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Youyou looked surprised at this.

“Is she … a patient of yours”

Alice shook her head and simply said, “Shes Professor Romankas daughter.”


It didnt look like it.

Not at all.

Despite the fact that being Asian, theres a tendency to look at foreigners faces thinking that they all look similar, Youyou was discerning enough.

Professor Romanka had an aquiline nose and a very three-dimensional profile typical of an European man.

From Natalias profile, one could tell she wasnt purely of European lineage, and her complexion didnt have that sickly pallor.

“Wait here for me.

Ill be right back.” With that, Alice carried Natalia out of the room.

Through the window, the boy saw Natalias unhappy expression.

Her eyes were tinged with sadness.

She was clearly resisting.

He was determined to get to the bottom of this.

So, as soon as Alice returned, he went straight to the point.

“Natalia is not Professor Romankas biological daughter, is she”

Alice was clearly taken aback.

She had not taken the boy to meet Professor Romanka officially, so how did he know

The boy must have read her skepticism because he clarified, “Theres a picture of him at the hospital.

It says hes Professor Romanka.

It must be his picture, right”

Surprised, Alice remarked, “I didnt realize you were so observant.”

“So… its true then that she isnt his biological child”

Gong Jie looked on coldly.

This nephew of his seemed especially concerned about the girl.

Love at first sight In love for the first time

Apparently unaware of the meaningful look Gong Jie was giving him, the boy said seriously, “She seems upset.

She was trying to hide from you.”

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Alice said helplessly, “Because she wouldnt go back to the ward.”

“Shes a patient”

“I suppose you could say that!”

“You suppose” The boy was clearly not satisfied with this vague explanation.

“Your explanation seems a bit far-fetched.”

“You seem very concerned about her” Alice noticed that too.

“Natalia does look beautiful.

Like a porcelain doll.”

“Dont change the topic.”

“Fine then!” Alice immediately threw up her hands in surrender.

“She was an orphan,” she replied.

“At the age of three, she was adopted by Professor Romanka.

At the time, Natalya was an ordinary little girl.



“Now, shes just like you.”

The boy said the sensitive word aloud.

“Dual personality” Like him.

Didnt that simply mean a split personality

Alice nodded.

“Yeah.” She mulled it over for a moment, then decided it was best to tell the truth.

“But her other personality was cultivated by Professor Romanka.”


Even Gong Jie was surprised, let alone the boy.

“Can personalities still be cultivated”

The man found it suspicious as well.

Previously, Alice had suggested this idea.

However, at that time, he thought that it was just an idea.

He did not expect that one could really cultivate a personality!

“In general, the other personality is split from the primary personality and nurtured.

Just like for yourself, Gong Fans personality was also shaped by your subconscious mind.

Then, just as it can be shaped by the primary personality, it can be cultivated by the outside world.”

Was that really the case Could a normal person nurture a second personality This completely subverted what the boy knew.


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