drunk first and then proceeded tocure diseases by amputating their patients limbs.

“Dont tell me he did something to my body or prescribed any bizarre medication.”

“I just asked him to look at your condition, so dont worry… Ugh, really.”

In disbelief, Ed looked over his body with an anxious expression.

Lil found his reaction ridiculous and pretended to kick him.

However, at the same time, Ed was about to rise using his sword but slipped again as he was startled by the incoming foot.

The patient, who had collapsed to the side and clutched his stomach, looked pitifully up at Lil.

“Help me, Captain.”


“I didnt throw the dirt.

The building is so old that it broke off on its own.”

“Im not buying that.”

“Think about it.

Why would I be testing my luck, Captain, I am a man who knows the importance of life.

Also, look at the door over there, the Captain didnt put much effort into it, but it was destroyed anyway.”

“But the dirt that fell on my head had some power behind it.

Like it was forcefully dumped on my head.”

“Was it really”


Ed stretched out his hand.

Perhaps because he was seriously overdoing it, but sweat was forming on his forehead and blood started to drain from his lips.

Annoyed, Lil lifted Ed, wrapping his raised arm around the nape of her neck.

He was taller and broader than her, so he was quite heavy even though he was conscious.

Lil barely managed to hold back a groan as they walked towards the door.

“I never thought Id live long enough to be supported like this by the Captain.”

“Shut up.”

“Captain, why dont you go down too and join me for breakfast”

“I dont want to.”

“I think the reason why I cant walk is that Im hungry.

Ive been starving for a while now.”

“Then you can eat alone.”

“My arms dont move well either.”


Ed cracked a smile behind her.

‘Even now, she still feels responsible for my injury.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have cared if I died on the roof or not.

Ed leaned more on Lil and murmured.

“…Oh, Im going to die…”

At the same time, Lil also muttered.

“…Thank you…”

Ed looked down at Lil whose shoulders were so low that it looked like theyd been sewn into his armpit.

He tried to read her expression, but Lil was just indifferent.


“Thank you.

Even though I still think youre crazy, I thank you because Im grateful.”

Lil felt his gaze and looked up at Ed who smiled broadly.

As their eyes met, she turned her head again.

Ed tilted his face a little more and the tip of his hair touched her cheek.

After crossing the roof door, they soon reached the stairs which was the hardest part.

Lil pondered for a moment, then went down one step at a time and supported Ed as she waited for him.

Lil, who was one step ahead again, realised her patient suddenly stopped following and turned her head suspiciously.

“Then Captain.”


Ed looked into Lils eyes and declared.

“Lets make a long-term deal.”


“Dont leave me behind…”


Lil muttered inwardly as if she felt bothered to answer, then stretched out her left hand toward his shoulder.

Ed clasped her wrist mid-air.

For a moment, his clear green eyes flashed with a maddening light.

Confused, Lil slowly lifted her head.

In an instant, his eyes returned to their original state and met hers.

Ed gave a warning, portraying the wriggle he felt in his stomach.

“…I dont know what Id do if you really did…”

Lil twisted her wrist out of his grasp and laughed at his threat.

“It would be great if you did something to me because then I would be able to stab you without hesitation.”

After her sarcastic reply, Lil clenched her fist and pretended to punch him somewhere in his stomach.

Ed, who reflexively withdrew his body, felt some pain and frowned.

“Oh, it hurts!”

“Were you that scared”

She laughed, clearly liking his reaction and Ed could only blankly stare at her.

‘Liloa doesnt seem to understand what I meant at all.

Shes just downplaying my words…

As if Lil didnt bother anymore, she unwrapped Eds arm and instead grabbed him just below his armpit.

As Ed was taller, he had no choice but to be dragged down.

He didnt know what kind of shock his body, which was in need of absolute stability, would be exposed to if he kept spouting more nonsense.

So, he quietly followed her to the hall.

When they arrived, Lil threw him on a table chair and shouted while looking at the kitchen.

“Amanda! Are you still sleeping Amanda!”

When she knocked on the table, the door in the corner of the hall creaked open.

Through the gap, a voice that seemed more asleep than awake shouted back loudly.

“Who would call people at the crack of dawn!”

“Our sick man finally woke up!”

Moments later, Amanda appeared from the kitchen door and looked at thesick man with puffy eyes.

After rubbing her eyes several times, she put on her apron and disappeared into her kitchen again.

Ed, who was trying to look as pitiful as possible, raised his half-slumped body when Amanda walked away.

In the meantime, Lil rotated her shoulders wide and loosened her muscles, Eds weight had been a lot for her body to bear.

In addition, she couldnt sleep for the past few days, making stamina low and her eyes quite dark.

Ed asked, looking at her tired face.

“But why is the Captain up at this hour of the morning”

Lil rubbed the inside corners of her eyes with her thumb and index finger and gave an unexpectedly genuine answer.

“I couldnt sleep.”

“Why Does it have anything to do with the failure to set sail”

“I dont know.”

“Where are we, anyway”

“No idea.”

Ed sighed.

‘Ill eventually find out once Im out on the market.

“Why cant I see the Bell Rock”


“Why are you so secretive After all, if I spend about half a day on this small island, Ill know everything.”

“Dont bother wandering around.

Knowing less will save your life.”

– – – – –



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