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Dark Horse

“You’re still being swung by the sword.

Too much of your consciousness is directed towards it that the image of your opponent has crumbled.”

Said my instructor, Mr.


He was very muscular, and wielded a huge two-handed sword, but was also attentive and mindful of others.

A pleasant beastkin dog person.

Apparently, he did gardening as a hobby, and ran a tool store with his wife.

I might have to visit them sometime.

As for my swings, I had to imagine my opponent, and use full force on the moment of impact.

Obviously, I wasn’t actually hitting anything, and had to move quickly to the next action.

But my movements were shaky, due to the heavier sword.

If I didn’t put as much force in my movements, it would be easier to move to the next one, but that would make the swinging pointless.

And so I was warned.

When swinging with the Renji-style…

After swinging, you return to the basic position(towards your opponent’s eyes, if wielding a sword).

After swinging, you connect it with a slash around to the right.

Or the other side, to the left.

Alternate between the two to draw a ∞ or do the same up and down to draw an 8.

Left round slash, but, in quick succession.

Those were the five types.

But if you think about it while doing it, your movements would be scattered, so you have to practice until you can do it without thinking.

Next, I had to repeatedly hit vertical and horizontal logs with a wooden sword from every direction.

Lastly, I had to block someone’s attacks.

Obviously, I did not have all the forms memorized, so they would tell me where they were going to attack first.

I had to deal with people who wielded various weapons, such as two-handed swords, clubs and spears.

As I had to block and thrust with sword and shield, it was very similar to a real fight.

Not only that, but I had to do it while learning their forms.

Still, I was able to learn the general flow of my beginner training.

And because I had a skill, they said they made things especially hard.

But I really couldn’t memorize so much at once…

I returned to my inn on shaky feet, wiped my body and ate a light meal.

Then I practically collapsed into bed.

On the following day, I rose with the sun and practiced my swings behind the inn.

Then I washed up at the well and ate breakfast.

I was starting to feel like a real fighter.


I paid off the inn, and then put my things at the next one.

Then I headed towards the Adventurers Guild.

I checked the surrounding geography while I scanned the E-Rank quests.

I see, they were quite far.

Even the closest one was two days away on foot.

And there were no fixed quests here.

However, the reward money for each quest was quite high.

It would likely be worth it.

Thankfully, instructor Kohisemi told me of a farm that sold good horses.

Horses could be bought within the city as well, but they did not treat them well, and it was said that only outsiders would buy from them.

However, this farm was two days away by carriage.

Damn it.

The city was very big, and so there were many carriages you could ride without a reservation.

They were also cheap, so it was similar to taking a bus.

In fact, riding carriages around the royal capital was surprisingly fun.

As there were no clocks, there was no time table.

You just waited at the station.

And so there were street stalls to take advantage of that.

But unlike ordinary stalls, the people selling were also bored, and so they would start talking to you.

And they tended to be very good at talking.

Normally, if there were people waiting in line, they would be annoyed if you struck up a conversation.

But since they were bored as well, they would join in.

Thanks to this, I was able to learn quite a lot.

One thing they liked to hear me talk about, was hunting Undead.

And as I talked, I couldn’t help making the Revenant sound like a strong and rare monster, even if fighting it had been quite easy.

I was almost disappointed when the carriage finally arrived.

After that was a two day journey, and I reached the farm at midday.

I ended up buying a black stallion.

Male friendships were important too.

I called him Hyuga.

From the drink with the black horse.

The farmer also introduced me to a leather workshop, where I was able to buy a saddle.

Then I stayed at a nearby inn and then returned to the royal capital on the following day.

With my own horse, it didn’t even take a full day.

Convenience is bliss.

The next day, as I was practicing my swings at the Renji-style dojo, someone called out to me.

“Hey, you.”

It was that woman I had met previously in Kijifei.

So it finally happened.

“Yes, what is it”

“Haven’t we met before”

“…Are you trying to woo me”

“N-not at all!”

“Well, this is the training ground.

Perhaps you can wait until we’re outside”

“Very well.

After training, we can go outside and… No, I don’t mean…!”

I managed to get her to back off, and so I slipped away and rushed to the Adventurers Guild, where I accepted a quest.

Orc Hunt – Rank: E

Hunting orcs that appear around the village.

18 silver per orc.

Orc materials go to the village.

5 orcs for quest completion.

No limit.

Bihilets Village.

Chief Loyd.

I tore off the request sheet, and while there was no one at the other reception desks, I decided to go to Ms.


She looked at the request sheet and frowned.



While there are no restrictions for this quest, it is much better to do it as a party.”

I’m sure that is true.

It was possible that the orcs were in packs.

But maybe they weren’t.

There wasn’t enough information.

“Do any parties accept these”

It’s better for parties, but parties don’t accept it.

It was that kind of awkward request.

Still, she looked cute when she frowned.

And she processed it anyway.

“Please be careful.”

She said as I left.

If it was two days by horse to Bihilets Village, then it would be three day…no, four days on foot.

I saw some wolves once I was close to the village, but they left me alone as long as I didn’t attack them.

Though, sometimes they would look like they were hesitating, and so I would shoot arrows close to their feet, and then they would scatter.

Like this, I was able to reach the village without fighting, and I went to see the chief.

“I’m Ajifu, an E-Rank Adventurer.”

“I’m chief Loyd.

Thank you for accepting this quest.

We put out requests in Relit as well, but no one would accept them.”

While he was surely disappointed that a solo Adventurer had come, he did not show it on his face.

“I would like to keep my horse in a stable, and since I am to submit the orc materials, I will have to borrow a wagon.

Also, I will need to speak to someone who knows a lot about the forest.”

“There is a stable where you can leave the horse.

And there is a shed where you can sleep.

There is a hunter called Zender, who will take you there.

You should also be able to borrow the wagon there.”

The hunter had white hair, but was still quite muscular.

He was accompanied by his son, who appeared to be in his twenties.

“I’m hunter Zender.

The orcs started appearing around two months ago, and have been increasing ever since.

They eat any game caught in my traps, and since my arrows aren’t effective on them, I have no choice but to run.

We have little meat, in spite of it being spring.

You must do something.”


If they have increased in numbers, then the investigation must be conducted with caution.

We should give it a few days.”

“Very well.

Thank you.”

The sun was still high in the sky.

I went to the shack and put my things there.

In spite of his name, Hyuga was mild-mannered, and I left him at the inn before borrowing a wagon and going straight to the forest.


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