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Chapter 68: Unmasked

    Twenty minutes later, Pupilla brought in the ring.

    “Let me.”

    Yang Yang got up, but Archibald already took the delicate little box one step ahead of him.

He opened it and glanced at it.

Upon opening it, he could see that it was made out of memory metal which could perfectly fit the size of one’s finger.

    “Cough cough.”

    Yang Yang coughed a few times, then took a step back and looked up at Archibald, who was still sitting, with a solemn expression on his face.

    “Sir Donton Archibald, please stand up.”

    Archibald: “…”

    What was this person doing

    Archibald hesitated for a second, and in the end, instead of guarding against it and dodging as before, he obediently cooperated with Yang Yang’s performance.

    After Archibald stood up, Yang Yang said: “Now, please exchange the rings with the groom.”

    After that, Yang Yang stepped in front of Archibald, and the solemn expression on his face changed to a happy smile.

    He picked up a ring from the box, then opened his hand to Archibald and gestured his chin.

——Give me your hand.

    Archibald: “…”

    Archibald gave his hand to Yang Yang, then Yang Yang put the ring on his finger.

After the ring was put on, it automatically wrapped around his finger, fitting closely to the skin, and revealed a flowery word Yang 羊 written on the side.

    After putting it on, Yang Yang changed the direction of the box again and stretched out his hand to Archibald.

    Archibald glanced at him, feeling a little helpless, but he still put a ring on Yang Yang as well.

On Yang Yang’s ring, there was a curlicue “Archi” 德 character.

    The ring was cold, but soon it got warmed by body temperature again, and gradually its existence became extremely faint, as if it had been integrated with the body.

    Yang Yang looked at his ring and smiled.

Then the smile faded, and he returned to the position he just stood, becoming solemn and serious again.

    “Now, the groom may can kiss his groom.”

    After speaking, Yang Yang strode back to Archibald again, with the usual teasing smile on his face, and deliberately pointed at his lips to Archibald.

——Come on, kiss here.

    Archibald froze right where he stood.

He watched Yang Yang’s fingers touching his lips, his breathing sank —— his pale skin contrasted sharply with his rosy lips, and the faint depression as his fingers pressed down on his lips seemed to tell him how soft they were.

    Like an invitation.

    And he could also see clearly from Yang Yang’s expression, that he was assured he would not kiss him and he just wanted to tease him.

    At this moment, Archibald’s heart suddenly flooded with mischievous idea and he wanted to bully him.

    ——Yang Yang always looked at ease, which often made him feel powerlessness and anxiety.

He didn’t know where this anxiety came from, but he wanted to see Yang Yang flustered for once.

    Moreover, he really wanted to kiss.

    Archibald’s eyes darkened and before Yang Yang could say more deliberate teasing words, he suddenly stretched out his hand, caught Yang Yang’s hand still on his lips with one hand, hooked the other over the back of Yang Yang’s neck and kissed him sideways.

    A very simple kiss, just lips pressing against lips.

Furthermore, because Archibald was too excited and exerted too much force, his teeth hit against his lips, hurting a little.

    But, this was their first kiss.

    Archibald only felt a soft touch on his lips, and as if it was his heart that was kissed, his chest felt as if burning and something was expanding, making him fill with the urge to explode.

    Archibald now fully understood what these impulses were.

    He thought again, how good would it be if the Yang Yang could be made smaller, so that he could be hidden in his pocket and nobody else could see him.

If he was naughty, he could poke his face and belly, and make him turn somersaults with a single poke.

Maybe he would cry.

    Forget it, feeling reluctant.

    After Archibald finished kissing, he didn’t let go of the Yang Yang immediately.

He just moved back slightly and looked into Yang Yang’s eyes very closely.

Wanting to kiss again.

    But in the next second, Archibald saw that Yang Yang’s eyes were filled with surprise and some panic that could not be hidden.

    Archibald was stunned for a while, why would Yang Yang panic Was there anything to panic about He dared to ask him for a kiss.

Has Yang Yang thought that he would not kiss Didn’t expect to be kissed

    In a flash, Archibald realized the truth— so, this guy doesn’t seem to be as confident as he shows    

    Realizing this fact, Archibald’s heart moved, he deliberately looked into Yang Yang’s eyes, lowered his voice and asked, “Is there any other ceremony”

    This is how he saw his dad act to his father, in other words, seducing.

    Yang Yang looked at Archibald’s smile and felt his heart beat faster.

    Suddenly he lost courage.

    Yang Yang looked away, put his hands on Archibald’s shoulders to push the person away, and educated him with a serious face: “What are you playing, how many more, let’s go back.”

    After that he strode out and fled, seeming defeated.

    Archibald looked at Yang Yang’s back, his eyes lit up — the “realisation” that came to his mind seemed to be true.

    Suddenly, Archibald felt that the door to a new world was completely opened in front of him.

As long as he put some work he could even walk up to the heavens.

    Archibald was a little excited and couldn’t wait to see Yang Yang’s more flustered appearance.

——Of course, he had to admit that part of the reason was to “take revenge” on Yang Yang’s previous “teasing” him.

    Thinking like this, Archibald showed a small happy smile, then picked up the scarf that Yang Yang dropped and stretched his long legs to follow him effortlessly.

    As soon as they left, the supervisor hurriedly followed to see him off to the elevator entrance, but Pupilla stood still in the room, unmoving.

    After two seconds, Pupilla suddenly took a deep breath, and then placed her hands on her chest with a look of happiness on her face: “My life is complete!”

    It’s a pity that this joy cannot be shared with others making it feel a bit suffocating.

    While feeling melancholic, Pupilla’s terminal rang, showing an incoming call from one of those who initially became fans of Archibald because of her example.

    Pupilla glanced at the supervisor but didn’t come after him, and answered: “Tuan Tuan, why are you calling me at this time”

    Tuan Tuan’s voice was very anxious: “Sister Lala, something happened! ‘Octopus’ got commissioned to draw four panels of “Cute Sheep” CP, and “Cute Sheep” tag become a hot topic again! Moreover, he also brought Colonel Byrd on the stage and made Colonel Byrd out to be a passerby supporting role.

As a result, the cp fans of ‘Ram’ and ‘Cute Sheep’ have started battling.”

    Octopus was a hot freelance illustrator on Youtu and a genius.

His works had been exhibited at the Imperial Art Museum, he had also drawn emoji packages that were still being widely circulated on the Internet.

It was such a contrast of works that had attracted the attention of Youtu netizens.

    Octopus was also one of the veterans of the Archibald Fighting Group, but he was no iron fan, only a passerby fan from the battle scene that made its rounds at that time.

After that, he withdrew from the group, but because of the connection in drawings, he and Pupilla became mocking friends*.

*損友 either bad friend that leads you astray or friend that keeps mocking you but they’re close

    When Pupilla heard this, she raised her eyebrows: “Wasn’t this bastard in retreat Why has he come out to make money again, is he so lacking of them”

    Tuan Tuan was also anxious: “I don’t know, Sister Lala, should we fight back Although the term of office is about to come, Colonel Byrd is still the spokesperson of the military recruitment.

What if the cp incident affects his reputation

    Besides, they’re “Cute Sheep” shippers, making troubles on their own, so why bring Colonel Byrd on the stage and portray him as jealous, it’s ridiculous!”

    Pupilla was furious: “Yes! Ridiculous! He’s drawing ‘Cute Sheep’, but ‘Ram’ is the real king!”

    Tuan Tuan: “That’s right, Ra… Huh Sister Lala, what are you talking about”

    Pupilla: “Wait, I’ll draw some huge art right away, can I still be afraid of him in terms of sweet ship art”

    Tuan Tuan: “Eh Sister Lala, why do you want to draw—”

    The call was hung up.

    A small group in a corner of the world: “…”


    Wasn’t their position to quell all kinds of CP farce and focus on Colonel Byrd’s record promotion


    Just after leaving the building of the Civil Affairs Center, Archibald found that Yang Yang had returned to normal again, as if the loss of composure he saw in his eyes in the room was just an illusion.

    But Archibald understood now, Yang Yang was bluffing.

    But Archibald didn’t say it, because he thought such Yang was a little cute, —and he also hadn’t teased enough.

    “Shall we just go back”

    After getting into the car, Yang Yang fastened his seat belt and was full of excitement.

He said unwillingly, “It’s rare for the weather to be so good today, so why don’t you just drive around.

——To rehearse our honeymoon trip in advance.”

    Archibald glanced at Yang Yang: “Honeymoon trip”

    Yang Yang also looked at Archibald and smiled: “Yeah, why, unwilling to go”

    Archibald looked at Yang Yang’s smile, and he had the naughty idea to tease Yang Yang.

Archibald looked back as if nothing had happened, asking calmly: “So, do we need a rehearsal for the wedding night”

    Yang Yang almost bit his tongue after hearing this, out of words: “…Ah”

    Archibald looked over and said with his usual expressionless face and serious tone: “We are already in a legal relationship.

Although we will be temporarily abstinent during your pregnancy, if you want to rehearse, I can cooperate.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang was dumbfounded.

In his opinion, Archibald was a white page in this regard, but his style of conduct was very serious and somewhat “old-fashioned”——Yesterday, before he got the certificate, he said to stop with his “sneak attack” and asked him to be moer “reserved”.

As a result, as soon as he got the certificate, Archibald had proposed to rehearse the bridal chamber.

    This person’s understanding of marriage and love was really textbook-style.


    Upon thinking about that possibility, Yang Yang was indeed a little moved — what a big deal was to rub each other, without going in, what was he afraid of

    So Yang Yang smiled: “I don’t care, but you knocked my teeth when you kissed me just now.

Would you know what to do in the rehearsal, Duke”

    Archibald’s eyes suddenly darkened: “I can learn.

Do you want to teach me”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Although he impressively got into the teacher x student play, what was this sudden sense of crisis

    After an embarrassing silence, Yang Yang coughed lightly and said: “It’s better to take it slow, we are newly married and hot-blooded, if we accidentally fire the gun, it’s not a big deal, but if something happens to the cub in the womb, it would be rather bad.”

    Archibald’s eyes flashed with a “as expected” smile, but Yang Yang was looking out the window with guilty conscience, and he did not notice Archibald’s smirk.

    Archibald: “Okay, no rehearsal.

——Let’s go around the city, or go to the convalescence area”

    Yang Yangjian skipped this topic and breathed a sigh of relief: “Let’s go to the convalescence area, it’s pretty fun and all the shops are there, but there are not many hotels across the street, we can go to the nearest one.”

    Archibald: “It’s a bit troublesome to go around the city, let’s drive outside the city and go straight through the abandoned land, you sit firmly.”

    Yang Yang: “Okay.”

    The car travelled through the abandoned urban areas, where occasionally one or two people could be seen, all of which were tourists who wanted to experience adventure, but were not skilled enough to go into the real wilderness.

    The car drove for a while, and when they were halfway through, Yang Yang suddenly opened his mouth.

    “Wait, stop.”

    Archibald stopped quickly and looked at Yang Yang: “What’s wrong”

    Yang Yang hesitated, then looked out of the car: “There seems to be something over there.”


Yang Yang: The old-fashioned Duke is so cute~

Byrd: You are cute as well

Yang Yang: …… (an inexplicable sense of crisis strikes again)


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