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Chapter 200: Tianshu Institute Li Ran’s Backyard!

For the next few days, Li Ran stayed at the Free Cloud Peak to rest.

As the little person in his dantian continued to refine, his soul grew stronger and stronger, and the dazed feeling gradually faded.

A few female deacons took care of him in shifts and took care of his daily life.

After this period of time, Li Ran’s story had been thoroughly spread.

In the beast tide, he saved more than a dozen disciples of Tianshu Institute, regardless of the past.

In order to save Chief Lin, he didn’t hesitate to fight with a Deity Transformation-level expert and kill him with his Nascent Soul.

This time, he came all the way to White Cloud Peak to rescue Chief Lin from the dead.

Furthermore, in order to stabilize her Dao Heart, his soul had been seriously injured…

The female cultivators’ hearts were already more emotional.

Their impression of Li Ran had greatly changed, and they labeled him as “sentimental”.

There were even many disciples who sneaked into the Free Cloud Peak to see his true appearance.

Free Cloud Peak, in the bedroom…

“Sheng Zi Li, breakfast is ready.

Please change,” a little deacon raised his white robe and said.

Li Ran nodded.

“Thank you.”

Although he could already take care of himself, since someone was serving him, why would he refuse

Moreover, it was a group of young Daoists.

Looking at these youthful and beautiful faces, his mood would be much better.

Li Ran put on his clothes.

He was dressed in a snow-white brocade robe with a flowing cloud pattern embroidered on his collar and sleeves.

A green brocade belt was tied around his waist, revealing a silver cut-out edge.

Coupled with his handsome face and tall and straight figure, he was as handsome as a snowy mountain.

The little deacon quietly sized him up, her cheeks slightly flushed.

Li Ran had completely overturned her impression of the devil.

His face was fair and handsome, and his smile was bright and sunny.

Especially when she looked at him, her deep eyes seemed to be hiding a river of stars.

It was as if he was about to fall in the next second.

How was this a devil

It was clearly an elegant and peerless young master.

Li Ran thought about it and asked, “I haven’t seen Chief Lin lately.

What is she busy with”

The little deacon replied, “Chief Lin has been at the Sect Master’s place for the past few days.

It’s said that the Sect Master is helping her stabilize her Dao Heart.”

Li Ran shook his head.

She was clearly trying to stabilize her Dao Heart by placing her under house arrest and preventing her from looking for him.

“This Daoist Yi, she’s really guarding against her like I’m a thief.”

At that moment, the deacon asked softly, “Sheng Zi Li, will you be telling a story today”

Li Ran looked at her expectant expression and asked with a smile, “What do you want to hear”

The little deacon said, “Everyone is looking forward to the story of the West Chamber that you mentioned last time.””

Li Ran nodded.

“Alright, let’s talk about this today.”

“Really That’s great! I’ll tell them now!” The little deacon ran out excitedly.

Li Ran couldn’t help revealing a smile as he watched her leaping back.

During this period of time, these young Daoists took care of him in every possible way without any complaints.

Since he had nothing to do, he would tell them a story.

Who would have thought that they would be addicted to listening to him They would come and pester him every day.

Deep in the clouds, at the Sect Master’s residence…

Yi Qinglan and Lin Langyue sat in the empty room.

Yi Qinglan stretched out her slender index finger and tapped on her forehead as if she was investigating something.

“Although your DaoHeart is stable, your soul is still weak.

Have you been seriously cultivating the Calming Curse recently”

Lin Langyue nodded.

“I’m cultivating very seriously.”

“That shouldn’t be the case.” Yi Qinglan furrowed her brows.

“Logically speaking, you should only be able to recuperate for a few days after your inner demons are removed.

Why haven’t you gotten better”

Lin Langyue scratched her head.

“I don’t know either… It was just that I hadn’t been calm lately and couldn’t concentrate.”

“You’re upset”” Yi Qinglan glanced at her.

“I think you miss him, right”

Lin Langyue blushed.

“No, I don’t miss him!”

Yi Qinglan said quietly, “Did I say that ‘he’ is Li Ran”

Lin Langyue couldn’t wait any longer as she pouted.

“Master, you’re teasing me again!”


Yi Qinglan sighed helplessly.

Looking at her red face, how could she look like a chief disciple

She was clearly a girl in love/

“Fortunately, Li Ran is her Heavenly Dao.

Otherwise, her cultivation would have been crippled…”

Yi Qinglan didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

After a moment of silence, she asked, “Langyue, tell me the truth.

Have you fallen in love with Li Ran”

“Ah” Lin Langyue’s face turned red and she stammered, “Teacher, why are you asking”

Yi Qinglan replied, “Don’t worry, I won’t be angry or punish you.”

Lin Langyue lowered her head when she saw his indifferent gaze.

After a long while, she whispered, “Actually, I don’t know…”

Yi Qinglan frowned.

“You don’t know”

“Yes!” Lin Langyue’s eyes were a little confused as she said softly, “I only think of him from time to time.

When I see him, I’m worried about my gains and losses.””

“When I heard him say those absurd words, I felt extremely ashamed, but I still wanted to continue listening to him.

“Especially when I’m hugging him, it’s like…”

Yi Qinglan asked, “Like what”

Lin Langyue said cautiously, “It’s like holding Master.

It’s warm and steady.”

Yi Qinglan turned her head and snorted.

“How can you compare me to that thief”

Lin Langyue scratched her head.

“This is my true feelings.

I don’t know if I like him or not.

Master, please dispel my doubts.”

Cough cough

Yi Qinglan cleared her throat and said awkwardly, “I don’t know much about the world of mortals…”

Since she was a child, she had forgotten about her emotions.

Her experience in this aspect was completely zero, and she did not know anything about men and women.

She didn’t understand as much as Lin Langyue.

“Forget it, since you’ve already treated him as a visualization tool, you’re bound to be tied together in the future.

It doesn’t matter whether you like him or not.”

Yi Qinglan rubbed her forehead.

She and Li Ran were bound to a marriage, and their souls were connected.

As for her disciple, the future successor of the Sect Master, her fate was closely related to his.

“If this continues, I’m afraid Tianshu Institute will become his backyard!”

Yi Qinglan was deeply worried about the sect’s future.

Seeing Lin Langyue’s weak expression, she shook her head and sighed.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Langyue was taken aback.

“Where are we going”

Yi Qinglan said unhappily, “Go find your Big Brother Heavenly Dao and ask him to heal you!”


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