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Chapter 63: Crack

    Yang Yang could see that Archibald attached great importance to getting married.

Yang Yang didn’t know where did his awareness of “getting married as soon as the relationship is determined” came from, but Yang Yang couldn’t agree to this for the time being.

    Yang Yang emotionally reasoned with Archibald: “Of course we need to talk about marriage, but there is no need to be in such a hurry.

We just fell in love and things have to be done step by step, so that we won’t lack the sense of ceremony.”

    Archibald looked blank: “Sense of ceremony”

    What’s that

    Yang Yang: “…”


    Yang Yang said bluntly: “Marrying, or to be precise, disclosing our relationship to the public, needs to be taken slow, because I cannot give up my current identity.”

    His current identity

    Archibald thought for a moment, then his face darkened — Yang Yang’s identity, both Soul Pierces Through Your Heart, confirmed by Monta and his eldest brother to be his wife; butler Yang, authenticated by his own family, and also today’s announcement of him having a “wife about to give birth.”

    Archibald: “…”

    Archibald looked at Yang Yang with kind eyes: “So, which identity are you going to continue to use”

    Yang Yang: “Use both.”

    Archibald: “……”

    Seeing that Archibald was about to get puffed up again, Yang Yang made a “stop” gesture first, and then explained: “I’m not trying to mess around, I’m doing it for my career — I mentioned it to you when I started using the butler Yang identity, remember”

    Archibald was startled and remembered that it was indeed so, but at the same time, he also remembered what Yang Yang said at the time, about the plan for aftermath the agreement’s end.

And this “cause” was Yang Yang’s “planning for a rainy day”.

    Archibald: “…”

    Suddenly panicked.jpg

    Yang Yang didn’t understand what Archibald had in mind, and seeing that Archibald seemed to remember, he continued: “I want to derive the butler Yang’s account, in other words my Youtu’s Yangyangyang account, into a brand.

    I have only made some reputation with the porridge.

If the relationship between me and you is announced at this time, everyone’s focus will definitely be diverted and my porridge shop will definitely not be able to open, let alone follow-up brand’s products.——Wouldn’t then my efforts these days have been in vain

    So, in order not to waste my efforts, our relationship should not be made public for the time being, okay”

    Archibald was uncertain for a moment, his eyes moved as he suddenly thought of something, and then he nodded: “Okay.”

    Yang Yang was overjoyed: “Thank you Duke for your understanding.”

    Archibald: “But you also have to promise me one thing.”

    Yang Yang seemed to have guessed something and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I won’t get a new identity again.”

    Archibald: “…”

    Although I didn’t want to say this, this point is also very important.

    Archibald paused, did not deny this, and then stated his request: “I can keep our relationship private, so that you can use your two current identities.

But tomorrow, you have to go with me to the Civil Affairs Bureau and register marriage.”

    Yang Yang: “…Ah”

    Archibald: “You also said just now, to be precise, disclosing our relationship to the public, needs to be taken slow’.

——Just register the marriage, we won’t disclose our relationship to the public.”


    Yang Yang: “…But, to register it tomorrow, why is there such a hurry”

    Seeing Yang Yang’s rejection, Archibald felt that what he had worried about before had come true.

He was a little upset and asked, “I’ve fulfilled your requirements, what else do you have to hesitate Or are you really waiting for our agreement to end, and then fly away”

    He showed an expression of looking at a scumbag who was waiting to sneak away after eating and drinking full*.

*not taking responsibility after the deed

    Yang Yang: “…”


    He understood now why Archibald was so eager to get married.

    Yang Yang was a little helpless about Archibald’s brain-boosting ability, but the root blame could be still traced to his deeds.

    Yang Yang thought about it for a while, and his eyes swept to the side unintentionally, letting him notice Archibald’s tail, subconsciously hooked on the back of the chair, the tail was so tense that even the tip was stretched straight.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Forget it, wasn’t it just registering marriage

    Yang Yang raised his head and smiled at Archibald: “Okay, I’ll register with you tomorrow.”

    Archibald listened to his agreement, and was stunned for a moment, then smiled dazzlingly.

    ——Yang Yang had never seen him smile like this.

    Archibald’s tail hooked on the back of the chair relaxed and swayed beside him.

Then he put on Yang Yang’s plate a seafood ball asking about Yang Yang’s career with a feeling of generosity after getting a bargain.

    Archibald: “You said you wanted to create a brand, is it to sell porridge”

    If that’s the case, it would be too tiring.

    Yang Yang glanced at the seafood ball in the bowl and laughed, poking it with his chopsticks and replying, “No, selling porridge is just the first pot of gold, and by the way, gaining fame — I need to do the whole process of cooking this porridge by myself and the amount at one time is not much, so it cannot be made into an industry.

The business I am talking about is my land.

——That experimental field that I asked Amber to help prepare, do you remember”

    Archibald nodded, “Yes, the one that Amber reclaimed”

    The field was not far from the villa, easily noticeable from the front.

    However, Archibald didn’t see Yang Yang take care of it.

After the snow began to fall, even the smart greenhouse in the field was covered and nothing could be seen.

    So now, he didn’t know what was going on with this field.

    Yang Yang took a bite of the seafood ball, swallowed the rest, his eyes lit up as he said: “That one.

I planted some seeds in it, all of which are seeds of soul essence plants, and the career I want to develop in is growing soul essence plants, best if it could be made into an industrial chain.”

    After saying that, Yang Yang also put a seafood ball for Archibald: “This is delicious, try it.”

    Archibald’s eyes warmed and he took it, obediently finishing eating the seafood dumplings from Yang Yang, before speaking again: “There are many companies specializing in the business of soul essence plants, this industry has almost become a fixed pattern nowadays, you…”

    Archibald didn’t want to hit down Yang Yang so much, so he didn’t say the rest.

——Anyway, even if he ate a loss, he could afford it.

    Yang Yang was not worried about his future at all, and even had a little pride: “I know, I also understand it.

At now, those companies firstly breed and select seeds, but even as much as half of the soul essence plants’ seeds cannot grow into soul essence plants; 70% of the other half of the grown soul essence plants will grow to be low-grade soul plants, and only the remaining 30% would become the hard to find high-grade soul plants.

    In other words, these big companies indeed had a mature industry chain, but there was no technology for cultivating high-grade soul essence plants.

    ——But I have it.”

    Archibald was startled: “You”

    It wasn’t that he looked down on Yang Yang, it was just… only a month ago, he didn’t even know what soul power was and how to percept it.

    Yang Yang raised his chin and continued to be proud: “Yes, have you forgotten the porridge I made”

    Archibald haven’t forget, but he couldn’t catch the connection.

    Yang Yang smiled: “The reason why I can cook such porridge is because my soul power control is very precise and I can contain their soul power inside the soul essence plants, so that when cutting vegetables, soul power won’t overflow.

    The same is true for planting soul essence plants.

Soul essence plants are graded based on their own soul power.

As long as they are assisted and adjusted when they grow, it is not impossible to make them all grow into high-level soul essence plants.

    And what I want to grow is the high-end products in the soul essence plant industry — high-grade soul essence plants.”

    Archibald looked at Yang Yang’s confident appearance, and felt that such Yang Yang was almost dazzling.

    However, after two seconds of light, Yang Yang stopped first: “But it still takes time to research more, I have just started comparing the seeds.

    To be precise, what he was comparing was the difference between Soul Cube’s seeds and the seeds cultivated by the outside world.

    Yang Yang had made several sets of comparisons, by species grown in Soul Cube, seedlings cultivated by Soul Cube, and those planted in the Soul Cube, respectively, compared with those grown by the outside world according to the books.

Then after breeding inside and outside, exchange planting conditions…

    According to Yang Yang’s initial prediction, the plants in the Soul Cube must be better than those grown outside.

Observing the plant seedlings, Yang Yang found that things were not what he thought.

    ——Because the planting surface of Soul Cube could provide plants with sufficient soul power tailored to them, but it would not correct the natural soul power of soul essence plants.

    That is to say, once the seedlings grew crooked, the Soul Cube would only make it crooked more wildly.

    The seed species bred by Soul Cube had not yet germinated, so I don’t know the situation for the time being.

    In short, he still needed time.

Yang Yang still required some more observations for a while to make conclusions.

    When Archibald saw Yang Yang’s committee pause, he felt a little prickly in his heart.

He didn’t like seeing Yang Yang like this.

    Archibald was not good at comforting people, so he could only dryly encourage: “It will be successful, I believe in you.”

    Yang Yang glanced at Archibald and smiled: “Borrow your auspicious words.

Hurry up, do you still go back to the patrol team after you finish eating” “

    Archibald nodded, looking forward to it: “Do you want to go with me”

    However, Yang Yang refused: “I want to go back to the store.

You can come pick me up in the afternoon, do you know where the circus is”

    Archibald was a little disappointed, but he didn’t show it on his face: “I know.

    How could Yang Yang not see Archibald’s mood — his tail was about to droop to his feet.

    But Yang Yang deliberately pretended not to see it.

    What can I say, such a duke is also very cute!


    After the meal, Archibald drove Yang Yang back to the door of the barbecue shop.

    This one meal took them quite a long time and there were not many people left in the store, and they all came to watch the Mu Tou’s barbecue — in any case, it was the origin of the Internet celebrity restaurant.

    Yang Yang took back his gaze etched at the door of the store, and then looked at Archibald—the tail was still drooping.

    Yang Yang was amused by it and he thought that if he didn’t comfort him, the tail might continue to drop until the evening.

    So Yang Yang smiled, and before getting out of the car, he leaned over and kissed Archibald on the cheek.

    “See you in the evening, Lord Duke.”

    Yang Yang got out of the car after saying that and smoothly resumed the style of a butler Yang, bowed slightly to the closed car door, and then turned around and returned to the store gracefully.

    Back the car, Archibald looked unfathomable, as if he didn’t know what had just happened.

He didn’t turn his head to look until the sound of the door closing, so he only caught the sight of Yang Yang bowing to him through the window glass and then leaving.

    Archibald’s head was empty at this time, but his eyes seemed to its own conscious and followed Yang Yang into the store.

    Only after Yang Yang completely disappeared in the barbecue shop, did Archibald slowly recover.


    Archibald raised his left hand and gently touched the place where Yang Yang kissed him just now.

The skin on his face was soft, but not as soft as Yang Yang’s lips.

——Were human lips so soft

    The hand touching his face was put down and stopped in front of him.

The ring finger of his left hand moved — so Yang Yang’s chest was much harder than his lips.

    So what about other places

    Arms, back, thighs, waist, hips, and…

    Archibald stared at his hand in a daze, an inexplicable rush of blood went through his body, and a memory fragment stirred in the back of his mind—the naked Yang Yang he had seen before.


    With a light sound, there seemed to be something in the depths of the soul that had been dormant for a long time, cracking open a gap.

    And Yang Yang, who had already returned to the store, didn’t know what kind of new world his pure farewell kiss had opened up for Archibald in the meantime.

    As soon as he returned to the second floor of the store, he straight away targeted the black panther who was lying by the window waiting in a stand-by mode.

    Looking at the peaceful sleep position of the black panther, Yang Yang showed a loving smile.


What author wants to say:

Author said they caught a cold because quilt wasn’t covering properly.

Now they gonna sleep with a scarf around neck tonight.

(rough tl)


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