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CH 19.


Shao Fei consciously chose not to tell the male lead that he was starting school.

He didn’t know how to explain the previous “Promise to be admitted to class 1”. 

While he didn’t want to take the exam for the second time.

Neither did he want to follow the original owner’s method.

Which was to ask Liu Zhengming to spend money for him to enter the back door of class one, in order to follow Liu Chen.

Either way, the grades won’t change.

It will become an established fact once he arrives at class three or class four.

The bike stopped on the road and near the school gate.

The person on duty recognized him.

This is the new transfer student.

Therefore he didn’t even need to register his name, nor have his school uniform or school ID checked.

The on duty student patted him on the shoulder: “In the future, we will be classmates.

You can find me if you encounter any problems.”

The other party is a good student at first sight.

Shao Fei nods hurriedly, but it’s troublesome to find people in different classes.

Obviously the other party is just being polite.

With Liu Chen’s guidance last time, Shao Fei directly walked to the teaching director’s office.

Director Xu handed him his school uniform and praised: “You did well in the exam, continue to work hard in the future.

Don’t be proud because you did well in this exam.

There will be a few days to wait for the new textbook to arrive.

Ask your classmates to share first.

Follow me, I’ll take you to your head teacher, Mr.


Shao Fei’s reaction finally caught up to his words.

Did he do well He grasped the key point: “Teacher Xu, what class am I in”

“Of course class one.

When you entered the gate just now, you should have met the class monitor.

He ought to have told you. 

The student on duty who just let him easily pass is the monitor of that class one

Shao Fei’s face looked like a bolt from the blue: his test had several questions that were skipped, could the results still be enough!

As if a person who has been unlucky all the time is suddenly hit by the pie falling from the sky, he is a little dizzy.

Shao Fei didn’t think about the possibility of underhanded means, because it’s impossible and unnecessary.

Now he doesn’t have to explain to the male lead why he failed in the exam, but a bigger problem came up.

A person who enters the class by luck is like someone with a game bug setting with him.

“Reporting.” Atall figure appeared at the door of the office at some point.

Seeing top-notch elite students like Liu Chen, even a strict teacher like director Xu shows satisfaction : “Just now Xiao Kong said that the English papers in your class were missing some Only you can control those wild kids.

Leave them on her desk later.”

Although most of the students in class 1 are admitted through personal strength, there are always a few who got in through money.

They are the problem children in each class.

Giving teachers of all classes a headache, only Liu Chen can manage them. 

“It’s what I should do.” Liu Chen said slowly.

Hearing the familiar voice, Shao Fei looked back and saw Liu Chen standing there with a stack of papers like a straight line tree.

Beams of sunshine scattered light over him, and the small dust particles scattered like floating spots of light.

Setting off the youth, making him look more and more handsome. 

At that moment, Shao Fei could understand the girls who admired him, as if god granted him all the beautiful adjectives.

Liu Chen completely ignored Shao Fei and left without a word after handing in the extracurricular forms. 

The little animal’s intuition immediately senses the danger.

He had hidden the matter that he would start school today.

Who knew he would bump into Liu Chen so soon.

At breakfast today, Liu Chen noticed that he liked bacon and asked the kitchen uncle to specially add half a plate more bacon fried eggs to him.

If you put aside his creepy actions, Liu Chen is really good at looking after people.

Shao Fei recalled that in the morning, Liu Chen was playing on his phone, when he asked, “Have you received your results ”

Shao Fei thought since he only received the results this morning, it was all right to let Liu Chen know a little later, so he shook his head.

He currently didn’t dare to mention it.

How could he explain that his grades were worse than the original owners

Liu Chen probably got notified long ago.

There is an 80% probability that he deliberately hid that he knew.

This may be a random test from the male lead, one he must have failed.

The male lead didn’t dislike lying, but disliked people who can’t lie well.

He was too self confident, had he known this would happen he would have confessed when Liu Chen first asked.

What to do!

Quickly after his realisation, director Xu handed him over to the teacher in charge of class one, teacher Kong.

As they entered the classroom, the bell happened to ring.

The students in the class finished their morning conversation , copying homework, or chattering about other activities, and quietly sat back in their seats.

Teacher Kong is a young English teacher, with a gentle temperament.

After writing his name on the blackboard, he asked Shao Fei to express himself with a short introduction.

Shao Fei glanced at Liu Chen’s direction.

He inexplicably felt guilty, when his eyes met with Liu Chen’s indifferent gaze, without a trace of emotion.

Liu Chen took the lead in retracting his gaze.

This time, he didn’t even show a polite smile.

Liu Chen has always been cold, so his occasional warmth often makes people deeply moved.

So when he suddenly ignores you again, it will give people the illusion of being abandoned and make them want to get his attention again.

That is an illusion created by Liu Chen.

He is good at controlling this subtle psychological change.

Even with foreknowledge and precaution, Shao Fei couldn’t detect such a subtle change in their interactions.

Shao Fei is an honest child.

He knows that he is wrong and shouldn’t have lied to him.

He clenched his fist until they shook, hung his head and with trembling shoulders.

“Hello, everyone.

My name is Shao Fei, Shao Fei’s Shao, Shao Fei’s Fei.” Shao Fei quickly finished this paragraph.


It was unknown who laughed first, and laughter soon rang from all around.

Shao Fei realized what he had said and blushed.

His words became nonsense when he was nervous.

Making  a joke of himself on his first day transferring into school.

When the students laughed, Liu Chen’s eyes remained on the textbook as he said, “You, change seats.”

Dong Ling was originally laughing, but after hearing this she couldn’t continue to laugh.

What was he talking about Did he mean her

“Why” Dong Ling’s voice sounded peculiar.

She wanted to know the reason.

This position was won with great difficulty.

Not to mention other classes, there are countless girls in her class who are secretly jealous.

If she can sit here, it means that she is top among girls in all aspects.

Otherwise, how can she deter those Goblins who want to get close to Liu Chen.

Even if they break up, it doesn’t mean she will watch on as others occupy her territory.

Luo Yufei, who was sitting in the row ahead, also heard.

He turned his head and looked at Lu Chen thoughtfully.

This is the first time he acts like this.

What’s the origin of this transferred student

Luo Yufei looked at Shao Fei carefully again.

His fine black hair looked soft, his eyes were not too big or too small, the facial features were ordinary, but when combined they coordinated well.

Although he wore washed to faded clothes, they looked neat and clean.

With white skin that looked smooth and moist, he seemed clever at first sight, as if he would be unable to hide his emotions.

Isn’t this the glutinous rice dumpling that Liu Chen took away in the corridor last time, the legendary oil bottle The glasses were taken off and the hair was cut shorter, but his appearance hasn’t changed.

There shou;dn’t be a case of mistaken identity.

But what’s with this plain temperament How does it seem as if you can walk past him without noticing in the blink of an eye

It seems that Liu Chen has been abnormal a lot recently.

Yesterday, and the day before yesterday too

Since it was only recent, his memory is still fresh.

[Student, clean and obedient.]

Weren’t these his exact words

There can’t be such coincidences.

But if it’s true——

Oh ho, interesting.

The author has something to say:

Xiao Feizi: I haven’t seen the hostess for a while.

I miss her

Xiao Luzi: Oh, who do you miss

Xiao Feizi: (!) You!

TN: Unrelated to translating, ignore if you want~

So I was really looking forward to a delivery and camped out in front of the door waiting for it.

Only to find out online that they had ‘delivered it’ and guess where they ‘delivered it’ to





By the Main.



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