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Parallel Memory Chapter 243 Meet The Old Enemy!

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Chapter 243 Meet The Old Enemy!

"This seems to be the right place!"

As the Devil stepped out of the portal, he said.

Analyzing what the Devil said, Zero assumed that the Devil had intentionally come to that place which meant the Devil was there to support the S-Rank Devil.

"Sir, Xalvar!"

The Rank-B Devil Contractor called out.

More than feeling relieved that he was getting help, the Rank-B Devil Contractor seemed to be more afraid of the Devil than getting killed by Zero. One would normally feel happy when an ally comes to your aid, especially when in a desperate situation like Rank-B Devil Contractor was.

The Devil ignored the Rank-B Devil Contractor and was watching the fight between the Rank-S Devil and Professor Mia.

Zero was ready to attack the Devil as he stood by the side. He still has no idea about the strength of the devil but he thought that he could at least distract the Devil until Professor Mia and Professor Theo defeat the Rank-S Devil.

Anyway, if the devil turns out to be Rank-S then Zero would be killed instantly. However, he still thought that this was the right choice. If the Devil was indeed Rank-S, then everyone including Professor Mia could die.

There was no way that Professor Mia could handle another Rank-S in this situation. Right now, Professor Mia had the advantage with the aid of Professor Theo but it would be different if the Devil that came joined the battle.

"For how long has Ostrimor been fighting"

Xalvar asked the Rank-B Devil Contractor.

"Sir Xalver, I think it has been about 10 minutes!"

The Rank-B Devil Contractor immediately replied.

Zero thought that the Devil would attack professor Mia the moment he grasped the situation. But unexpectedly, even when the devil who is called Ostrimor was at a disadvantage, he waited and continued to observe the fight.


The fight between Professor Mia and the Devil continued. Zero, who was unable to perceive Xalver's plan, continued to observe him while being prepared to attack at any moment.

Xalver then glanced at Zero and grinned.

"I didn't expect you to be here."

Xalver said happily.

However, Zero didn't understand why the Devil said that. They said those words to Zero as if he knew him.

"Who are you"

Zero asked.

He had become more cautious after what the devil said. He didn't understand why the devil said that but he assumed that the devil knew him or something.

Enemy knowing you is never a good thing.

"Kekeke… Who am I What a funny thing to ask. Hahaha…"

The Devil laughed.

Zero didn't really understand the devil in front of him. Xalver was acting as if Zero was stupid for not knowing him or something.

"Then let me remind you again who I am."


The Devil released his strength and the air seemed to have stopped for a second. From the aura released by the Devil, Zero knew that the Devil in front of him possessed the strength equal to Rank-A Explorers.


On the other side of the battlefield was the fight between the students and the Rank-Cs Devil Contractors.


Behind the barrier, professors could not protect students forever. They have students escape from other routes while they hold off the Devil Contractors.

However, on the other path also, there were lots of Devil Contractors. Though the rank of those who ambushed them was not of very high rank. The high-ranking Devil Contractors were fighting with the professors.

[ "Starshatterer Style: Complete Annihilation" ]


"I have cleared this area."

Hiro said to other students.

Hiro was Rank-C - but his combat power was a lot higher than that rank. For him, those Rank-C - and Rank-C Devil Contractors were not a big deal. It only took him a few minutes to kill 10 Rank-Cs Devil Contractors.

Other students like Lisa and Sylvia were also fighting with the Devil Contractors. They were also able to defeat at least Rank-C - Devil Contractor.

Professors had stopped the Rank-B and Rank-A Devil Contractors from going after the students.

However, the students still had to deal with the Devil Contractors though they were weaker than the Devil Contractors that the professor was fighting against.

Hiro and the other main characters led the students to escape. They were the strongest among the students and were naturally in command.

The weaker students who are in Rank-Is just followed them. They were powerless to do anything against the Rank-C enemies. Even Rank-D students were struggling to provide any help to Hiro.

The fortunate thing was that Hiro was able to defeat those Rank-Cs Devil Contractors or else they could not have survived for so long. There was also Zion, Lisa, and Sylvia who had managed to take out a couple of Rank-Cs Devil Contractors.

And there were also a couple of students who were fighting with the Devil Contractors with the help of their friends.

Even with the amount of Devil contractors that they defeated, there were still more than one hundred Devil Contractors that were making their way towards them.

Even if Hiro spent hours fighting with them, it didn't seem like they would be able to escape from that place.


Though they knew that, they didn't have any other choice but to fight.

They could only hope that the Professors win their fight and come over to help them.

After defeating this group of Devil Contractors, another group soon followed.

"Keke… I came to the right place!"

One of the Devil Contractors who suddenly appeared said.


Hiro, Zion, and Lisa immediately became alert. It was because the Devil Contractor that had appeared was someone that they had encountered before.

"It is good that you all are still alive. If not, all my preparation, my hard work, and my feelings would be for nothing."

It was the same Devil Contractors leader that Hiro had fought in the BloodyWolf Forest.

At that time, Hiro was only at Rank-E and the Devil Contractors leader was ranked D -. At that time, even with the help of Zion and Lisa, Hiro was only able to survive and could not do anything against him.

Encountering him again, they were obviously cautious because of their memory. That was the time when they truly despaired and knew about the power of Devil Contractors.

However, things were quite different this time. Hiro was at Rank-C -, while Zion and Lisa were at Rank-D . If they encountered the same Devil Contractors leader, they would have been able to defeat him alone.

However, the Devil Contractors seemed to have also changed. The Devil Contractor which was at Rank-D has managed to reach Rank-C . This type of speed was comparable to Lisa and Sylvia's.

However, it was not talent that had managed to get him so far. With his revenge as his motivation, he went through countless life-threatening missions and got lots of Devil fruit, and managed to Rank-C .

This all was for this moment. This past month all he could think about was this moment when he could finally meet Hiro, Zion, and Lisa again.

"You are going to experience all the pain I went through due to you!"

He bellowed as he released all his mana aura. The students could tell he was more powerful than any other Devil Contractor from the mana aura he released.


He stepped forward excitedly. He could not stop himself. He had endured harsh punishment due to the failure of the mission. He became a joke in the Devil Contractor community and all his resources were taken.

He could not avoid taking high-risk missions in order to get good rewards in order to avenge himself. He was able to survive and finally the time for him to get his revenge had come.


Zion and others could feel the pressure of his mana aura. While Hiro, who is in Rank-C - was not pressurized by Rank-C mana aura, it was different for other students who are in Rank-D.

"Barracuda! Wait! They are tough. We need to work together."

However, one of the Devil Contractors immediately stopped the Devil Contractor. Barracuda, which was the name of that Devil Contractor, was annoyed by the Devil Contractor who stopped him.

For him, anyone in the path of his revenge was an enemy.


Barracuda flicked his hand and slapped the Devil Contractor who stopped him in the wall.

"Anyone who wants to order me again"

Barracuda asked angrily.

The other Devil Contractors didn't dare to stop him. They had known about Barracuda ever since he became Rank-C -. An unusual Devil Contractor who took a highly dangerous mission and came back alive every time.

He would fight with anyone who angered him. Therefore, many of the Devil Contractors present there to avoid him. The only reason they are together with the lunatic is that the Devil ordered them to do so.

Barracuda once again turned his attention to Hiro.

"Now that annoying bug has been removed. Let's start the fight, little heroes!"-

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