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Chapter 76: Father’s Care

    On the way home from the scientific research institute, Yang Yang kept staring at Archibald.

    Archibald: “…”

    Only a dead person could ignore this gaze.

    Archibald sighed, switched the car to automatic driving mode, then turned to look at Yang Yang: “What are you doing”

    Yang Yang changed his posture, resting his elbows on the car window to support his head, and said in leisure tone: “I was thinking, whether I should tell you a secret.”

    Archibald raised his eyebrows: “Have you figured it out yet”

    Yang Yang pondered for two seconds, then nodded: “Figured it out.

—Give me your tail.”

    Archibald: “…”

    More and more tricks to cheat the tail appeared.

    Archibald looked helpless, but he still stretched out his tail and put it on Yang Yang’s leg very consciously, as its tip hooked around Yang Yang’s leg —— he only discovered this morning that surrounding Yang Yang with the tail like this was very addictive.

    Therefore, even if he’s “selling tails and to gain favour” and Yang Yang feels that he had taken advantage of him, he is also happy to let Yang Yang take advantage.

    But at this time, Yang Yang didn’t secretly rejoice.

Instead, he took a deep breath with a solemn face, and put his hand on Archibald’s tail.

    One second, two seconds, three seconds…


    Yang Yang raised his hand and looked confused, “Huh”

    Archibald didn’t know what transpired so he asked, “What’s wrong”

    Yang Yang was silent for a moment, then leaned back in his chair, looked at Archibald solemnly and said, “What a pity, my Lord Duke.

It seems that you have no fate to know my secret for the time being.”

    Archibald: “…”

    You cheated to hug the tail and didn’t even follow the script

    Archibald felt both amused and cheated, but a slight smile appeared on his face, “That’s really a pity.

——The speed of the car is not fast and we will get home in an hour.

You can have a rest and I’ll take care of some paperwork in the meantime.”

    It was rare for Yang Yang to see Archibald handling official business, so he couldn’t help being curious: “Aren’t you on vacation”

    Archibald: “There will be a winter camp after the tourist season and I will be a counselor there.

I need to familiarize myself with some information in advance.”

    Yang Yang oh-ed, and stopped talking, he quickly fell asleep holding Archibald’s tail.

    In fact, he was not joking just now, but was really considering whether to tell Archibald about the Soul Cube.

So he tried to take Archibald into the cultivating side of the Soul Cube, if he could achieve this, then confess his secrets, if he couldn’t…he really didn’t think it would be possible.

    However, the fact was that not only it was impossible, but he had also received a message from Soul Cube.

    【Demihuman soul information is detected, and the soul level is higher than that of the host, so the inclusion procedure is aborted.


    【If you want to raise this species, it is recommended to make a contract binding.

    【Due to the low level of the host’s soul, it is recommended to destroy the soul core of the species, and then bind it via contract to prevent backlash.

    【Do you want to execute the program to destroy the soul core 】

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Program to destroy the soul core

    Yang Yang was stunned for a moment, and then immediately sent the “no execution” command to Soul Cube.

After the feedback from Soul Cube disappeared and he became a good baby again, Yang Yang breathed a sigh of relief.

    But more doubts appeared.

    So Yang Yang called Roth and asked: 【Roth, is Soul Cube also AI Can it still attack 】

    Roth:【It’s not AI, it’s a pure Horcrux.

As for destroying program, it is because the former owner used it to send the master’s soul to this world, and there are many dangers when crossing the gap between dimensions, so this defense mechanism was very necessary.

    Yang Yang: 【………】

    Roth: 【However, the Soul Cube is now bound to master, and its functions are closely related to master’s soul.

If master wants to destroy Duke’s soul, I am afraid that master’s own soul will be damaged.

    —Master, do you want to kill Duke 】

    Yang Yang: 【Has your database gotten rusty after not connecting to internet for two days 】

    Roth: 【……】

    Roth felt wronged: 【Then master, did you try to put the Duke in the Soul Cube 】

    Yang Yang: 【Yes.

    Roth: 【Why 】

    Yang Yang: 【I want to raise him.

    Roth: 【………】

    It felt like master was insulting its IQ.

    However, it dared not say anything.


    However, Yang Yang ignored Roth.

He leaned back on the seats and started picking on gaps between scales on the tail, thinking about Soul Cube.

    The idea to confess his secret didn’t come on a whim, but he wanted to do so because he remembered the “soul purification” function of the Soul Cube—— there was a time when he got infected by Archibald’s diseased soul power after accidentally”snatching” some of it, but when the diseased soul power entered the soul cube, it was instantly purified, fluorescent ball even munched on it as a snack.

    Therefore, Yang Yang was confident that even if the Soul Cube couldn’t cure Archibald’s illness, it could at least purify his soul power.

Even if Archibald’s riot were reoccurring, as long as the soul power was being purified before the onset, Archibald wouldn’t have to suffer so much.

    And Yang Yang’s plan to let Archibald enter the Soul Cube was: first put Archibald into the planting side, and then enter the soul cultivation side from the planting side.

    If Archibald successfully entered, he would confess everything to Archibald.

    However, it turned out that he was too naive.

    In this case, he can only turn back to the genetic disease itself.

    But taking the road of solving genetic diseases was as difficult as climbing the sky——Yang Yang also read some basic medical books in the past two days.

Although he had mostly concentrated on the superficial information, he understood how difficult it was to treat soul power diseases, let alone such an unprecedented genetic disease.

    Thinking of this, Yang Yang couldn’t help but feel anxious in his heart, the movements of his hands became a little more erratic.

His five fingers curled up and scratched on the tail in his arms.

He did not use much force and defensive scales on the tail were thick and strong, so his strength of a milk cat could barely leave a few white marks that could be erased with a single swipe.

    But, even though the strength was small, the scratching reached Archibald’s heart.

    Archibald in front froze, then closed his eyes and took a deep breath, turned off the information on the light screen, and looked over.

    Yang Yang didn’t notice it, and was still hugging Archibald’s tail, unknowingly picking on the edges of the scales.

    Archibald narrowed his eyes, then unbuckled his seat belt and leaned over.

    A shadow suddenly fell over him, and Yang Yang came back to his mind, finding himself surrounded by Archibald in the backseat.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang: “What are you doing”

    Archibald’s black as ink pupils were like the deep sea, but his voice was hoarse as if he had been suffering from thirst for a long time: “You were kneading so happily, what do you think I’m going to do”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang looked down at the tail he was holding, and there were several thin white marks on the black scales—although it would not hurt, but according to sensitivity of Archibald’s tail, it would be impossible for him not to feel it.

    Yang Yang: “……”

    Yang Yang erased those white marks with some guilty conscience, and then seriously taught Archibald: “Aren’t you working Get busy with your work, don’t be half-hearted.”

    Archibald didn’t listen to him changing the subject, he held Yang Yang’s face from the side with one hand and pressed on his lower lip unceremoniously: “I’ll get busy with you first.”

    The hot lips pressed down, first rubbed against Yang Yang’s lips and then couldn’t wait to suck on them.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Archibald liked kissing him a lot, Yang Yang already understood this yesterday, and he would never get tired of it, especially after self-learning the trick of “sucking lips”.

    However, after such a long kiss, it would be really difficult to meet people with swollen lips like sausages.

    So after Archibald sucked on them twice, and tried to change the gap between his lips, Yang Yang immediately turned his head back and avoided it.

    Archibald had just eaten an “appetizer” and wanted to chase after him, but he didn’t want to force Yang Yang, so he pressed kisses on Yang Yang’s face aggrievedly, and asked, “What’s wrong”

    Still acting coquettish.

    Yang Yang felt helpless and lectured him again, “If you keep on sucking like this, my lips will break.”

    Archibald was taken aback, he felt a little embarrassed and somewhat disappointed: “I…”

    Yang Yang interrupted him, “How about I teach you a better french kiss”

    Archibald was stunned for a moment, and then his face immediately brightened, his eyes were full of tenderness: “Okay.”

    Yang Yang reached out his hand to hold Archibald’s face, and showed a wide smile: “First of all, open your mouth.”

    As he spoke, Yang Yang’s thumb pressed lightly against Archibald’s chin, and then applied some pressure until Archibald’s jaw opened following Yang Yang’s strength, showing white teeth and a red tongue.

    Yang Yang turned his head to meet him, their lips pressed together, the hot and humid breath mingled together, the soft inner membrane were swept with tongue and his body fluid still had the aroma of fruit milk… All of these became like a spark lighting a fuse and with a BANG, something inside Archibald’s skull exploded, buzzing sound filled his ears and his blood was so hot it was boiling.

     Yang Yang tasted the sensation for a while, and backed away to admire Archibald’s dazed expression, feeling a little proud.

——At any rate, he had lived a whole life longer than Archi.

Although he had never tasted meat, he still had a lot more “experience”.

     “Lord Duke,” Yang Yang put a finger on Archibald’s chin and laughed like a hooligan, “How do you feel”

     Archibald’s parted lips closed lightly, and his Adam’s apple rolled, swallowing the light fruity aroma in your mouth.

    Ignoring Yang Yang’s “ravishing” his lips, Archibald looked at Yang Yang deeply with his eyes as deep and black as ink, like a lion seeing prey step into his own territory.

    “I want more.”

    Yang Yang was taken aback: “… huh”

    Archibald lifted Yang Yang’s chin and pressed his hands on the back of the chair.

His tail passed behind Yang Yang’s waist and gently rolled around him, clinging to his waist.

    Archibald repeated: “I want more.”

    Without waiting for Yang Yang’s refusal, Archibald became a student that suddenly dragged his instructor to practice their learning results.

    Yang Yang had nowhere to escape and couldn’t even turn his head to the side, so he could only personally experience what it meant to “bring disaster on oneself”.

    Five minutes later, Yang Yang leaned on the back of the chair to breathe, his eyes were misty: “I almost thought I was going to die.”

    Duke of Donton was not only powerful in combat, but also a man with strong lungs— this was not like a kiss, but more like a battle for oxygen .

    Archibald also sat back in the driver’s seat, rubbed his hot ears, he glanced at Yang Yang but didn’t speak.

    Yang Yang understood Archibald’s expression and raised his eyebrows: “Still feeling wronged”

    Archibald put down his hand, revealing his ears that were so red they looked about to ooze blood, “You grabbed me first.”

    If it wasn’t for Yang Yang playing with his tail, he would have been able to drive the car home himself.

    “What about me.

Look at what you did.”

    Yang Yang opened his mouth, sticking out a little tip of his tongue.

There was an abnormal redness on the tip of his tongue, which was the result of being eaten like an ice cream by a certain Duke just now.

    Archibald looked at it, and then he couldn’t take back his eyes anymore, his tail was ready to curl around Yang Yang’s waist again.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang closed his mouth, picked up the tail curling around his waist and put it in his arms, and patted it gently—don’t move.

Then he took out a mask from his pocket, put it on, and turned to look at Archibald indifferently.

    Oh, there was a pig face drawn on the mask.

    Archibald: “…”

    “Pfft.” Archibald was stunned for a second and then couldn’t help laughing.

The bright smile on his handsome face was like the icing on the cake.

    Yang Yang had to admit that Archibald’s smiling face has a magic power to dispel all negative energy.

    After Archibald finished laughing, he leaned over again, but this time he didn’t get too close, and there was no hungry wolf in his eyes.

    Archibald bowed his head and kissed Yang Yang through the mask, his voice was still smiling, gentle as water, “Sorry, I was too excited this time, I will be gentler next time.”

    For example, tonight.

    Yang Yang didn’t know what Archibald was planning.

All he knew was that Archibald had admitted to his mistake and apologised, so he nodded “magnanimously”: “Okay, I forgive you.”

    Archibald smiled, sat back in the driver’s seat, and changed the car back to manual mode, speeding up to go home.


    The house was very lively.

In the living room, He Shu and Gu Lita are sitting on the sofa, and the black panther Roth was squatting at He Shu’s feet.

There were three holographic figures facing them, consisting of Ya Qing and two other people.

    The five players each had a deck of bare cards and were playing vigorously.

    “Hey! Byrd!”

    A hologram facing the door saw them coming back first, stood up immediately, and greeted with a big laugh.

—It was Archibald’s other father, Sauron Abel.

    Archibald obviously followed Abel’s appearance, but Abel’s facial features were deeper and rougher, with a heroic masculinity.

He also had a hearty smile, with the kind of aura that attracted people’s attention like the sun.


    In comparison, Archibald was much “colder”.

    Archibald walked over with Yang Yang, and greeted the three people on the opposite side one by one.

Yang Yang still called him “Uncle”, but Abel didn’t say anything.

    After Yang Yang sat down with Archibald, Abel started talking.

    “We’ll be there in two days.

We wanted to surprise you by coming here suddenly, but Ya Qing had a slip of his tongue.

So nevermind that, although there won’t be much surprise, but it’s worth it that I can video chat with my baby every day in these two days.

    I couldn’t touch him for a whole month, I’m almost rusted.”

    Shu glared at him, “What nonsense are you talking, don’t scare Yang Yang.”

    Although his voice was serious, his ears turned red.

    Abel’s smile became dangerous, and he stared at He Shu like a hungry wolf.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Okay, he now understood where Archibald got his vigour from.

    But Abel quickly took back his eyes and looked over with a smile.

“Byrd, I sent you an email, remember to check it.

I’ve been keeping it for you since you were fourteen years old and currently it should come in handy.—You can watch it together with Yang Yang.”

    Can he look as well

    Yang Yang was curious and approached Archibald.

    He Shu and Gu Lita were also a little curious, and put down the cards in their hands to have a look.

    Archibald checked the mail, where he saw a very large file package.

There were 8 more folders inside, numbered from 14 to 21, obviously representing Archibald’s age.

    “Is it your growth record photo”

    Yang Yang was looking forward to it, he had only seen a photo of Archibald when he was a baby.

    He Shu also put on a smile —— although Abel was always “casual”, he still loves children very much.

    Archibald paused for a moment, he felt that his dad who took him shopping which ended up in people stepping on his tail, shouldn’t be so considerate.

    But after hesitating for two seconds, Archibald casually clicked on the folder on 21.

    There were more than a dozen video files in the folder, all titled similarly: “The Bedroom of the Indifferent Butler”, “The Butler’s Black Uniform”, “The Butler Under the Apron”, “The Young Master’s Call”…

    Yang Yang: “… “

    He Shu: “…”

    Gu Lita: “…” “

    Shouldn’t these be given to Amber”

    Archibald didn’t see the subtlety in these names, so he took it as a housekeeper teaching materials.

    Abel: “Amber won’t have any use for this.

Since I learned that Yang Yang likes to act as the butler I’ve searched for these for you.”

    Archibald: “”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    I thank you very much.


Author has something to say:

Monta: Did you forget something

Byrd: Nope.

Yang Yang: Don’t you have your car

Monta: ….


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