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Chapter 109 Out of Nowhere

“Yes, Country Lord!”

At that moment, Eye Demon suddenly said, “Country Lord, the avatars I sent out have reported that the Four Symbols Alliance has already been disbanded.

Other than Vermillion Bird Nations Country Lord offering his territory in exchange for a safe exit, the White Tiger Nations Country Lord and Azure Dragon Nations Country Lord have both brought their troops and fled from District 0032 overnight.”

Li Xiangs expression turned slightly cold.

He really wanted to kill Lin Tao, who bullied the weak but feared the strong and acted arrogantly.

However, he could not disrupt his plan of conquering District 0032 just because of such a scumbag.

“Lets not worry about the others for now.

First, flatten the Inferno Valley and collect enough inferno iron.”


The Demon Army directly came to the Inferno Valleys entrance.

Just looking at the valleys entrance, which was filled with a miasma, made people stop in their tracks.

Inferno Valley was very long, at least dozens of kilometers long.

There was poisonous inferno smoke all year round, and the temperature was extremely high.

The living environment was extremely harsh.

And the inferno creatures here were mostly between Rank 15 and Rank 20.

It was considered the most dangerous place in the vicinity.


“No wonder the Country Lords of District 0032 ignored such a valuable resource like inferno iron.

They really dont have the ability.”

Standing at the valleys entrance, Li Xiang turned to the Demon Warlord, Lys, and asked, “How do you plan to conquer this place”

Lys said, “Country Lord, although the inferno environment affects us, demons, its not that big.

Especially the Flame Demons, they are more accustomed to this environment.

So, I plan to use the Flame Demons as the vanguard to directly push in.”

Li Xiang nodded and said, “Good.

Im relieved as long as you know what to do.”

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Then, he turned to Alice and asked, “How many Purgatory Divine Crossbow have we crafted”

“Only a hundred, but the materials weve collected so far are enough to craft less than a thousand.

We only need two days to complete the crafting.”

“Two days is too slow, one day! Continue to send more people.

The effect will be even better with a thousand Purgatory Divine Crossbow.”


The Inferno Valley did not really need 100,000 people to farm the inferno iron.

They only needed the Flame Demons as the main force and the other troops as support.

A total of 3,000 troops entered the valley.

It was enough to have those people here to collect the inferno iron.

The remaining troops were naturally prepared to attack from within District 0032.

However, before Li Xiang could give the order, a system notification suddenly rang in his ears.

“Ding! Holy Light Kingdoms Qin Feng has chosen you as his target and has activated the Bet Token.”

[The other party has designated your SSS-rank talent as the bet.

He will pay a bet of the same level.

The system is selecting.]

[Ding, selection complete! The other party will use his SS-rank talent Holy Light Summoning and the SS-rank talent Holy Reincarnation as the bet.]

[The winner will receive all the rewards!]

[Creating mission…]

[Mission creation complete.]

[Legendary mission: Hunt down the foreign race.

Use the district teleportation portal to enter the foreign races territory and kill the foreign races Country Lord.

The one who kills the most wins! The time limit is seven days!]

“Hiss –”

“Who the f*ck is Qin Feng Is he crazy Why did he choose to bet with me Is it because Im from the Dark Faction and the opponent is from the Light Faction”

Although Li Xiangs subordinates were all demons, he had seen himself as on the side of justice and order.

After all, his subordinates were his subordinates, and the Country Lord was the Country Lord.

Did the Holy Light Kingdom think they were righteous just because they took the title of Holy Light

At that time, everyone had received the system notification and understood the matter with the Bet Token.

Li Xiangs face was gloomy, and killing intent surged in his heart.

“Country Lord!”

Li Xiang waved his hand and said, “Things will get done as long as we are well-prepared.

Moreover, it is deep into the enemys territory, where there is practically no support.

We must make sufficient preparations before we can enter.”

It was the first time Alicia spoke, “Country Lord, this Qin Feng must have schemed and prepared long ago.

If we delay, Im afraid it will be disadvantageous to us.”

“Oh What do you think”

Alicia said, “I want to go through the portal to investigate first.

We can ambush and kill the opponents Country Lord if possible.”

Li Xiang frowned, and after thinking for a while, he said, “Take the Eye Demon and 1,000 Vine Whisker Demons with you.

Eye Demon is responsible for investigating, drawing the map, and sending messages.

The Vine Whisker Demons are responsible for monitoring while you look for an opportunity on your own.

Be careful and not force yourself.

This is a race war.

We dont know what race the other side is, what talents and skills they have, so we cant be too hasty.”

“Your subordinate obeys!”

After Alicia finished speaking, she got up and left with Eye Demon and 1,000 Vine Whisker Demons.


“Go buy all the inferno iron and red ironwood in the trading system.

We dont lack black iron.

Speed up the production of the Purgatory Divine Crossbow.”


“Also, prepare enough food and supplies to last the army for seven days.”


“Lys, the army will start to recuperate from now on.

The day after tomorrow, in the morning, use the nearest district teleportation array to teleport to the foreign races territory.”


In the World Channel.

“Did you see that Did you see that The Holy Light Kingdom has activated a Bet Token against the Demon Country.

What a huge grudge!”

“Could it be a clash between light and darkness The Holy Light Kingdom doesnt like the Demon Country”

“How is that possible This isnt childs play.

If they use this reason against the Demon Country, that would be too childish.

Moreover, the two countries arent adjacent to each other.

Theyre even very far apart.”

“Whats a Bet Token”

“Haha, a Bet Token is a special item.

The effects are different depending on the rank.

I wonder what the rank of the Bet Token the Holy Light Kingdom used this time is.”

“Theres no need to guess.

The Bet Token used is Mythical.

At the very least, it will generate an Epic mission, and at the very most, it can generate a Mythical mission.

However, based on my guess, the strength of these two Country Lords countries probably wont have any effect on a Mythical mission.

So, it will most likely be Legendary.”

“Rumor has it that the Holy Light Kingdom is using the Bet Token against the Demon Country because the Demon Country Lord has forcefully occupied Yang Mi!”


The World Channel, which had been relatively peaceful, was instantly stirred up.

“What The Demon Country Lord, Li Xiang, actually forcefully occupied Yang Mi I am irreconcilable with the Demon Country!”

“Support the Holy Light Kingdom that supports justice.

Kill the Demon Country Lord, Li Xiang!”

“Damn it, just what kind of luck did this kid, Li Xiang, get to meet Yang Mi If I were the one, I am willing to become enemies with the whole world!”

“Wake up, upstairs! Dont sleep anymore!”

“Wheres Yang Mi Why isnt she talking Your fans are always here.

As long as you give the order, we will immediately rush over and tear the Demon Country into pieces!”

“Ah! Li Xiang, that b*stard, how dare he blasphemes the Goddess in my heart.

I want to declare war with the Demon Country!”

The World Channel instantly surged with a wave of fury against Li Xiang.

Even after transmigrating to the Myriad World Continent, where it was said to be the survival of the fittest, where things had to be handled with caution, the matter of Li Xiang forcefully occupying Yang Mi immediately aroused public anger.


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