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Chapter 198: Lin Langyue’s Change, Yi Qinglan’s Hobby!

After an unknown period of time, Li Ran opened his eyes in a daze.

The little person in his dantian had been circulating nonstop, refining the huge soul power in his sense of perception, constantly nourishing his soul.

His soul was growing stronger every second, and his spiritual sense and perception were also increasing.

This feeling was very strange.

It was as if he was immersed in warm water, so comfortable that he couldn’t help but feel sleepy.

His consciousness was also somewhat erratic, as if he was stepping on a cloud.

He felt as if he was in a trance.

This was also why he was so sleepy.

Furthermore, because his soul was unstable, it was difficult for him to concentrate.

Although the spiritual power in his body surged, he could not use any Daoist techniques.

“It’s a good night’s sleep!” Li Ran stretched lazily.

He suddenly felt an itch in his arms.

He looked down and was stunned.

Lin Langyue curled up in his arms like a kitten, her pretty face resting on his chest.

The beautiful side of her face was white and delicate, like flawless jade.

A faint red mark appeared on her small face, giving her a touch of real loveliness.

He didn’t know what she was dreaming about.

The corners of her mouth curled up slightly, and her expression was calm and contented.

A few strands of hair scattered on her cheeks, like a person in a painting.

Li Ran’s throat moved.

Lin Langyue had always been clear and cold, like a bright moon in the sky.

When had she ever looked like this

This sharp contrast made his heart race.

Li Ran nudged her.

“Chief Lin, wake up.”

However, the other party did not respond.

“How deep are you sleeping Aren’t you trusting me too much”

Li Ran looked at her delicate face and couldn’t help but pinch it.

“Chief Lin, it’s time to get up.

The sun is already shining.”

“Mmm…” She snorted.

Her eyes did not open, but her arms tightened.

“……” Li Ran sighed.

Why did they like to test his determination

Seeing her sound asleep, Li Ran rolled up a wisp of black hair and gently swept it across her nose.

Lin Langyue’s brows furrowed slightly as she subconsciously snorted, “You’re annoying.

Don’t make a fuss…”

She suddenly realized something and her voice stopped abruptly.

Her body tensed instantly.

Her eyelashes trembled slightly, and her eyes opened a gap.

When she saw their intimate posture, her pretty face turned red.

She hastily closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

“Alright, I’ve already seen it.” Li Ran was amused.

“Hehe!” Lin Langyue couldn’t continue pretending.

She opened her eyes and smiled awkwardly.

Li Ran shook his head.

“I remember you’re quite cold.

Why are you acting like a fool now”

“Foolish” Lin Langyue wrinkled her nose and said, “I’m not stupid.

I’m smart!”

Li Ran burst into laughter.

In the past, Chief Lin was very similar to Yi Qinglan.

She was like a distant moon, but now she was as sweet and cute as the girl next door.

The changes were really too big.

Actually, Lin Langyue didn’t change.

Before, when she cultivated the Heavenly Dao, she sensed the heavenly secrets and cut off the surging mortal world.

Other people would naturally feel that she was very far away.

But now, she had already thought of Li Ran as the Heavenly Dao.

The cultivator was Li Ran, and the one who she sensed was also Li Ran.

Her Dao Heart was no longer the same as her, so her subconscious was especially intimate.

Lin Langyue stood up shyly.

For some reason, his embrace was always warm and steady.

Even his breath made her very infatuated.

Looking at the still pale handsome face, she asked with concern, “How are you Are you better”

Li Ran shook his head.

“I’m fine.

I’m fine.”

“Don’t lie to me.”

Lin Langyue lowered her head and said guiltily, “The matter of the soul is very important.

Even the slightest mistake will affect the path of immortality.

This time, you were injured to save my soul.

I’m afraid…”

Her tone was gloomy and her eyes were misty.

She felt like she was about to cry the next second.

Li Ran was dumbfounded.

His soul was injured His soul was now more than twice as strong as before.

Moreover, there was still half of the soul power in his sense of perception.

If he absorbed all of it, his soul would probably rise to a terrifying level.

It couldn’t be any better.

“I’m really fine, and I feel great.”

“Fine” Lin Langyue asked, “Then why don’t you show me some Daoism”

“Uh… I really can’t do this for the time being.”

“You can’t even use the Daoist techniques anymore, and you’re still saying that you’re fine” Lin Langyue said angrily, “Why are you so brave”

Li Ran scratched his head as he looked at the young girl with misty eyes.

How could he explain this to her

Lin Langyue rubbed her eyes and her eyes gradually turned firm.

She said seriously, “But don’t worry.

With Master here, I will help you recover.”

“You mean Daoist Yi” Li Ran smiled bitterly and said, “She almost hates me now.”

Not only did he see her naked in his heart, but he had also absorbed almost all of her remnant souls…

Yi Qinglan probably wanted to kill him.

“How could that be” Lin Langyue shook her head.

“Master must be grateful that you saved me this time.

Don’t look at Master’s usual coldness, but she’s actually a particularly warm person!”


Recalling that cold gaze, Li Ran could not help but shiver.

What does this word have to do with ice cubes

At this moment, he thought of something and said, “Oh right, there’s something I want to ask you.”

“Yes, what’s the matter”

“Daoist Yi… Is there a sand red mole on her waist”

This question had troubled Li Ran for a long time.

The scene that he saw in the illusion was very real, not like it was made up by his brain.

But how could Heart Demon show a scene he had never seen before

Lin Langyue was stunned.

“How do you know”


Before he finished speaking, a cough sounded from the side.

Their bodies instantly stiffened.

They slowly turned to look and saw Yi Qinglan sitting on a chair with her arms around her shoulders.

“Do you think you’re alone”

“Master” Lin Langyue opened her mouth.

Li Ran gulped as his throat tightened.

He smiled sheepishly and said, “Daoist Yi, when did you come Why is there no movement”

Yi Qinglan said coldly, “This Penniless Priest has been here the entire time.

Aren’t you guys too oblivious”

“Always there” Lin Langyue’s face turned red.

Then, didn’t their intimate appearance of sharing the same bed just now be seen by Master

Her head hung even lower, and her pretty face was as hot as a fever.

“How embarrassing…”

Li Ran frowned and said unhappily, “Does Daoist Yi still have a hobby of watching people sleep”

Yi Qinglan said indifferently, “This Penniless Priest still has a hobby of killing people.

Do you want to give it a try”


Li Ran urgently said, “Thank you, but no need.”


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