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Mine City

The mining city of Rokuidol.

The city was exactly what you would expect from the name.

Apparently, they had been digging a vein for iron ore that had been discovered in the flatlands, and then water began to flow out.

So they built a city around it.

Even though it was a mine, there was no mountain, and it was surrounded by high walls.

However, both the mine and the city were surrounded by separate walls, which were connected by a corridor, making the entire thing look like a gourd.

Currently, I was running on the wall which was the ‘waist’ part of the gourd with Linel.


Some iron slaters had rolled down the nearby mountains, and without losing momentum, had rushed up the side of the walls.

They flew high above our heads and landed within the walls.

So that was what made those sounds.

I had heard them in the city as well.

The iron slaters that fell near the miners carrying ore were immediately crushed by the Adventurers on the inside, but it seemed like some people were still getting injured from the impact.

Brother Kifume’s remaining MP was quite low.

We had to make haste.


Ajifu! Hurry!”

As I had been looking down from the walls, Linel grew impatient with me.

Brother Kifume had continued to treat people since morning, but due to there being considerably more than usual, his MP was dangerously low, even though it wasn’t midday yet.

Right now, he was getting by with some expensive potions, but it would only last for so long.

And so we were currently running towards Ms.

Pemeri, who was supporting the Adventurers on the wall, so we could ask her to trade places.

I ran as fast as my prosthetic leg would allow, and somehow managed to keep up with Linel.

Once we passed the narrow part of the gourd, I could see the open pit mine within.


I couldn’t help but exclaim as I saw the scale of the circular hole that was dug like a descending staircase.

Were we not in this situation, I would have liked to stare at it for a while.

However, even now, more iron slaters were rushing up the walls or raining down on us.

The miners ran around, trying to avoid them as they carried the ore.

It was no wonder people were getting injured.

And outside of the walls, Adventurers were fighting other monsters that were lured by the scent of the iron slaters.

So both the inside and outside areas were a battlefield.

As for the defeated monsters, the city soldiers would raise them up in something that looked like a gondola that was lowered from the walls.

And in exchange, they were giving the Adventurers some kind of card.

“A killer scorpion is coming!”

The shout came from above the wall, and the Adventurers below seemed shaken.

Killer scorpions were among the most feared monsters in the desert.

Also, my current armor used materials from them.

While sand scorpions were about 1.5 meters long, killer scorpions were 4 meters.

Of course, they were that much stronger, while maintaining the same level of speed and having harder shells.

Their power was simple but astonishing.

Their hunting difficulty was ranked B.


The killer scorpion’s tail went flying.

“Don’t just stand there like a bunch of cowards!”

Shouted Ms.

Pemeri from the top of the wall.

‘Aye!’ The Adventurers below cried.



Brother Kifume is out of MP.”

I told her while panting.

“I see.

I only have one arrow left as well.

Just wait, and I will take down that one over there.”

She said while glancing over to me.

And then she raised her giant bow and nocked an arrow that looked more like a spear if anything.


The bow creaked loudly as it was pulled.

Though, it almost seemed like the sound was coming from her back muscles, which were tense under the clothes.

And then the hairs on her tail rose up.


I had never heard an arrow make such a sound.

And without making an arch, it moved in a straight line and…


Landed in the killer scorpion.

The killer scorpion lifted its arms, and even though it was blasted into the air, it managed to survive the attack.

However, it lost the use of its arms in exchange.

I almost felt sad for the giant creature, now without stinger or pincers.


I couldn’t finish it off.

The rest of you! Take care of it!”


Pemeri shouted to the Adventurers below.

“Yes, Sister Pemeri! Thank you!”

“Don’t call me that! And as I always say, thank god!”

“We are grateful to you and Lord Memrikia! Now, let’s go!”


With renewed vigor, the Adventurers then charged towards the killer scorpion.

Indeed, I had heard that Ms.

Pemeri would be on the wall and supporting the Adventurers.

However, this was not what I had been expecting when I thought of a nun offering support.

I had never seen an archer like that before.

“I will go on ahead.

You two better not slack off.”


Pemeri said, and then she went running away.

Linel and I just stood there and watched the Adventurers finish off the killer scorpion.


Pemeri used to be an A-Rank Adventurer.”

Linel muttered on our way back.

“An A-Rank Adventurer! Isn’t that like a hero! Why is she a nun”

Aside from the special rank of S, they were at the very top of Adventurers.

Surely that meant quite a sizable income.

However, Linel did not elaborate after that.

I suppose he felt that it was wrong to be so loose lipped about someone else’s business.

And I did not feel like asking him.

Fortunately, by the time that the miners were finished carrying out the ore, there were only a few monsters attacking.

And by the time it was noon, and Ms.

Pemeri was running out of MP, Brother Kifume returned from his rest, and we were able to get through the day.

“So this happens every month That must be hard.”

I muttered.

And Brother Kifume said,

“No, three times a month.

On the 10th, 20th and 30th days.

The ore here is transported to the dwarf kingdom, and is also a valuable resource for our neighbors in the Rabahask Holy Empire.”

Just a little, I felt like collapsing right then and there.

That night, the monster meat was distributed in the city, and it was like having a festival.

Even the monsters that had been lured by the iron slaters did not smell bad once they were cooked, and so some of it was given to the church as well.

And while we were troubled by the drunken wounded in the night, everything went back to normal the following day.

However, there was a small change during these uneventful days.


“Hmm! I think there was a little magic energy in that”

After training my prayer skills for two weeks, I had shown a little growth.


It might be time to move onto the next step then.

However, you should continue to train with the basics on your own.”

“Yes, father.”

“Now, you will finally start training to carry magic on your words.

Once you are able to do that, you can tackle the holy scriptures, which will be even harder.

So do not relax just yet.”

It was like he was dangling the carrot right in front of me provokingly.

And I would take the bait!

The next part of my training would involve charging magic into words that I was ordered to say.


“The wolf neighbor likes horn rabbits and eats them a lot.”

Uh, is this some kind of speech training I’m trusting you in this, alright

“Use your abdominal muscles more! Place your hands on your stomach and back and focus on the rotation of magic energy!”

When using the parallel thought skill for speaking and magic manipulation, you cannot seem to sense the magic energy in your voice.

Instead of doing it separately, you have to combine your voice and magic energy.

While it was little by little, I could feel my progress, which made me more enthusiastic about my training.

And though my work at the church was becoming more harsh, thanks to the requests at the mines being added, we all helped each other and got through the days.

And so as I lived like this, so passed the seasons, though it was difficult to tell in the desert.


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