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Chapter 71: The Chapter Title Was Eaten by an Octopus!

    Yang Yang was going to work in the shop the next day, so he woke up early, but once he opened his eyes, Yang Yang realised out that he had been “confined”.

    Yang Yang lifted the quilt, stared at the big tail wrapped around his waist, and was silent — that explained the weird dream he had that his belly became so big that he thought he was about to give birth.

    Yang Yang had no choice, he looked at the person who was sleeping soundly next to him, and pushed him lightly: “Duke”

    Archibald heard it, but did not open his eyes.

His sword eyebrows furrowed slightly, but the tip of his tail went around Yang Yang’s bent legs and wrapped around Yang Yang’s thighs.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Where did he learn all this

    Yang Yang felt helpless, but he knew that hangover would feel unpleasant, especially for those who drank for the first time.

So he refrained from calling him again, and simply sat up and unwrapped his tail.

    The tail was not tightly wound around his legs, in fact, it was just draped on him, clinging like a sticky lover, but could be taken off with little force.

    Archibald noticed Yang Yang’s movements, and finally opened his eyes and looked over.

    After Yang Yang moved away the big tail, he took a pillow and stuffed it into the coiled tail, and then smiled at Archibald: “You rest for a while, I’ll go first—”

    He had not finished speaking when Archibald scooped over Yang Yang with his long arms, caught Yang Yang back into his embrace, and at the same time flicked his tail, throwing the pillow under the bed in one shot.

    Disdain it.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Why was his stickiness getting worse

    But looking at the still furrowed Archibald’s brows, Yang Yang couldn’t help but sigh and pat Archibald’s arm lightly, “Duke, I really have to go.”

    Archibald didn’t even open his eyes and answer, simply wrapping his tail around Yang Yang’s waist again.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    It was like seeing a primary school student who couldn’t get up in the morning.

    Yang Yang felt helpless.

    What should I do if my husband acts unreasonable ——What else, pamper, can he bear to leave still


    After compromising, Yang Yang changed into a more comfortable position in Archibald’s arms, then reached out and poked Archibald’s cheek, warning seriously, “Just this time, don’t let it become your habit.”

    Archibald still didn’t speak, but the corners of his mouth curled up, then he kissed Yang Yang’s forehead naturally and quickly fell back asleep.

    Yang Yang smiled helplessly, held Archibald’s hand, raised his hand very lightly, opened his terminal and sent an email to Mu Tou, telling him to put up a sign saying that the porridge shop would be open in the afternoon, and then logged into Butler Yang’s account, with the thought of making an announcement.

    However, as soon as Yang Yang opened Youtu, he found that after the “official announcement” craze between him and Archibald last night, a new topic had spread—— #distressedmonta#.

    Yang Yang: “”

    Yang Yang had a puzzled expression and clicked into it firstly.

    It turned out that the last night’s photo shared in the best friends circle of ladies chatting, that showed half of the dining table, just enough to capture the grief and anger on Monta’s face.

    So the question of “Why does Monta have this expression” arose, and then netizens discovered that when people from all sides lined up to send Dontons blessings last night, there was no movement on Monta’s Youtu account — this was not normal!

    Of course, it was also mentioned that Butler Yang did not send blessings, but the reason that “Butler Yang was very busy preparing the banquet and couldn’t even open the store today” persuaded many people.

    So netizens set fire to Monta, and the clear and strange turns of several brain circuits led to a conclusion: Monta was brokenhearted.

——Although no one could say clearly what kind of love he lost, as he had a lot of CP.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    He wanted to laugh but also had some sympathy.

    But even more, he would like to see Monta’s expression when he discovers this hot topic.

    Forget it, he was a kind man.

    Yang Yang withdrew from the hot topic, posted an announcement on butler account, then closed the terminal and went back to sleep with Archibald for a while.


    He had slept for another three or four hours this time.

When Yang Yang and Archibald arrived at the store, it was already 11 o’clock.

    There were not as many people outside the store today, but enough to fill the store.

    Yang Yang glanced at the situation outside the store, then turned to say goodbye to Archibald: “Just accompany me to this point, you shouldn’t go in.”

    Archibald was stunned for a moment, then unhappy: “Why”

    Yang Yang: “Because you’re too conspicuous at first look.

——This doesn’t apply just today, but also in the future.”

    Archibald’s face was as cold as ice.

They were already legal husbands, why do they still have to hide it all.

    Yang Yang understood Archibald’s temper, that was the best for stick and taste of sweetness strategy, so he added, “As compensation, I will send you meals to the patrol team every day from now on, so you just accompany me to buy ingredients after dinner and then we go home together, how about it”

    Archibald heard the words, his face improved, and he immediately turned to ask for the benefits: “It’s almost noon, you go to dinner with me first.”

    Yang Yang: “…Didn’t we just eat”

    Archibald was silent, staring at Yang Yang’s neck — before they went out, he promised Yang Yang to hide the wedding ring as a pedant.

Why can’t he get a request now

    Yang Yang: “…”

    He completely understood what Duke meant with just one look.

    Yang Yang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so he had to give another big candy — nothing can’t be solved by a kiss, if not, two kisses.

    Sure enough, after Yang Yang took the initiative to kiss Archibald, Archibald immediately changed his mood like turning a page, and his mood turned from cloudy to sunny with the sweet kiss.

    After the kiss, Archibald became generous and easy to talk with, and waved to Yang Yang: “Call me when you want to go for lunch and I’ll pick you up.”

    Yang Yang pursed his swollen lips, and nodded with a smile: “Okay.”

    Mm, fortunately, he prepared a mask before going out.


    It took at least three hours to cook the porridge, so Yang Yang got busy as soon as he entered the store.

He always kept the professional gentle Butler Yang’s smile when greeting guests and asked about Duke’s wedding.

    When the porridge was halfway done, Monta came.

    Monta’s face was not very good —— he also drank a lot last night, and he didn’t want to come to stand guard, but after waking up today, he saw the hot topic of Starnet, and remembering last night’s big mess, he couldn’t get over it so he came over angrily.

    After he came, Monta didn’t bother to talk to Yang Yang.

He just moved a stool, put it by the glass window, and gave Yang Yang a murderous look.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    He now comprehended the meaning of “being on pins and needles”.

    Three hours later, when the porridge was ready, Yang Yang handed over the job of selling porridge to the recruits, and then dragged Monta upstairs by himself.

    After going upstairs, Yang Yang took off his mask and looked at Monta: “Why are you staring at me”

    Monta stared back: “What are you talking about! I said those words yesterday just to be a catalyst for you and your Byrd nearly kicked my ass into the dust.

You didn’t even try to persuade him.

What about friendship in our organization”

    Yang Yang smiled: “Haven’t you fed to dogs the friendship between organization members last time Besides, you know yourself what you wanted to do with that aircraft full of flowers, do I still have to expose you”

    Monta: “…”

    Monta snorted angrily: “No matter, I want to break off relations with you!”

    Yang Yang nodded: “Okay, let’s wait five minutes.

Roth, remember to count the time for Major Monta.”

    “Okay, master.”

    Black Panther Roth ran over and started the countdown beside Monta: “300 , 299, 298…”

    Monta: “…Can you shut up”

    Roth said pitifully: “My master has banned me from the Internet, I’m so bored.

289, 288…”

    Monta: “…”

    In the end, they didn’t wait for the five minutes to end before Zhang Jun’s phone call came.

    Monta answered the phone, and after hearing it, he had an idea, his eyes shifted and he said loudly, “Oh, so that soul corpse beast was created artificially And there was chip in its body for condensing soul power”

    Zhang Jun on the other end: “…”

    Zhang Jun: “Is the signal not good over there”

    Monta glanced at Yang Yang, who had already looked over, and raised his eyebrows: “No, it’s alright.

Is there a problem with the corpse beast”

    Zhang Jun: “None, but the chip is at least 30 years old, and I can’t really restore it.

I think the chip production line seems to be from the Soul Searching Star, so I want you to take a look.

If there’s time, Byrd or Gu Lita can also come over.”

    Monta continued loudly: “Oh, so it has something to do with Soul Searching Star! Then I will come over in a while.”

    Zhang Jun: “…Can you quiet down”

    Monta looked at Yang Yang who came over to him, grunted in agreement, turned around, and lowered the volume to a normal level: “Yes.

Was there anything suspicious found in the chip”

    Zhang Jun: “Not exactly suspicious, but it’s that I am have never seen this technology before, and I’m a little curious.

I still need to confirm some physiological details of this Xian Suo unicorn.

I’ll talk about it when you come over – by the way, I heard you say that this Soul Corpse Beast came from the circus, if you could go to the circus too and ask about its origins and history.”

    Monta: “Byrd is more clear about details.

I’ll ask him later.”

    Zhang Jun: “Okay, that’s all, call me when you arrive.”

    Monta: “Okay.

    Hanging up the phone, Monta stood up and straightened his clothes, looking like he was going to leave.

    Yang Yang stopped him: “Is there something wrong with that Soul Corpse Beast”

    Monta didn’t even glance at Yang Yang, and instead asked Roth: “What is the countdown”

    Roth: “167.”

    Monta: “Oh, there are still more than 100 seconds left.

Someone seemed to be speaking just now”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang glanced at Roth, who was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly he felt enlightened: “Wrong, the countdown is over! 0!”

    Monta: “…”

    You little boot-licking lackey*!


leg dog, as in dog who stays by the leg of the master used to describe villain’s loyal subordinate

    Yang Yang looked at Monta with a kind smile: “It’s almost over, or do you want to see my petty temper For example, go complain to Duke or something”

    Monta: “…”

    Seeing that Monta was no longer acting, he asked the question just now: “What did you say you wanted to ask Duke”

    Monta snorted twice, and finally reluctantly chose peace: “Sister Jun told me to ask him about that soul corpse beast.”

    Yang Yang: “Oh, that one from a wandering circus.

I heard that they picked up an injured animal.

They wanted to save it’s life, but unfortunately it did not succeed.

Duke and me came across the scene of them burring the unicorn.—Then let’s go to the circus first”

    Monta: “Yes, let’s ask the details of the unicorn’s behaviour when it was alive.”

    Yang Yang picked up his coat and opened the terminal: ” Then I’ll call Duke and ask him to pick me up.”

    Monta was puzzled, “I have a car, we can just go over to him first, so that we won’t have to make more trips here.”

    Yang Yang looked at Monta speechless: “Do you think that after you sent flowers yesterday, had Duke learned that I came in your car, would he want to beat you or would he want to beat you, or would he want to beat you”

    Monta: ” “…”

    Although he wanted to say it was impossible, he had already verified the possessiveness of a certain Duke yesterday.

——Although he was in great shape, even he couldn’t stand the toss after three battles in two days.

    Monta resolutely changed his mind: “You can ask him to pick you up.”

    Yang Yang laughed, called Archibald, and explained the situation by the way.

    Archibald’s attention was only focused on one point: “Is Monta with you”

    Monta, who had good hearing: “…”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Well, it seems that the sequela of white stardust flower filled car would take at least a few days to disappear.


Author said no little theater today~~


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