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Chapter 69: Soul Corpse Beast

    Archibald glanced over and saw nothing, wondering: “What do you mean”


    A “delicious, nutritious, if I eat it I will bear ten fruits for you” thing.

    The above was a sincere request from Bean Sprouts, growing at Soul Cube.

    But Yang Yang couldn’t tell Archibald the truth, he just unfastened his seat belt and said, “I just feel a little uneasy, I’ll go out of the car to have a look.”

    “Together.” Archibald got out of the car after him and asked, “which way”

    “It seems to be over there.”

    Yang Yang pointed in the direction pointed by Bean Sprouts.

It was a small garden with lush vegetation, covered with snow, surrounded by many footprints and ravines from cars.

    Archibald saw the sign standing on one side, and said, “It’s a temporary garbage station.

Do you want to go there”

    Yang Yang nodded, having already started walking towards it.

    On the back of the small garden stood several huge trash cans, which should have just been loaded into the car.

The buckets were all empty, but there were a lot of scattered garbage on the ground.

This is not an urban area, so there are no sanitation robots cleaning up.

    Fortunately, it was winter, although some unpleasant smell remained, but it was still bearable.

    Yang Yang frowned and looked around, and following Bean Sprout’s instructions, walked a few steps around, where he saw a fallen trashcan, with dense plants behind it.

    Because there was no snow in this direction, an outline of a small garden could be seen in the bushes, there was a sculpture fountain, clearly having long been abandoned, the sculpture collapsed to one side, and some dark objects.

    Yang Yang didn’t see anything special, so he asked in his mind:

 【Bean Sprout, what is this 】

    Bean Sprout was a little excited: 【A big meal! 】

    Yang Yang: 【…………】

    Yang Yang rolled his eyes and bent slightly to see more clearly the small garden.

The only thing in it that could be called “big” was collapsed fountain statue, but that… eh

    Yang Yang’s gaze paused, and he blinked to take a closer look, confirming: “Duke, that sculpture seems to be moving.”

    Archibald also bent down and saw a dark shadow through the dense vines.

The dark object moved and quivered, then slowly stood up.

    Archibald’s eyes were sharp, and he stretched out his hand to pull Yang Yang up, blocking him with his body: “It’s a beast, you should stay away.”

    Yang Yang was very clear about his disposition as a “weak fighter” and was about to retreat obediently, but then he heard Roth speak out.

    Rotter: 【Master, it’s a little strange, I don’t detect a third heat source here.

    Yang Yang’s feet stopped: 【What do you mean 】

    Roth: 【From a biological point of view, that beast should be dead.

    At the same time that Roth’s voice fell, the beast in the small garden had already stood up.

It lowered its head and rushed towards them, but because its body was too clumsy, it was blocked by the vines, its speed slowed down significantly.

    Its actions didn’t seem like those of an alive beast, it was more similar to zombie’s movements.

    Yang Yang: “…”


    Yang Yang was a little flustered, swallowed nervously, and said to Archibald: “Duke, Roth said it seems to be dead.”

    The beast in the small garden was still struggling to reach them.

It was very strong, causing the vines to be stretched to the extreme making an incessant cracking sound, snow fell from the trees one wave after another, blocking their line of sight for a while.

    Archibald simply pulled Yang Yang back two steps, and then answered Yang Yang’s words: “En, it’s dead.

It should be a soul corpse beast.”

    After speaking, Archibald opened the terminal and made a call to Monta.

    “Soul corpse beast”

    Yang Yang frowned, the name was not very friendly.

    The call had been connected, Archibald made a gesture to Yang Yang, and then said to Monta: “I found a soul corpse beast in the reorganization area, drive a car over here based on my location I send you to your terminal.”

    After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone and explained to Yang Yang, “Soul corpse beast, in short, it’s beast’s soul that occupies a corpse.”

    Yang Yang’s eyes widened: “Is this still possible A resurrection”

    Archibald: “Somewhat.

Soul beasts are condensed soul power, they do not have autonomous consciousness, but soul power creates a soul.

    When killing soul beasts, their soul power will disperse, most of them will condense into soul crystals, but a small part spills and stays on the planet.

—This part often dissolves by itself and becomes part of the planet’s own energy.

But under very special conditions, these spilled parts will gather and then enter some suitable dead bodies.

In a way, these dead corpses really are ‘dead and then resurrected’, creating a soul corpse beast.”

    Yang Yang understood, “So inside this beast’s body is a soul beast”

    “You can understand it like this.”

    Archibald nodded, at the same time, taking out a black stick from the storage space.

He pressed a button on it and the front of the stick turned into arm-length three-edged blade.    

    Archibald: “Stay far away, soul corpse beasts have no sense of pain and are very strong.

You can get hurt accidentally.”


   Yang Yang obediently stepped back a few meters, at the same time silently released his soul power, opening his unique vision——The soul of the soul beast and the like really fascinated him.

    As soon as Yang Yang backed away, he heard a muffled sound of “bang”, large snow capes in the small garden got shook off, the trash can that fell to the ground was knocked open, and a huge beast covered with dead branches, fallen leaves and snow rushed out from inside and ran into Archibald!

    Archibald did not panic at all.

In his opinion, such an attack was full of flaws.

    It became a one shot kill.

    Archibald moved sideways, the three-edged sharp blade in his hand stabbed horizontally from the side, directly piercing the beast’s head.

The soul corpse beast did not let out a wail nor a roar, and just fell sideways with uncoordinated steps.

    Archibald chased after the victory, jumped lightly, turned over in the air, and used the weight of his body to nail the corpse beast to the ground with the sharp blade as a nail.

    The corpse beast struggled twice and slowly stopped moving.

    Archibald was stunned for a moment, a little puzzled — the soul corpse should not have died so easily.

    But that wasn’t his concern.

    Archibald turned his head and saw Yang Yang five meters away.

Yang Yang’s expression was filled with shock, staring blankly at the corpse beast.

    “Are you scared”

    Archibald walked over, a little worried — after all, Yang Yang was a person who was afraid of even bugs to death.

    Yang Yang returned to his senses, withdrew his soul power vision, and shook his head: “No…”

    Yang Yang didn’t know what to say.

    He just saw the soul power, or rather the condensed soul of the corpse beast, but it was not the light blue he had seen before, nor the normal white, but pitch black.

    The shades of black were uneven, from grey to dark black, stitched piece by piece, like a mosaic.

    And this was not the first time Yang Yang had seen such a state and colour of soul power—the last time, when Archibald’s soul power was about to riot, the “chocolate pieces” that appeared on his soul power were very similar to this one.

    Yang Yang couldn’t be sure whether the two were related, so he didn’t talk nonsense, just asked: “Will old Liang and the others come over for dinner tonight”

    Archibald nodded: “Yes.

Why do you ask”

    Yang Yang: “Ah, I wanted to ask about the soul corpse beasts.”

    At this moment, a car drove over in a hurry and stopped next to the garbage station, as Monta and two patrol members got out of the car.

    “Is this really a soul corpse beast That’s strange, I haven’t seen it for several years.”

    Monta talked a lot as soon as he got out of the car.

Judging from the way he was walking, his waist was probably fine.

    Archibald already knew that the previous interaction between Yang Yang and Monta was acting, today he had also obtained a certificate with Yang Yang, so when he saw Monta, he felt very calm, and even felt delight of a winner —— I already have a wife and you are still single.

    Monta didn’t pay attention to Archibald’s micro-expressions at all.

His eyes first fell on the corpse beast on the ground.

    Monta walked over, stretched out his foot and kicked the soul corpse beast, kicking off some dead branches and snow from the soul corpse beast, but the soul corpse beast did not respond at all.

    Monta looked over with puzzlement at Archibald: “Why did it die so easily Is it really a corpse beast”

    It was hard to kill corpse beasts because they were already “dead”.

To kill them, physical attacks were deemed useless, one could only crush their souls with soul power, or clear the soul power remaining in the body of the soul corpse beast.

    Archibald was also puzzled by this, but he was still confident in his own judgment.

    “It’s a real soul corpse beast, but it didn’t move after it hit the ground just now.

——Send it to the research institute, and show it to Sister Jun and the others.”

    Monta had no objection and signalled to the patrolmen who followed to start.

    When the patrolmen were carrying away the soul corpse beast, all the snow, dead branches and fallen leaves fell off from the soul beast’s body, letting Yang Yang see the true face of the soul corpse beast.

He was a little surprised: “Hey, doesn’t it seem to be the xian suo unicorn that was buried at the circus yesterday”

    Archibald recognized it already and he nodded: “En, that’s true.”

    Monta heard the words and immediately came over: “What circus You went to the circus yesterday.

Why didn’t you call me”

    Archibald: “…”

    Archibald didn’t say a word, and glanced at Monta’s waist meaningfully — your waist doesn’t hurt anymore

    Monta was not at all embarrassed, and even delighted — oh yo, look how jealous, Byrd is really jealous over Yang Yang, he likes him!

    Ha, he wanted to see if he can still be so proud when he has his handle.

    Monta thought so, and then he turned to look at Yang Yang: “My mother said that I would go to the manor for dinner at night, just so, I have a gift for you, and I will bring it over by the way.”

    Yang Yang thought he was talking about the newlyweds gift, he smiled immediately: “I don’t want it if it’s not a big gift.”

    After all, one can only have one wedding party in their life.

    Monta winked: “Don’t worry, it’s sure to be big!”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Wait, Monta’s expression doesn’t seem right

    Before Yang Yang could think about it, Monta had already changed the subject: “By the way, have you seen Youtu Several of our fans quarrelled, because the matter of our three CPs was so lively.”

    Yang Yang was taken aback for a moment.

These things were usually monitored by Roth and reported to him in real time.

Why has Roth not said anything today… Oh, that’s right, he banned Roth from the Internet.

    So Yang Yang became self-reliant, opened the terminal and went on Youtu.

    As soon as he logged in, there were several hot push notifications popping up ——【Ram vs Cute Sheep, who will fall, wait and see! 】

    Yang Yang: “…”

    He understood now what was wrong with Monta’s expression.

    Archibald opened Youtu as well and saw the push notifications as well: “…”

    Oh well, Monta’s waist might really not hurt.

    Monta saw that Archibald’s face darkened, not only did he not feel a sense of crisis, but he even wanted to laugh.

    Monta also opened the terminal and displayed his Youtu page as a light screen, all the while narrating: “Oh, it’s all the fans’ tossing, but it just happened to stir up the heat of Yang Yang’s porridge shop.

——Oh look, there are people who drew fan pictures for us, it’s quite cute.

It’s just there are some pictures that are not suitable for children, hey, these netizens are too impure!”

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Brother, stop your killing hand.

    Monta didn’t receive Yang Yang’s “Isn’t it good to be alive” look, so after irritating Archibald, he turned off the light screen and left: “Then I’ll send the corpse beast to Sister Jun now, see you at night, bye~”

    The car came in a hurry and left in a hurry.

Monta waved his hand and sent Yang Yang a congratulatory message.

    Monta: 【Look, Byrd’s face was really bad, he must be jealous.

If you work harder, I think you’ll be sure to confess to him —— I’ve already prepared a scene for you, how about it, isn’t it interesting! 】

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Oh, of course, Monta still didn’t know about him and Archibald getting the certificate, and he was sparing no effort to implement the “catalyst” plan, but it was also a self-exploding catalyst — Yang Yang was sure that there was Monta’s handwriting in today’s CP war on Youtu.

    This was really——great!

    Yang Yang glanced at Archibald, who was staring at a Cute Sheep chibi fanart portraying them hugging and grinding his molars, withdrew his gaze, and calmly returned a message to Monta.

    Yang Yang: 【Really interesting! Then I am waiting for your good news! 】

    Monta replied in seconds: 【No problem! 】

    The subtext was full of “I’m going to engage in moths” coming soon.

    Yang Yang looked at Monta’s reply, showed a relieved smile, and closed the chat box.

    —Warn Monta No way.

“The friendship of moths is a piece of paper”, was still Monta’s organisation’s motto.

    In the organisation of pouring water*, the moths can’t be beaten by iron, the moths will only flutter more fiercely!


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