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(Lord Memrikia, Lord Ibitrayme, give me light magic.

Give me light magic.

Give me light magic, give me light magic.)

That day, I prayed earnestly at the church, just as I always did.


Ajifu! The reply has arrived!”

The priest ran towards me while holding a letter.

“Ah, I seem to have disturbed your prayers.

I’m very sorry.”

“No, it would appear that my prayers to Lord Memrikia have been answered.”

I was now completely used to kneeling on my prosthetic leg while praying.

And so I had no trouble standing up again.

“So, what does it say”

“It says, ‘Come, but be prepare to die.’”

I refuse! I will not die so easily!

“Oh, I will survive and accomplish what I intend to do.

And will think of nothing else.”


Ajifu… I’m glad that I recommended you after all.

Now, I shall go and write my reply, so please wait here.”

I waited for some time, and then the priest returned with a letter and a single book.

“What is that book, father”

“It belonged to a priest in training from this church.

Unfortunately, he died halfway through his training.

And I thought that you might need it.”


What did you say It better not be cursed or anything.

“What do you mean I might need it”

“This is a ‘holy book.’”

“A holy book! You are giving me something so valuable”


As there is no one else who will use it now.

And so I thought it would be better to have it with you, rather than in storage.”

Hmm That sounded odd.

Use it

“Father, what is written in this holy book Is it not the teachings of god”


Ajifu, Lord Memrikia does not teach us anything.

A god is a being who is just present.

This book contains the sacred hymns in Eralt that you must learn.

They will guide you as you seek the light.”

So it was a book of spells! Well, if there really is a god, why don’t they just say that it’s ‘god’s words’

“I am incredibly grateful! I promise you, I will learn light magic!”

After all, this was a holy book.

Surely it would not be cursed.

“I will pray that Lord Memrikia guides you on your journey.”

Those were his parting words.

I also went to say my farewells to the nuns and the people at the orphanage.

“Don’t go, Mr.


“I won’t forget what you taught us!”

“Thank you for everything!”

Well, predictably, the children cried when I left.

Some of them had been very small when I started teaching them, and had grown quite a bit.

There had been times when I struggled with children who couldn’t swing a sword.

There were children who I had taught the joy of carpentry to.

Thinking back now, a lot has happened.

“Ah! Mr.

Ajifu is crying too!”

“No, this is water magic that comes from the eyes.”

There was little one could do when they saw the tears of children.

They stood by the gate and kept on waving.

I waved back and left the orphanage.

After that, I went around and said my goodbyes around the royal capital.

There was the blacksmith, the armor store, the pharmacist.

You started to know people after three years.

And I also went to Rone’s workshop, even though we were recently acquainted.

“You’re late! I’ve been waiting with these spare parts!”

“As I said! I made no promises that I’d come!”

He hadn’t changed at all.

And then there was also the Adventurers Guild.

I felt nervous going there ever since Ms.

Eily started crying.



I’d like to report my departure from the royal capital.”

“I see…yes.

It cannot be helped with that leg.”

But I just proved that I can still fight.

“Aye, I’m headed to a certain church, where I will be training.”

“A church Oh, yes.

I think that might be for the best.

Where is this church”

“In Megidos.”


“In the sand country of Megidos.”

“Uhhh… But you won’t be adventuring, there, will you”

“Well, I think that I can do both…”

“You are mad!!”


Suddenly, Ms.

Eily angrily slammed the top of the counter with her hands.

Everything became quiet, and all eyes turned towards us.

I had a feeling of deja vu.

“You’re going to a place that is even more dangerous than the place where you were injured.

Have the screws in your head become loose”

I saw people had gathered around us and were grinning now.

They were enjoying the show.

Ah, there was the guild master now.

And Ms.

Eily was acting out of character.

“Why are Adventurers always like this…!! I was a fool to think that you were wiser than that! Yes! Me! I am the fool!”

And then she stormed away from the counter.

And I remained there, all alone.

This happened a lot recently.

“Ajifu, I underestimated you.”

“You’re leaving the royal capital Then we must have a farewell party!”

“The only medicine for fools is wine!”

I was surrounded by Adventurer acquaintances, and so that night, we reserved an entire tavern.

And while Ms.

Eily showed up, she did a lot of complaining, and people generally avoided her.

Naren and the others, who were now C-Rank, were also there.

Seppi was as small and cheerful as ever.

Oriore was the same with his drinking.

I suppose elves never changed.

The partying continued until dawn, when the tavern owner kicked everyone out.

Everyone wished me well and dispersed.

Well, after the guards came and forced them to.

And so I was quite drunk as I returned to my usual inn, the ‘Pom.’ The innkeeper was still awake.

“It’s unusual for you to return so late, Mr.


Was it decided then”

I had explained things to him in advance.

After all, it involved my job.

“Aye, and so the Adventurers held a farewell party for me.”

“I see.

It gets lonely when familiar faces leave.”

He said as he poured me a drink.

“But then you meet new people.”

And so I drank my last drink in the capital.

The next morning, after sleeping quite late, I paid off my room at the inn.

The innkeeper and his wife saw me off as I headed to the dojo.

I went through the familiar gate and told Ms.

Mishun that I had come to say goodbye, and she led me inside.

“Master, I’ve decided to head to Megidos.

I am grateful for everything you taught me.

Thank you.”

First, I talked to instructor Raynard.

As this was a dojo, order was important.

“You are halfway there when it comes to the path of the sword.

No, you have just reached a new entrance.

However, since you have spent three years with us, you should be able to sharpen your skill anywhere.

It is the swords that connect us.

Do not forget that.”

Of course, I had already told them of my plans to go to Megidos.

I was just waiting until I was accepted.

“The deserts have many monsters with hard shells.

You must keep your blade sharp.”

Jirido had been a tough teacher.

But it was because of him that I was here now.

“You’ve trained me to use this sword.

And so I will cut through them.”

We hit our fists together.

“Then let the name of this school echo through the sand country.”

“You’re asking too much.”

I then shook hands with instructor Simmons.

You’re squeezing too tight! Ouch! That hurts!

“I’m going to miss you, Mr.


“Your instructions were always easy to understand, Mr.


Thank you.”


Kohisemi was very kind and seemed to dislike goodbyes.

His beastkin tail was drooping.


Everyone’s swords came out and overlapped

“With our swords here!”

They shouted.

“And with Ajifu’s sword!”

They continued as they raised their sword tips to the air.

Then I sheathed my sword and climbed onto Hyuga.

“Good bye then.”

I said with a curt bow.

And then I left the gates and did not look back.



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