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Chapter 75: The EQ Black Hole

    There were five hospitals in the research institute to contain all the amount of people coming there.

But only four of them were general hospitals, while the remaining one was a research hospital.

    Zhang Jun took Yang Yang to the said research hospital.

    “Soul power riots caused by soul beast’s infection cannot be cured in a lifetime, but the lifespan of the Lester people is long, once the infection period exceeds 50 years, the soul power of the soul beast will begin to weaken.

After that, although it still cannot be cured, it can be controlled by various medicine.”

    Zhang Jun led Yang Yang and Archibald to the hospital’s elevator and pressed a floor number.

    “The people living here are all seriously ill patients with rioting soul power and they have voluntarily accept drug clinical trials.

There are also some elderly people in scientific research institute, most of whom suffer from rioting soul power, damaged soul palace and other diseases, and need to be taken care of at any time.”

    The elevator quickly arrived at the destination floor, Zhang Jun stepped out first, then turned to Yang Yang and Archibald and said: “This floor is the residence of those patients who came to retire here.”

    At this point, Yang Yang already understood meaning in Zhang Jun words.

    “Sister Jun, do you want me to see if there is gray colour in their soul power”

    Zhang Jun nodded: “That’s right.

I think gray is a sign of soul beast’s soul power weakening.

The people on this floor had already been infected for over 50 years and the soul power of the infected soul beasts in them had begun to fail.

If you see any gray on them, then, I must restore that chip.”

    If it was that chip that made the soul corpse beast’s soul appear black and gray, the secret in that chip could save more than ten thousand lives.

    Yang Yang would naturally not refuse such a request: “Okay.”

    Although this place was called a hospital, this floor looks more like a dormitory.

Most of the rooms were shared by two people, but each internal furnishing were different.

At the end of the corridor, there was an outdoor garden, a very good place for relaxation and meditation.

    Yang Yang and the rest walked into the small garden and found eight people inside.

Although they were said to be “retired”, they actually looked like they were still in their prime, but they were all physically disabled and could not survive alone.

    “Oh, Deputy Director Zhang, Duke of Donton.”

    Zhang Jun was a regular visitor here and Archibald’s face was well known to everyone.

As soon as they entered, the eight people inside greeted them warmly.

    Yang Yang didn’t go up to them, but took the opportunity to release his soul power and looked at the soul power of these people.

    Among these eight people, four of them had very strong soul power, seemingly like the “cotton man” style; the other four looked like the ordinary “vessel specimen” style.

    Out of eight people, black and gray flakes stuck to the soul power of three people.

The two differently coloured soul powers looked to be in very different states as well.

    First of all, it was obvious that darker soul power and white soul power were incompatible.

    Secondly, the black soul power was piercing into the white soul power like a blade, with the part penetrating into the white soul power clearly visible; while the gray soul power was more like a piece of gray ice that had melted at the edges, seeming more like about to merge with the white soul power.

    Among the remaining five people, four of them had no abnormality in their soul power, maybe they had just taken medicine, or experienced soul power riot.

But Yang Yang paid a little more attention to the soul power of the last person.

     That person’s soul power was quite thick, the overflowing soul power had accumulated in a layer of about five centimetres, which was almost comparable to Monta’s “gypsum” state.

However, the soul power at that person’s abdomen was abnormally thin, leaving only a layer of misty white gauze; if one looked closely, there could also be noticed some pea-sized holes in other parts of his soul power.

     The whole person looked like a piece of white cheese.

     Yang Yang was puzzled, but he didn’t show it at his face.

After Zhang Jun and Archibald finished “consoling” these people, he followed them out of the small garden.

     “Did you see anything”

     Zhang Jun couldn’t wait to ask as soon as they left the small garden and were arriving at the medical staff rest area next to the elevator.

     Yang Yang nodded: “There were four people whose soul power was normal, but the two who had been playing chess and the man in the wheelchair, all had colours black and gray in their soul power.”

    Zhang Jun was immediately taken over by the excitement and hurriedly followed with questions: “Tell me carefully, the shape, quantity, degree of integration… It would be the best if you could draw it for me.”

    Yang Yang had some experience in drawing specimens by hand from when he was in medical school, so when he heard Zhang Jun’s words he had simply turned on the light screen of the terminal directly and explained it to her while drawing.

    After seeing Yang Yang’s drawings and listening to Yang Yang’s explanation, Zhang Jun’s joy was beyond words.

    “That’s right, the person with more gray soul power has the mildest illness and the longest infection time.

Sometimes he can even go by without any medicine.”

    Her happiness had risen quickly but Zhang Jun calmed down just as fast: “But it’s too early to make a conclusion.

The black and gray soul power of that soul corpse beast was fused together, but these soul powers are completely separate, none of the colours were overlapping.

    To further determine difference between the two, detection technique of soul power beasts must be further defined——aii, the current technology just isn’t enough.”

    Zhang Jun sighed, but she wasn’t discouraged and remained in high spirts: “But it proves that the chip is not worthless, I hope Mr.

Ya Qing can help analyse the trend of change of the remaining soul power on the chip, it would be even better if it could be restored.”

    Yang Yang didn’t understand these professional terms and didn’t answer.

    After Zhang Jun finished speaking, she looked at Yang Yang again: “You mentioned seven people just now, but what about the last person”

    Yang Yang was also very very curious about this.

    “That person’s soul power was very strange—that is, of the woman wearing glasses.

Her soul power had no discolouration, but there were hole-like places lacking soul power and her soul power was extremely weakened especially in the abdomen area.”

    Zhang Jun: “Oh, that’s because she had soul palace damage.

——It turns out that the soul power of a damaged Soul Palace looks like this, but it is normal.

People with damaged Soul Palaces usually have unstable soul power and are in a state of continuous soul power leaking.”

    Yang Yang was taken aback: “Her Soul Palace was damaged “

    Zhang Jun nodded: “Yes, it was still slight damage.

If her soul palace was seriously damaged, it’s not uncommon for a patient to fall into vegetative state or become mentally deficient.

——Of course, Byrd is a special case, because although his soul palace is damaged his soul power level is beyond our reach.

He’s certainly the only one, after all these years*.”

*from what i gathered, it should be jokingly referring to archibald being a strong warrior and one of his kind.

So it’s like bickering between friends.

    It was also only when the relationship was close to a certain point that you could make fun of other people’s genetic diseases.

    But Yang Yang failed to feel honoured because of Archibald’s strength and achievements.

Instead, he was stunned: “Is Duke’s illness caused by the damage to soul palace Wasn’t it because of getting infected by soul beast’s soul power I remember that Duke’s grandfather suffered from severe soul riots after he’d been heavily injured by the dragon rank soul beast.”

    Zhang Jun shook her head: “The soul power of the soul beast cannot be inherited, so only the old Duke had been infected.

Their genetic disease is inherited through the damaged soul power— this involves the entire science of genetics behind inheriting soul power, and you wouldn’t understand even if I explained to you all day.

     In short, during the mating process of Lester people, soul power essence would fill the reproductive system, this soul power is the part that Soul Palace had always retained.

This part of the soul power will be passed onto the next generation with damage if it had been damaged before.

     Of course, the dragon level soul beast is also an important factor in the Donton genetic disease, but dragon ranked soul beasts are really rare, without any reliable data left behind at all, which is also an important reason why it’s impossible for us to understand fully the genetic disease at current level.”

     Yang Yang: “How can we be sure that soul beast’s soul power is inheritable”

     Zhang Jun: “Because among all the patients who had been infected with the soul power of soul beasts since ancient times until now, no one had passed on the soul power of soul beasts to the next generation.

Of course, due to the particularity of the soul beasts’ soul power, we had also thought about this question, but after doing more detailed testing, soul beast’s soul power wavelength had never been detected on them.”

     Haven’t been detected

     What happened to the “chocolate chips” on Archibald’s soul power

     Looking at Yang Yang’s expression, Zhang Jun also felt something was off and asked, “You seem to have a different opinion——have you seen something wrong with Byrd’s soul power” 

   Yang Yang opened his mouth and was about to tell them about the “chocolate sprinkled cotton ball” he had seen before, but when the words came to his lips, Yang Yang suddenly halted.

    This was a “bad habit” cultivated in the apocalypse, always staying wary and suspicious as no one could be trusted.

    But he wasn’t in the apocalypse now, and such a bad habit should not affect how he acted with friends.

    Yang Yang knew this behaviour wasn’t right, but suddenly an intuition called out from depths of his soul, telling him, to not say this information.

    Yang Yang lowered his eyelids and shook his head: “No, the Duke’s soul power is normal without even damaged holes.”

    Zhang Jun smiled: “Just like how I told you, his soul power reserves had reached a record high.”

    Yang Yang followed with a smile, and asked: “The medicine that the Duke is taking now, I mean the medicine that Mr.

Ya Qing gave the Duke, can it heal his illness”

    Zhang Jun shook her head: “I don’t know, but now we can only put our hope on Mr.

Ya Qing.

His research on the soul power of soul beasts the is one of the most comprehensive and he had even prepared these medicines specifically for Byrd.

Because of the lack of experimental subjects, every time he takes the medicine it’s a gamble.

—— But from current point of view, the results haven’t been bad.”

    Not bad.

    Yang Yang remembered the scene when Archibald fell ill before and his heart seemed to have been choked by an invisible hand.

If there was no such “not bad effect”, what would Archibald be like now

    “It’s okay.”

    A big hand caressed Yang Yang’s face and gently stroked his cheek, as if to wipe away the sadness that unknowingly appeared on his face.

    Yang Yang looked up at Archibald and saw Archibald’s smile.

    Archibald: “My condition had stabilized quite a bit, don’t worry.


    And our child will be healthy and the genetic disease of the Donton family will stop at me.

This is already the greatest happiness you have bestowed on me.

    Archibald was a little embarrassed to say these words, but his happy mood had already passed on to Yang Yang.

    Yang Yang looked at Archibald’s content face, his heart seemed to have turned into cotton candy, sweet and soft, but at the same time there was an impulse.

    Yang Yang grabbed Archibald’s hand and said, “You can make our relationship public if you want to.”

    Right now, the self-esteem of a man who “didn’t rely on the Donton family” and “wanted to have a way out of divorce in the future” didn’t matter, all he wanted now was to see Archibald keep this expression of happiness.

    However, Archibald did not agree ecstatically, but instead said with a I-see-through-you expression: “So I make it public, then you calm down and regret it, and then use my tail to vent your anger, or attempt second Soul Pierces Through Your Heart, trying to restore the public opinion”

    After he finished speaking, Archibald sighed, “Forget it, compared to that result, I think it’s pretty good now, in any case it’s a matter of time before we make it public.”

    Yang Yang : “…”

    He heard the tender cry in his chest.

    Yang Yang took a deep breath, but still couldn’t hold back: “Are you suffering from persecution paranoia”

    Archibald looked at Yang Yang and asked, “Wouldn’t you do such a thing”

    “Of course I—.

    Yang Yang opened his mouth and was about to reply, but he got stuck after only saying three words.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    emmm, well, now that he thought about it, he really could do this.


Author has something to say:

Byrd: Actually, what I mean is, it doesn’t matter if it’s made public or not, as long as you’re happy.

Yang Yang: Lord Duke, if only you had said this sentence in this chapter there might not have been so many moths in the future.

Byrd: Yeah, if only I said it. Aiiiii

Yang Yang: ……….(although he added if, his tone still made me a little uncomfortable)


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