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Shao Fei felt a sudden gush of cool air.

After quickly finishing, he turned around and bumped into Liu Chen standing there.

Against the backlight, his expression was obscured.

There was an inexplicable profound sensation cast by the light and shadow.

Before he could get a good look, the other opened his mouth: “Not picking up, it’s your phone.”

Liu Chen raised his hand and shook the mobile phone in his hand.

At this time, the phone rang for the second time and hung up again.

Shao Fei, who had previously had a thick defensive wall against Liu Chen, is now worried about whether he had done something wrong.

Yet he himself has yet to notice this change.

“How nice of Chen ge to personally bring it over.” Shao Fei was a little flattered.

He never thought that Liu Chen would be so easy-going after getting familiar with him.

If it was visible, Shao Fei would have a good impression of 1 again over his head.

Liu Chen: “No big deal.

Anyway, I also want to go after class.

The phone rang twice.

I think it should be something important.”

Shao Fei immediately wanted to pick it up, so he approached closer.

In the hazy light, he noticed Liu Chen’s eyes seemed a little… turbid, like thick immovable sewage water.

Remembering that he hadn’t washed his hands after finishing in the urinal, he turned and ran to the wash basin.

Liu Chen’s eyes slipped down to that round place again and looked away nonchalantly.

Wet hands reached over wanting to answer the phone.

Liu Chen pulled away and tossed the mobile phone into his pocket, pulled some paper towels from the drum on the wall and started wiping Shao Fei.

As someone not used to close contact, and still this kind of slightly intimate behavior.

Shao Fei attempted to pull his hand back, but he couldn’t pull away.

He was firmly grasped, and in his heart a terrifying idea appeared again.

“Don’t move.

Why don’t you wipe your hands like a child”

At this time, boys from other classes came in.

Shao Fei muttered, “I’ll do it myself.”

“Nearly done.” Liu Chen carefully wiped Shao Fei’s fingers.

He looked like he was wiping some priceless treasure.

Obviously, there were no ambiguous actions but Shao Fei felt ashamed and his cheeks were red.

Before, he only saw Liu Chen’s shortcomings and was afraid of the male lead.

Although that is still true, Liu Chen was not without advantages.

Plus he was not the kind of person who found fault for no reason.

The more he thought about it and the more he felt it was the case, Shao Fei’s courage grew a little stronger.

Liu Chen was quietly changing his mind.

Shao Fei lowered his head and his eyes drifted.

He noticed that Liu Chen’s hands were very beautiful.

Larger than ordinary boys, with distinct bones, looking both slender and powerful.

Every detail seems to be carefully carved by god.

Sometimes Shao Fei feels that god must doze off when he was creating him.

After wiping his hands, Shao Fei hasn’t called back yet when there is a third call incoming.

Normally if there wasn’t an emergency they wouldn’t call so many times, he picked it up immediately.

Liu Chen nearby took back the small magnet, as if it had never appeared, and the bug stayed settled in Shao Fei’s mobile phone.

The other end said something.

Shao Fei’s face turned a little bad, and even his lips trembled slightly: “There’s nothing I can do.”

Then he hung up and even put the number directly into the list of blocked numbers.

When they walked back to the classroom, Liu Chen asked, “What’s the matter”

Shao Fei shook his head.

The phone call just now was from Shao Yuanlong.

Now the man is still in the detention center.For some reason not only is his stay prolonged, but the relevant departments have submitted a review and approval for a long term stay, which may lead to criminal prosecution.

It’s no longer as simple as detention.

Shao Yuanlong had sobered up and tried his best to ask for a phone call.

He guessed that the boy who came over that day had something to do with Shao Fei.

Shao Fei knew that Liu Chen had a hand in this.

However he was not such a noble man, nor is he unable to distinguish between good and bad.

Shao Fei could not forget his despair at that time.

The shadow of domestic violence is forever engraved in his bones repeatedly over the many years.

There was no practical and effective way to face a person who remained unchanged after repeated education.

It’s only him who suffers should Shao Yuanlong be released, plus he thinks that Liu Chen just wants to teach each other a lesson.

From time to time, a subtle emotion appeared at the bottom of his heart, accelerating a few steps, he followed Liu Chen, and whispered, “Thank you.”

He secretly decided that if there was anything that the male lead needed in the future, he would definitely not refuse.

It may be just a few words for Liu Chen, but it’s more than that for him.

Moreover, he is not close to Liu Chen.

Is there a reason to help him

Although it was very quiet, Liu Chen caught it and felt the sincere gratitude in those words.

The corners of his mouth raised a little.

Finally he caressed the soft head with his hand.

Thanking him for wiping his hands, how could he be so obedient

Liu Chen unconsciously rubbed the toilet paper again.

It felt like being tickled by grass.

Liu Chen has several half brothers, but even the youngest one is not worry free.

It is precisely because he has encountered too many ulterior motives from childhood that Liu Chen is highly sensitive to this aspect.

So he is more willing to get along with Shao Fei, who has simple thoughts and a surprisingly slow response rate.

If he had to have a brother, he must choose it himself.

Everything is as he planned.

Small animals step into the trap step by step.

He can control the accidental turn in life and put people safely in the scope as he needs.

There will be evening self-study in senior year, but there are only a few teachers on duty.

Some students stay and some leave according to their own needs, which compared to the urgent atmosphere of other high schools is relatively relaxed.

However the college entrance examination is still a psychological hurdle for most students.

A considerable part of those who plan to go abroad will stay in the classroom, they will be too distracted at home.

The classroom is a natural library, and you can ask Xueba students in the class anything you don’t understand.

Today the girls with Dong Ling found that their classmate dicao1 had gone to the canteen for dinner.

The little tail behind him was collectively ignored by them.

For this new classmate who had no sense of existence, they didn’t pay attention except at the beginning.

He was just a new attendant around Liu Chen.

The girls gathered together, looked at the two people sitting peacefully in the back row and asked Dong Ling, “What’s going on Liu Chen actually stayed for self-study in the evening”

“Probably on a whim.” Dong Ling has observed Liu Chen for more than ten years.

She still has some understanding of this volatile ex boyfriend.

He often does things without reason and on a whim.

“But Liu Chen takes good care of the transfer student.

They’re too close.” A girl sighed, as classmates of many years, she had not seen Liu Chen laugh so many times a day.

Shao Fei didn’t expect Liu Chen to stay for self-study in the evening, but he was grateful for this whim.

He felt that with a xueba around him, his learning efficiency also rose.

In the past, he certainly didn ‘t dare to ask Liu Chen, but now they’re more familiar, Shao Fei’s lively nature was also liberated.

As long as the small animal doesn’t feel danger, he will carefully move closer his textbook and be not ashamed to ask questions.

Liu Chen usually attends classes during the day.

At night, he will contact Wu Lianggang and discuss today’s  situation with the Internet company his father had given to train him.

Liu Chen has a better relationship with Wu Lianggang than with the irresponsible Liu Zhengming.

From him, Liu Chen also knew that Yao Feifei was peaceful and did not contact anyone recently, but this was only temporary.

Moreover, during the conversation he vaguely heard a woman’s voice that sounded a little familiar.

After a little thought, Liu Chen guessed what Yao Feifei did.

If she could really handle Wu Lianggang then she was indeed capable.

There is still a week before they come back.

During this period, Liu Zhengming seems a little tired of Yao Feifei.

Soon, Yao Feifei and Shao Fei will be invited out of Liu’s house.

Liu Chen looked thoughtfully at the little thing beside him.

Shao Fei moved a little closer his English paper and pointed to the above question in embarrassment: “I read your answer, why is the answer B.”

This is the tenth time today.

Shao Fei thinks that if he was Liu Chen, he would probably be annoyed to death by himself.

However, if Liu Chen showed a little impatience, Shao Fei’s courage would probably shrink back.

However, Liu Chen today was always in a good mood.

After half talking with Wu Lianggang, his handsome face moved nearer.


It’s still fine when this face is not close.

However, coming too close is a test of people’s eyes.

Seeing that the hamster shrank back again, Liu Chen’s eyes coagulated.

He knew that the little thing was still on guard against himself.

He didn’t let his tone reflect his mood: “Am I so scary”

Shao Fei shook his head again and again.

No, no, no, you are too radiant.

He took the test paper, turned over the front and back, and frowned at the place of the composition.

Shao Fei knew how terrible it was from the expression alone.

In Liu Chen’s eyes showed … How to say, in the words of the male lead mocking the female lead: living wastes air and dying wastes land.

At the beginning, the male and female lead held mutual resentment and disliked each other.

The female lead thought the male lead was too arrogant.

The male lead thought the female lead was too scheming.

Even the female lead was called stupid by the male lead, not to mention him.

However, Liu Chen did not open the usual ridicule mode, though his tone was still flat and indifferent: “There is a trap in this question and the concept was secretly changed.”

Liu Chen pointed to the topic and explained it in the simplest terms.

After that, he asked him to practice writing more.

Like Chinese, English composition is subject to the teacher’s aesthetics to gain points.

It’s good to chance upon a teacher more casual, meeting a strict teacher will lead to deducting points.

Shao Fei nodded.

After taking the paper Liu Chen began to talk about wechat again.

Shao Fei asked: “So which subject branch will you choose”

They will soon divide into liberal arts and science studies to take the final exam.

Have you considered the  suffering of students who have not yet decided

Shao Fei put his face on the textbook and sighed.

Originally he kept all his thoughts to himself, the corners of Liu Chen’s mouth tilted up.

Now he can complain out loud, there is progress.

It’s a good phenomenon that the number of words has become more and more.

Young master Liu expresses… he was slightly satisfied.

“Even after you choose your subjects, the English test is unavoidable.”

“But we are Chinese and it’s not useful at ordinary times.” I deeply love this country.

“Study hard.” Liu Chen pursed his lips.

He planned to study abroad for a few years, so Shao Fei must learn English well.

“This is the regulation of the Education Bureau.

If you want to protest, find them.”

“I’m just casually talking.” He wilted.

“It’s difficult for you, do you think it’s easy for others Under the same conditions, you have to find your own advantages.” He wanted to pinch the wilted cabbage, but Liu Chen only rubbed his fingers for a while and didn’t put it into action.

The male lead likes to preach.

Oh yes, in addition to his shortcomings, the male lead is still a lover of philosophy.

But Shao Fei felt this speech was quite reasonable.

As if comforted, he soon continued to immerse himself in studying happily.

Liu Chen looked at his optimistic deskmate and his mood also increased by 5 points.


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