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Chapter 37.1: Magic World


1 High School had a water dispenser on the wall outside the classrooms.

When Yao Yi went to fetch water after class, a female classmate in the front row looked up and gave her a certain look.

Although Yao Yi couldn’t remember her face, she still felt the contempt in her eyes.

As soon as Yao Yi finished fetching the water, the female classmate looked up at her again.

Yao Yi held the cup tightly and asked, “Is there something wrong”

Her father said that if there was any contradiction, she must address it, otherwise it would become more and more uncomfortable if she held it in her stomach.

The female classmate was also a student of justice.

She aspired to be a judge who spoke justice for the world in the future.

When she introduced herself in the previous class, she stood on the podium and gave a passionate speech, which shocked many students who were still confused about their future career choices.


“Although I admire you academically, bullying on campus won’t make any difference because of your grades!” The female classmate’s voice was loud and attracted the attention of a large number of classmates.

“Mhm, you’re right.” Yao Yi held the water cup and was surprised by the inexplicable emotion of the female classmate, but she was still willing to support her.

“You can’t beat other people just because you don’t like what they do.

Everyone is an independent individual, and you have no special power.” The female classmate became more and more angry, and even stood up, “Classmate Yu is such a kind classmate, yet she has suffered psychological and physical harm because of you.

Even if you are under the age of 18, classmate Yao Yi, you are still legally responsible.”

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“Public clamor can melt metals, hasn’t classmate Jia heard of this saying” Han Jiaojiao finally couldn’t help but scold her.


“There is evidence!” The female classmate picked up the phone and held it up for the classmates to see, “Proof that Yao Yi and the thugs are a gang.”

“What can a photo prove Future Judge Jia only judges the case on the basis of a photo that is not known to be true or false” Zhao Qian leaned against Yao Yi’s table, folded his arms and mocked.

Fu Chuan gave them ideas, and she was completely speechless.

“It seems that Future Judge Jia is not only unable to provide justice for people, but will also frame innocent people.” Han Jiaojiao pouted and said in disgust.

“No, you can tell by looking at the photo.” The female classmate was besieged and persisted with her point, “I asked the convenience store near the school, and they said they saw the people in the photo pushing classmate Yu into the alley.

And then Yao Yi went in.”

“It’s such trouble for you to go check it out.” Li Ge was quite unhappy that others came out to slander his good friend.

Things started to turn one-sided, and the two parties behaved differently.

Yu Qingying began to cry, it was an image of a weeping beauty, sitting on her seat with her head down and sobbing.

But Yao Yi, who was still dazed and a little thirsty, even opened the lid and took a few sips of water.

The more Classmate Jia looked, the more she felt that Yao Yi was not a good person.

She held up her phone and looked at the photo above, and this feeling became even stronger.

“You guys often play together, of course you will speak for Yao Yi, but the truth will never disappear because of your harassment.

Although I may not be able to fight you guys alone, there are still laws in this world!” the female classmate still wanted to continue her words of justice.

“Grade director, someone has a phone here.” Qin Li, who had been immersed in his homework, looked at his watch, suddenly raised his head and spoke to the person outside the window.

Grade director Nian was a little awkward standing by the window of Class Zero just now.

His office was upstairs, and he was used to walking through here now and then while inspecting other classes.


Under normal circumstances, he would not check on Class Zero.

The students in it do their homework quietly every time.

The grade director had always been very worry free of them.

Even if he saw a few students with phones, he would not say anything.

After all, they all had good grades.

Just now he came down and passed by as usual, and was attracted by the noise of the classroom, so he stopped for a while.

“Cough.” The grade director coughed a few times and walked in slowly, “Student, hand over your phone.

According to the school’s regulations, write a self-criticism reflection first.

You can come and get your phone back after graduating the third year of high school.

If you really want to take it back, ask your parents to come.”

The grade director said this too fluently, and he didn’t need to think about it at all.

“…” Although Classmate Jia was determined to be a righteous person, she still had too little world knowledge, especially since her journey had always been smooth sailing.

She had been spoiled by the teachers.

When has she ever been treated like this And now she even had to write a self-criticism reflection, tears started to pool up in her eyes.

The grade director had already spoken the words, so he simply continued and showed his usual aura: “Hurry up, don’t dawdle and cry, why didn’t you cry when you played on the phone before”

“I didn’t play with my phone!” Classmate Jia couldn’t bear the grievance, and wiped away tears and responded fiercely.

The grade director was also agitated by her aggressive tone.

“I don’t care if you played with your phone or not.

Our school clearly stipulates that you can’t bring a phone into the school.

If you bring it in, it is a violation!” The grade director said with a dark face, “I will contact your head teacher and your parents later.”

The ‘justice’ scene was extinguished by the grade director, and now there were two people in Class Zero crying on their table.

Yao Yi, who had only spoken only one sentence throughout the whole exchange, sat back in her seat awkwardly.

Before she had time to feel sad for her grievance, the development of things unexpectedly surprised her again.

“Thank you.” Yao Yi thanked Fu Chuan in a low voice.


“It’s just that she was too noisy.” Fu Chuan replied lightly, but his eyes kept falling on Yao Yi’s face.

The same words came from Qin Li.

“She’s too noisy, I wasn’t helping you.” Qin Li did not want to have contact with Li Ge who was about to hold his hand.

“No, no, I don’t care what you think.” Li Ge grinned, “Since you helped Yao Yi, then we are friends.

I have to say that your move just now was wonderful.”

Not only Li Ge, but even Han Jiaojiao and Zhao Qian had greatly increased their affection for Qin Li.

Zhao Qian: [Brother, you are a talent, I admire you!]

Qin Li: [Thank you, but I advise you not to disturb my study.


Han Jiaojiao: [For your help today, if necessary, all three of us can help you study.


Qin Li: [  ]

In the end, the matter was not resolved peacefully as Li Ge and others expected, nor was it just a simple slander as Yu Qingying imagined.

Things were only getting bigger and bigger.

Originally, the principal of No.

1 High School was furious when he found out there were gangsters bullying students on campus.

As a result, some parents reported to the Education Bureau that there was school bullying in No.

1 High School.

The Education Bureau acted quickly and immediately organized people to investigate.


It was the parent of the female student.

The female classmate wanted to be an upright person since she was a child, and her parents were quite supportive of her.

As a result, when their daughter came back that afternoon, she sat in the living room and cried, saying that she had done nothing wrong.

The parents asked about the ins and outs of the matter, found another classmate from No.

1 High School and asked for photos, and got the so-called ‘truth’ from her mouth.

The parents were very angry.

They felt that their daughter was doing good deeds, and the grade director had took her phone.

She even had to write a reflection, and so they went directly to the Education Bureau to sue.

The surveillance was finally called out, and the principal and Lao Han sat in the office with people from the Education Bureau to check what happened.

They didn’t go to the involved parties first, because the principal thought that they should understand the situation first, otherwise talking to them hastily might aggravate the psychological trauma of the students.

Because there was no specific date, all the monitoring of those recent days had been transferred out.

The alley was really remote and there were few people.

Except for a few uncles and aunts passing by, there are only two student-like people in the middle.

One walked up and down the alley, seemingly surveying the terrain.

It was a person the principal was very familiar with, it was Yao Yi.

Seeing Yao Yi, who staggered and rode into the alley every day, the principal was worried for her.

If it wasn’t for her long legs, she wouldn’t know how many times she would’ve fallen.

And sometimes she liked to stop and look ahead, thinking about something.

“Is it her” An accompanying psychologist from the Education Bureau looked at the monitor and said, “It seems that her spirit is not stable, you pay attention to her hand, she trembles every time she stops.”


Lao Han and the principal looked at each other, not complimenting the psychologist’s level.

“If I’m not mistaken, Yao Yi, this child is just stopping to think about math problems, and she is calculating with her hands.” Lao Han knew that Yao Yi was obsessed with mathematics, but he didn’t expect her to reach this point.

“There are still students who love to learn this much” The psychologist didn’t believe it.

“Teacher, don’t excuse her just because she is your student.”

“Both parties are my students, there is no protection for neither parties.” Lao Han was dissatisfied with the psychologist’s guess.


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