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Chapter 7: Hookup Success


The original owner was in a car accident on the way to flee from his marriage and no one knows whether the accident was man-made or real driving error.

But Yang Yang knew that Zhou Niya was not so kind as she potrayed.

This was a trap.

Yang Yang spoke to Roth on his mind [She likes Duke Doton and she's jealous of me.]

Roth:【How do you know Master】

Yang Yang: [If you're not convinced then watch carefully.]

Yang Yang panicked and hesitated again, saying "I don't think Uncle would do that.

He told me that Duke Doton is a good person and that Duke Doton was very responsible, if--"

"He will!"

Zhou Niya suddenly patted the table, her expression was resentful and distorted "Grandpa is a businessman.

How do you know he didn't lie to you Besides, have you ever met the Duke of Doton Do you think he's responsible for you"

Yang Yang timidly said, "I, I watched the news the day before yesterday.

Uncle told me that Duke Doton was very powerful."

Zhou Niya sneered, gritted her teeth and said, "I mean, how did he look, did you not see his face He's a monster! Ah, you must not have seen his real face, so I will show it you...


As she said, she pulled a photo projection from the terminal on her wrist.

A flower bloomed in front of Yang Yang's sight.

Then a bloody figure appeared in front of Yang Yang's eyes.

It was the Duke of Doton.

This should be a screenshot picture from a combat video.

The Duke of Doton's arms has been broken.

The non-human legs and tail are exposed and because of this posture, the tail covered with black scale armor swept in front of the camera which looked extremely fierce.

And the expression of Duke Doton wasn't the tenderness look he showed from his adult ceremony.

Blood splattered on his face, his expression was cold, his eyes were like knives and his killing intent almost pounced out from the projection, tearing the person he was staring at.4

Yang Yang took a deep breath, his eyes were opened wide and his soul was almost taken by two stars.

Zhou Niya thought he was scared and her expression became a little bit more pleasant, then she said "See, he's a killing machine.

If you marry him, you won't know how you die!"5

Yang Yang didn't speak, taking away his gaze from the photo and stared at the ground in fear.

Yang Yang's child may become really amazing ah.3


your heart beats faster】13

Yang Yang saw Zhou Niya's expression and behavior, then thought [She is really jealous.]


Are you changing the subject】

Yang Yang guessed [Zhou Hua gave the original owner an artificial conception and didn't tell Zhou Niya about it]

Roth【...you're changing the subject】3

Yang Yang directly ignored Roth's words and continued the previous drama of the Terrified-To-Marry play.

He looked up at Zhou Niya, as if he was scared to the Six Gods and rambled, "No, it can't be.

I'm already pregnant and it shouldn't be that Uncle won't let me marry the Duke Doton.


T/N: Scared to the Six Gods - out of one's wits

"You're pregnant!"

Zhou Niya suddenly raised her head and stood up.

Her facial expression exude extreme jealousy and her smile was a little creepy.1

Yang Yang seemed to realize that he had said something wrong.

He nervously reached out to stop her and hurriedly said, "Be quiet, don't speak.

Uncle don't want me to tell others."1

Zhou Niya's eyes rolled a few times, then she took a deep breath to calm down, walked to Yang Yang and pulled him to the side and sat down saying, "Uncle Xiaotang, don't worry I won't tell anyone else .You tell me what is going on here "

Yang Yang bit his lip, but he didn't speak.

Zhou Niya was not in a hurry.

She poured a glass of warm water for Yang Yang while comforting and brainwashing him "I am your best companion."

Roth also fried his Master【Why did you tell her about your pregnancy!!!!】

Yang Yang asked Roth to assist him.

Roth【 】

After a while, Yang Yang seemed to be finally moved by Zhou Niya.

Whispered the truth about his pregnancy.

Yang Yang talked, "Uncle said that I left a will before I got in a car accident.

A few years ago I did a pre-pregnancy freeze at the Incubation Center and wanted Uncle to cultivate that embryo.

Uncle was originally unwilling, but after my condition worsened Uncle decided to let me gave birth to that child.


Yang Yang said while stroking his flat belly, "My child is now three months old."

Zhou Niya's complexion changed a little then she suppressed the crazed rising corners of her mouth and sadly said, "Uncle Xiaotang, you're too ridiculous! Who is the father of this child"

Yang Yang shook his head and his mood went low "The will only says that the embryo was from my boyfriend and I before, but Uncle didn't say who's the other party and now I forgot.

Niya, since you said that we were in good terms.

Do you know who my boyfriend is "

Zhou Niya was almost unable to hold back the rising corners of her lips.

She thought about it and became distressed "Uncle Xiaotang, although we have a good relationship, you mostly stayed in the Bridal Academy.

I only know a few of your good friends.

Ah, by the way, Baron Mosey has been pursuing you.

I don’t know if he was the father.

He used to visit you when you were still in the hospital but now he was transferred to the Sea Blue Star, so we won't be able to contact him."

Yang Yang sighed in disappointment and said, "It doesn't matter, I'll just keep my baby.

Niya, don't tell anyone about this, otherwise Uncle will be angry at me."1

Zhou Niya smiled and promised, "Uncle Xiaotang you can rest assured that I will keep it a secret.

Since you have someone else's child, I don't think Grandpa will push you to the Duke of Doton.

This is a good thing and you can also rest assured .


Yang Yang smiled brightly with a motherhood look on his face "En!"


No, this was not the script I have been expecting.


In the vast universe, a starship was coming straight to the Emperor Star.

In the resting area Archibald sat on the black leather sofa, watching Major Monta's familiar card shuffling action and then looked at the two sitting opposite holographic projections with mixed emotion.

The two holographic projections was a man and a woman.

The man's temperament was gentle, with a slight smile on his lips which makes people feel good.

The female was sexy and arrogant, she wore a cheong sam with a suspender which was half a head higher than the man next to her.

The woman was Gu Lita, Major Monta's mother and the man was He Shu, Archibald's biological father.

Gu Lita looked at Archibald and smiled.

"It's been so long.

Byrd, you seldom contact me.

Come and tell your Aunt how you've won your battle.

Aunt will give you a wife."3



Archibald smiled and smoothly changed the subject, "Why did Aunt Gu came with Dad this time"2

Gu Lita snorted, "Blame your Dad for being a busy business man and can't even accompany me, so I have to sacrifice my own life for this gentleman."

Archibald knew that Gu Lita didn't want to say her real reason, so he didn't continue to ask and instead asked about He Shu's physical condition.

He hasn't contacted his family for nearly three months.

He Shu smiled mildly and the sound of his voice can make people feel the spring breeze.

"It's still the same.

How about you This battle ended for so long.

I saw on the news that your condition wasn't good.

Did your soul riot in advance"

Archibald nodded "I brought my medicine and after our return celebration banquet, if I have time I will come to the Old Emperor Star."

He Shu knew that Archibald had matured and wasn't too worried "Ya Qing asked me to bring some medicines over.

When I get the mineral concentrate from Zhou Hua, he will change the prescription for you.

He also said the effect would be better than before."

Archibald hummed and said nothing more.

On the other side, Major Monta had finished shuffling the cards and happily distributed those cards to the other three person.1

Archibald looked at the card on the terminal "...."

As always, it looked obscure.

It was Archibald's turn to play and picked out the most unpleasant one, sliding from the terminal to the public channel scattered on the desktop.

Without his intention to slide his fingers, the light screen of the public channel suddenly lit up and then the entire desktop became an e-mail interface.

The e-mail content: [Your family cub is in my hands, let's meet at the banquet]5

Archibald "..."

Monta "..."

Gu Lita "Oh~"

And Shu " "

Major Monta glanced over quietly "I declare that you have just lost the trust of your little friend!"1

Archibald ignored him.

He saw an attachment in the e-mail and opened it.

"Huh Isn't this your inspection sample data"

Gu Lita was a doctor.

She has been studying the genetic diseases of the Doton Family over the years.

She had already memorized Archibald and He Shu's data.

Gu Lita's looked was dignified "Except for us, this was only available at Emperor Star Medical Research Institute.

Why was it here"

Major Monta also found out that something was wrong and hurriedly told yesterday's story to their parents.

Major Monta "Yesterday Byrd received an e-mail saying, he was pregnant with Byrd's child and Rong Hui said it was an intrusion data.

We thought it was done by a fan and didn't put in mind."

But now, it seems not

"And also..."

Archibald open the attached photo, it was a colored picture of a baby embryo.

Major Monta was stunned "Fuck! For real"1

Gu Lita agreed on Monta's words and said, "This picture is real."


There was a brief silence on both sides.

After a while, He Shu said, "I don't think it's very likely about the child but the leak of Byrd's information, at least it shows that the origin of the person who sent this e-mail isn't simple.

I remember that Emperor Star Medical Research Institute has the National Defense System "

Gu Lita nodded "Yes, the level of confidentiality is very high, if it's not done by insiders, then it's an outsider who hacked their system.

What did Rong Hui said about the previous e-mail"1

Archibald "Rong Hui failed to catch the other's tail.

He said the hacker was very skilled."2

Gu Lita "So it's most likely a stolen data that he sent, which wasn't easy."

Archibald frowned, then opened the reply interface.

Major Monta was startled.

"What are you doing"

Archibald said as he typed, "Since the other person's purpose was to see me, then let's meet him and see what he wants to do."

The other three exchanged a look yet no one objected.


Emperor Star, Yang Yang who was eating his lunch suddenly paused.

In his mind, Roth shouted excitedly【Duke Doton replied! He asked when and where would you two should meet】

The corner of Yang Yang's mouth slightly bent and then he drank another spoonful of porridge.

Yang Yang told him that he will be notified.


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