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Translator’s Note: Hi guys.

This is my first attempt at translating so it might seem rough at some places.

Hopefully I’ll get better as I translate more chapters.

You’ll see some rough wording too; I’ll try to get a proofreader soon.

This female demonic cultivator is a very well-known flower thief1 that specifically targets pretty and charming men but rarely approaches high-level cultivators like Shao Fei.

This time she saw an opportunity, of course, she will take it and properly enjoy him.

Her skill at relentlessly targeting men is unrivaled, such that all the men that she tastes will voluntarily become her slaves, giving her whatever she desired.

Shao Fei tried to hold his breath to stop breathing in the fragrance in the air, however, this drained the remaining energy in his body.

Still, at this point, he only wanted to escape immediately, regardless of conserving spiritual power.

Just as Shao Fei finally cleared away the lingering fragrance in his body, the door opened and a woman wearing translucent red gauze walked in barefoot.

She sashayed over with a tender smile on her face, lips bright red, gazing at the now young youth who appeared like a gentle and refined man right out of an ink painting, who glared at her angrily.

Her smile deepened and she asked him seductively and demonically, “Regardless of how many times you attempt suicide, I will always have ways to control you.

This fragrance was specially selected in order to make you listen to me obediently.

How could I let you pass on so easily when you haven’t experienced the most enjoyable pleasure in life”

She slowly entered the water and swam towards Shao Fei.

Shao Fei acted out the original character’s attitude and stared at her in disgust as she approached.

All righteous cultivators hated this demonic woman.

She is known by the psuedonym Luo Qinghong and is revered as the palace master of the Flame Palace, the Flame Demon.

In the novel, she’s a rather important character who appears several times.

Although she isn’t a named character, Shao Fei guesses that she is either a small boss or a female supporting role.

Even though her relationship with Lu Yuan isn’t clarified in the novel, there is definitely contact between them.

She improves her cultivation by collecting yang2 energy from men.

300 years ago, she was the younger martial sister of Lu Yuan.

At the Lingyun grand ceremony, following an incident, her innate demonic constitution was revealed, and she was trapped and suppressed by masters of several major sects.

In the end, her cultivation base was destroyed.

She, who had just entered the Golden Core stage, was abandoned by her Daoist companion, and when she was just about to die and her cultivation almost extinguished, her Golden Core was taken away3 Only, the novel was very short and it’s unknown who received the Golden Core.

Then, she, with her innate demonic constitution, cultivated all over again with her own demonic Dao.

Within 300 years, she once again reached the Golden Core stage and even surpassed her previous self.

Shao Fei watched as she slowly drew near.

Her painted fingernails deliberately raised a corner of his clothes, revealing his porcelain white skin.

Luo Qinghong thought to herself, sure enough, this is indeed the most famous man in the west, with skin beautiful and fair as snow.

Shao Fei gathered up all his remaining spiritual power and fiercely striked at her dantian4.

Luo Qinghong didn’t expect that Shao Fei could still resist to this degree.

Unexpectedly, even in these circumstances, the other could react quickly.

Shao Fei darted under the water and pressed on a switch in the middle of the pool.

Instantly, the bright white light of the teleportation array flared.

This is Luo Qinghong’s escape route in case she gets ambushed at the Flame Palace.

The array can only send one person away at a time, and the teleportation distance would never be too far away from the palace.

This array serves as a temporary escape measure.

Other than those who manufactured it, only Luo Qinghong knows such a hidden and unthinkable secret.

Of course, now there was also Shao Fei who learned it from reading the novel.


Fei! Do you really think I won’t be able to catch you if you run away” She watched with her hands tied as he vanished in the teleportation array; the next time the array could open would take 6 shichen5.

This person even knew the secret of Flame Palace! Luo Qinghong decided she must experience this person’s taste, and that she’d throw his soul into the demon pit afterward, unable to reincarnate or speak ever again!

Luo Qinghong convened her subordinates and started pursuing Shao Fei’s capture.

After surviving that crisis, Shao Fei once again opened his eyes.

He was completely drenched, and after pushing through the teleportation array, he was very feeble and weak.

Still, he had to hang in there and brace his body with his willpower.

His health had deteriorated even more because he had just used his spiritual power again.

His broken spirit root was now in even more critical condition.

If he wanted to repair it, he would need to use extremely precious supplies and also find the assistance of someone powerful enough to be on the brink of ascension.

Both conditions are impossible.

He looked left and right, and Shao Fei’s heart thumped, almost missing a breath.

This was an antique room with a lively marketplace outside.

Many cultivators were going to and fro, and the common people passing by them all bowed, casting respectful glances at them.

They were careful not to brush the clothes of the cultivators, who they regarded as untouchable existences like mountains.

This is a common cultivator town on the continent, trading medicine dan6, mystical texts, etc.

According to the rules of the array, this should be a small town under the mountain near the Flame Palace.

Shao Fei looked around the room, starting with the decoration.

He guessed that this was an inn.

He spotted a jade pendant on top of the table, it looked somewhat familiar.

Before he could examine it further, he heard sounds of conversation drifting over from outside.

At present, he very much rejoiced that this was a marketplace; there were tons of people coming and going.

It’d be difficult to hide by himself, but with crowds of people mixed together like fish and dragons7, he could slip in easily.

Shao Fei saw the sea of water underneath himself, and his spiritual power was basically exhausted.

If he tried to run it forcibly, he might not even be able to protect his physical body.

But, like that, the world will probably be deleted and restarted.

The system said that the second world is not stable right now.

Shao Fei still dried the floor8 and quickly hid under the bed.

He held his breath, controlled the leakage of his presence, and watched the people entering from outside.

They wore light-colored brocade clothes that were extremely simple yet gave off an ethereal presence.

As soon as the leading person entered, he glanced at the bottom of the bed and then looked away blandly.

Following, two disciples walked in after him.

A pair of boots with white soles and cloud patterns halted in front of the table.

He picked up the jade pendant placed on top and said with a snow-cold demeanor: “Return this jade pendant to Shao Yunjin.

Benzun9 can’t help with that task.”

“Founding shibo10, this person belongs to the Shao family which is now one of the main powers rising in the west.

In recent years, the west has not been peaceful.

Forces of all levels are fighting nonstop.

According to hearsay, the Shao family has countless secret techniques.

At present, the origin of those techniques has not yet been discovered.

The sect leader worries that this foreshadows even more terrible disasters.

Thus, he accepted the jade pendant on your behalf and is asking you to take a look around the Flame Palace whenever you have time,” Rong Yan, a disciple in the middle of Foundation Building, carefully explained.

This founding shibo of theirs seldom asks about worldly matters, he’s probably already forgotten about most of these factional politics.

Shao Fei was hidden under the bed, muffling his mouth, scared of letting out even the slightest noise.

As he heard all this information explained, he also sorted out the recently received original’s memory, which is why he had only thought that the jade pendant was strangely familiar.

Now, after being reminded by them, he finally recalled, that was the jade pendant that the original character had always carried around wherever he went! According to their dialogue, it seems Shao Yunjin is making use the jade pendant again

Also, Shao Fei seems to have guessed the identity of this reticent man that previously spoke and decided to continue listening to confirm the man’s identity.

“If our Qixin11 sect directly rejects their request, would the forces of the western region be discontent with us and turn to Xianyu12 sect for refuge” Rong Yan asked.

These two sects aren’t as amicable as they seem on the outside.

It’s said that this is related to the past incident regarding Flame Demon Luo Qinghong’s massacre.

However, everyone keeps their mouth shut about the specifics of that matter, and those few that survived past the incident are powerful cultivators, the rest having all fallen.

Additionally, this matter involves the Flame Demon, so the Venerable Lu Yuan 13 must still be unwilling to allow excessive interference, based on their past relationship as fellow disciples under one master.

Outsiders all say the Venerable Lu Yuan is cold outside and hot inside.

Although he’s distant like mountain snow, he’s actually the most fair and just cultivator of the righteous way.

As expected, even after she fell to the demonic way, he’s reluctant to act against his fellow disciple.

It’s evident that his heart is soft and values relations.

It’s just that, the young master of Shao family heard that in addition, he’s actually also a talented genius This may be his fortune or misfortune.

“That still has nothing to do with my decision.

Qixing sect is considered the head of the righteous way, it can willfully do whatever it wants.

Although Shao family is part of the righteous faction, they repeatedly refine misfortunate cultivators and those with a strong constitution into puppets to increase their personal strength.

They have violated the Nascent Spirit Taboo and will definitely meet with backlash.

This Shao Fei and Shao Yunjin have been partners in crime for nearly a hundred years.

Without participation to the sects’ selection ceremony and the Lingyun grand ceremony, this scheme is not trivial.

He who saves one life at the expense of ten million is an immoral man.

Would you be willing to do so” An overwhelming aura of righteousness emanated from Lu Yuan, making Rong Yan stricken with shame, suddenly understanding Lu Yuan’s unconcerned attitude.

He passed Shao Fei’s jade pendant over to be returned.

From his standpoint now, if that young master of Shao family was really picked up by the Flame Demon and had his soul extinguished, it might even be a good thing.

This way there’d be a reasonable way to eliminate a head persecutor of the common people.

“This time, I need to start the magic array with the Venerable Demon to prevent the once a century surge of ghosts and corpses.

According to my investigations during these past few days, the situation this time is a bit more serious than expected.

Send some people back to the sect and have Xin Ruyi send more people over to guard the array together.” Xin Ruyi is the current sect leader of Qixing sect, and also the grand disciple of Lu Yuan.

The ghost and corpse surge is not a minor matter.

This is an issue that terrorizes all who hear of it.

Even after almost a thousand years, the misery and suffering that people experienced back then has been passed down generation by generation, warning people to stay alert.

Rong Yan gave a start and immediately prepared a special feather pigeon to send the news to Qixing sect.

Feather pigeons can travel thousands of miles per day, and based on the power of the letter’s seal, only the specified recipient can open the letter.

Lu Yuan still had another important matter.

Before the two disciples left, Lu Yuan slowly looked towards his yet to be slept on bed with a frosty expression, pondering over how to deal with the unexpected little thief that had entered.

Little thief……

This form of address made ripples appear in Lu Yuan’s gaze, giving him a somewhat familiar, yet also entirely unfamiliar feeling.

He didn’t give it any importance.

How should he handle the sudden appearance of this little guy There was no such person originally.

It was only while going upstairs that he suddenly felt the presence of another in his room.

It was even someone who suffered great injuries, with a destroyed dantian.

This person has the breath of a cultivator yet the feeling of a normal commoner, it seems he’s an arrow at the end of its flight.

Shao Fei felt the slight excited and anxious movement of his spiritual root, as if it was a dry riverbed being moistened, dying to hug the unending stream of spiritual energy gathered right in front of him.

He finally determined that the man in front of him was the male protagonist of the novel, Lu Yuan, the one referred to as the continent’s most honorable cultivator, as well as the only one with an ice type spiritual root.

Shao Fei has a water type spiritual root belonging to the same system as the ice type spiritual root, which was why Shao Fei yearned to be closer to him.

This was the normal behavior of damaged spiritual roots.

As Lu Yuan was thinking, Shao Fei’s heart almost came out of his throat, quietly waiting for the other’s decision.

Lu Yuan could extinguish him with a wave of his hand, and Shao Fei knew he was discovered.

If the other was a Golden Core stage cultivator or under, he could still hide away, but this is Lu Yuan who’s cultivation level was way higher than even Shao Fei’s original cultivation stage.

He had probably already noticed him since a while ago.

But he didn’t dare to move, and could only pray that the male lead would be merciful.

Even if this male protagonist fundamentally didn’t have that so-called mercy, and was probably even more vicious than the demonic path’s Flame Demon.

Indeed, back then when Shao Fei was reading the novel in his room, he had foremost sympathized with the female lead.14

First, without discussing the rest, this male lead had a characteristic that leaves a very deep impression on the reader.

He is usually a high-ranking and powerful immortal in the Mahayana stage, highly-respected by righteous sect disciples, like a dragon that looks forward and not back, all year long.

But this all has a reason.

Lu Yuan normally practices an ancient and rare top-class cultivation method.

As long as you cultivate this method you will change your appearance within a short period of time.

This change in appearance isn’t just facial features, but also covers figure, gender, etc.

The length of time for the appearance change cannot be controlled, sometimes long and sometimes short.

For instance, before the original broke his spiritual root, Lu Yuan had changed appearance into the elderly, children, huntsmen, imperial bodyguards, etc.

Perhaps even a beggar who brushed by him could’ve been the Venerable Lu Yuan.

Additionally, he was very good at changing his own personality due often changing his appearance and character, so even though his appearance completely changes, no one can tell that he is the Venerable Lu Yuan of Qixing Sect.

This is why Shao Fei pitied the female lead.

If one day she woke up and found out her floor sweeping retainer was Lu Yuan, then she’d suffer such a fright.

Even worse, this person had great skill at changing his character and hiding his cultivation level, able to pretend to be the pig to eat the tiger and completely control and follow you in all ways.

Just thinking about it makes him shudder, but all this was the male and female lead’s business; it has nothing to do with him, an unimportant passerby15.

Of course, he wouldn’t consider himself tearing up a relationship again.

His lack of memory doesn’t mean that he’s narcissistic, he doesn’t have world ending beauty.

Also, the way the last world played out was too bizarre, after all, it was a BG16 romance.

The male protagonist’s behavior last time was an accident, and there’s no way that accident would happen again.

Shao Fei believed this as a matter of course.

From Shao Fei’s point of view, these issues were for the female lead to vex over, he was still waiting for Lu Yuan’s decision.

Only a few seconds had passed since Lu Chen glanced over towards him.

These few seconds were enough for Shao Fei to be on tenterhooks.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

It was a subordinate of the Flame Palace following orders to chase and capture the escaped male pet.

It’s said that the male pet hurt Luo Qinghong when escaping, and the Palace Lord was in a fit of anger right now.

They had heard that the Venerable Lu Yuan was staying here, and came to ask about Shao Fei and give him their greetings.

The most harmoniuos time is when the Immortals and Demons jointly maintain the formation once a century, so at this time, immortal sect disciples can freely walk around in demon territory without worrying about being attacked.

Of course, those with resentment will start a conflict regardless of where they are.

After the subordinate sent his greetings, he asked if Shao Fei was around here.

“No.” Lu Yuan who had wanted to act against Shao Fei with his spiritual power once again stayed his hand.

Since it’s a male pet who ran away, then no wonder he’s in such a bad condition.

Perhaps originally he was a cultivator, and unfortunately had his spiritual root destroyed to this extent.

With this simple reply, Lu Yuan dismissed the subordinate.

The subordinate sent out people to continue the search.

From his attitude, it seems the background of this male pet isn’t that simple.

As Lu Yuan left with the two grand-disciples, he kindly closed the door to his room.

Afterwards, he instructed: “Send people to watch my room, if someone leaves, follow them.”

Rong Yan secretly said to himself, not good, he hadn’t noticed anything different about the room: “You’re 17 room had someone inside!”

Then doesn’t that mean all of their previous dialogue was overheard

Rong Yan was extremely ashamed of his dereliction of duty, if it wasn’t for the founding shibo’s reminding, he wouldn’t have even realized.

“Wouldn’t our previous conversation have been…”

“What we just discussed isn’t a secret.

Even if it was overheard there’s no harm.

The other party used camouflage; cultivators below Golden Core stage can not detect it.

This person didn’t have any threatening intentions, it’s just that he’s probably related to the Flame Palace.

First send people to follow him, don’t scare him off.”

The two received their order and left.

Shao Fei saw the door was once again closed, and Lu Yuan and the Qixing disciples had actually all left.

Although it was a bit dubious, still, a nobody indeed didn’t arouse any interest from Lu Yuan.

His pretense as a person of high morals did have some benefit for Shao Fei.

Lu Yuan wouldn’t fuss about people without harmful intentions.

He knew he couldn’t stay here for long, especially with Shao Yunjin who had ulterior motives, wanting to thoroughly kill him so no one knew about the origin of his power or thought back about the Shao family’s genius.

After Lu Yuan and the others left, Shao Fei also prepared to leave the room.

Exept, he looked at the revealing clothes he was wearing, deliberately set up like this for Luo Qinghong.

If he walked out like this he’d definitely draw attention, and the subordinates of the Flame Demon Palace were still looking for him nearby.

He saw the neat folded clothes over the bed, probably what the Qixing sect especially prepared for Lu Yuan.

Although they were somewhat too big, it would still wearable.

Shao Fei picked up and wore the set of clothes that looked the most low-key.

Too bad, in actuality, anyone in the know would easily be able to notice its high quality.

This set of clothes has added protection, with an expensive price tag.

In terms of the city where the original owner lived, one year’s worth of clothes wouldn’t match the price of this one set.

That Lu Yuan could casually leave these wherever sufficiently demonstrated his immense financial resources.

Shao Fei thought to himself, later when he has the opportunity he must secretly bring the male protagonist a set of clothes.

Shao Fei directly walked out of the inn.

However, he wasn’t able to go far.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to.

Walking like a normal passerby had already exhausted his acting skills.

At present, he was completely emptied of spiritual energy and it was impossible to fly away on his sword.

He had also suffered severe injury.

This place was the demon sect’s domain and there was even a mysterious and cryptic Immortal sect nearby.

They specialize in hunting loose immortals and sucking out souls to nourish their own cultivation.

Although he doesn’t look like a cultivator anymore, he still has a spiritual root.

Now he can only try to find a relatively safe spot to cultivate.

Shao Fei was in difficult situation.

He thought for a moment, and walked into a forest not far from the town.

Normally not many people come here, but, according to the novel, the female lead is right around here.

Her cultivation method can control and summon shadows.

Not only can she speed up her cultivation speed, she can also use her shadows as her combat strength.

But in this period of time, her shadow was very disobedient, as if provoked by something, leading to the recent massacre of immortal cultivators in the vicinity.

Originally, she didn’t know it was her shadow taking advantage of when she slept to do this.

But later, it became more and more unbridled and careless, allowing her to gradually notice something off.

She felt very guilty and blamed herself, so she moved far away from the demon sect into this forest and isolated herself, where she hid in a deserted ruin to practice controlling her shadow.

The novel’s female protagonist also had an innate demonic constitution, so she was a demonic cultivator.

In fact, that Luo Qinghong and the female lead were actually fellow martial apprentices.

Only, their personalities were poles apart.

Although the female lead was a demonic cultivator, her disposition wasn’t bad.

She just had a poisonous tongue and didn’t get along with anyone.

As a part-immortal part-demon half-blood, she could even practice immortal cultivation, making her an outcast in the demonic sect.

After she met the male lead and fell deeply in love, she pretended to be a normal person and entered the Qixing Sect.

Of course, she hid her innate constitution while cautiously and sincerely approaching the male lead.

At first, Lu Yuan didn’t take a fancy to her, but after going through a series of incidents, he decided to take her on as his disciple.

This was where the novel’s plot cut off.

The reason Shao Fei came here was because the female lead’s character wasn’t too flawed.

She had a bit of naive cruelty, but wasn’t very evil.

Most importantly, she needed help calming her more and more irascible shadow, to stop it from going out to harm people.

The especially healing water spiritual root was precisely the ideal medium.

She could get past this affliction by taking his water root to cultivate.

His damaged spiritual root was also unable to be cultivated again, so he might as well give it to her.

With her character, she wouldn’t burn the bridge after crossing the river18.

At most, she’d dislike him for being a burden.

This time, he decided to stay at the female lead’s side.

In his opinion, as long as he had a pretext to stay by their side, either the female lead or male lead would do.

Also, at this time, he didn’t know who he should ask for help.

Just as Shao Fei entered the deserted area, a shadow on the ground fluttered over, roused up as it noticed the presence of an intruder.

Shao Fei knew that this was one of the ten shadows the female lead controlled.

During the day, they usually wouldn’t take the initiative to attack.

At this moment, he was already worned out.

After he saw the shadow, he fell to the ground with a thud.

That shadow seemed to have its own consciousness, going to Shao Fei and prodding him on the left and right.

Seeing that he wasn’t a threat, even having fainted, and being as much of a face-con as its master, it at once ran back to the deserted ruin to find its owner.

Shortly after, an incomparably charming lady hurriedly ran over.

The allegedly “infatuatingly beautiful” man, according to the shadow, had fainted at the edge of ruin.

Yet, all she saw was an old grandpa

The author has something to say: the male protagonist’s attribute this time is 72 changes How melodramatic( ̄▽ ̄)~

Footnotesrapist.innate yang energy as in yin yang; collected via sexnot sure about this sentence: 最終修為被廢,剛剛步入金丹期的她在道侶背棄的時候,即將身死道消之際將金丹渡走.dantian: center of spiritual power located 3 inches below the navel.shichen= 2 hours; system of time in China before the introduction of western chronologydan=round pills.means people of strong and weak backgrounds mixed together, making it difficult to act recklessly (in case they accidentally offend some bigshot).with spiritual power I guess.benzun=I (but in a distinguished way, meaning the person has a high status).shibo= their teacher’s elder brother, aka has higher seniority.Seven stars.Celestial feathers.previous translator used Liu but I’ll be using Lu; the surname is same as previous arc’s Lu Chen.not sure about this: 不過當時在空間裡看這本小說的時候,邵非首先同情的是女主.Hehe, I can’t wait for future chapters when MC takes the female lead’s position.

Hence the arc title “please begin your performance”.“boy girl” aka heterosexual romance.respectful way of saying you.be ungrateful to one’s benefactor.-

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