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Chapter 110 Forcibly Terminated

Just then, in the Hundred Flowers Kingdom, Yang Mi was looking at the World Channels messages with an angry expression.

She was gnashing her teeth.

“Which b*stard created this rumor How was that forcibly occupying That was a rescue, alright What if Li Xiang sees this and misunderstands”

Yang Mi watched the discussion on the World Channel as she paced back and forth in the room.

Suddenly, she sighed softly and sat down on the bed.

“If this matter incites public rage, Li Xiangs Demon Country will be in a very dangerous situation.

Furthermore, now is the crucial moment for the Bet Token.

We must not let the situation continue to worsen.”

She bit her lips lightly and wanted to contact Li Xiang but did not speak in the end.

Right then, she already knew that Qin Feng from the Holy Light Kingdom was the one who initiated the bet.

Almost as soon as she saw that name, she knew that Li Xiang was implicated by her this time.

Although it was not her fault, it was even more inappropriate for Li Xiang to bear all the infamy and danger.

After a long time, she made a decision.

With a solemn expression, she sent her first message on the World Channel, “I was in danger and only asked him for help.

Theres no such thing as forcibly occupying.”


After the World Channel was dead silent, it was once again in an uproar.

This was the first celebritys message after transmigrating to the Myriad World Continent.

Instantly, all sorts of bad characters started appearing, and the comments were rampant.

When Li Xiang saw that, his face had a lamented expression.

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“Sister Mi is really loyal! This has quite a big impact on her reputation.”

Therefore, he sent a message to Yang Mi, “Theres no need to explain.

The more you explain, the more those people will imagine.

You should know these things better than me, right Why are you so addle-headed now”

Yang Mis hand was in the air.

She wanted to reply, but she did not know what to say.

Finally, she replied, “I just want to help you clarify things so that you wont fall into an even more disadvantageous situation.”

“Dont worry! I know what to do!”

Just then, Alice rushed over, looking nervous.

She sputtered, “Country Lord, a large number of troops with unknown motives have appeared around our territory.

They are not coming with good intentions.”


Li Xiang never thought that his actual crisis was because of Yang Mi.

If he were to participate in the Holy Light Kingdoms bet right now, the country would definitely be taken down.

If he did not participate, it would be the same as losing the bet.

He would lose his most important talent.

“I have really reached a dilemma!”

After pondering for a moment, Li Xiang took out a black token from his storage ring.

[Token of Termination]

Quality: Mythical

Type: Special Consumable

Effect: Terminates all below Mythical missions, including Mythical missions.

There will be no losses and no punishment.

He had obtained this item from the defeated Black Tortoise Nations Country Lord, who handed this over to him the day before yesterday.

This item was extremely precious.

Although there was no use for it during normal times, it could be used to change the course of events at critical moments.



The token turned into a ray of light and disappeared.

Following that, a system notification sounded in his mind.

“Use the Token of Termination to terminate a mission that is not higher than the Mythical.”

“Current mission: Hunting foreign race.

In progress.

Do you wish to end it”

Li Xiang chose “Yes.”

“Ding! Mission canceled!”

Li Xiang let out a light sigh.

Although he did not have any losses this time, he felt extremely depressed.

He was not afraid of the bet with the Holy Light Kingdom with his strength.

However, a bunch of so-called trash actually dared to pose a threat to his country.

They really treated him like a sick cat just because the tiger did not show its might.

Li Xiangs eyes were filled with anger.

He raised his head and said to Alice, “Leave 1,000 cavalry for the Hundred Flowers Kingdom.

The rest of you, follow me back to the country.”


Li Xiang came outside.

Just as he got on his horse, an application appeared in his mind.

“The Country Lord of the Hundred Flowers Kingdom has applied to join the Demon Country.

She has voluntarily given up the Country Lords privileges and become the Demon Countrys subordinate!”

Li Xiangs heart trembled.

After opening his mouth, he turned his head to look at the Hundred Flowers Kingdom.

But this place was too far from the Hundred Flowers Kingdoms Country Lords castle.

He couldnt see anything at all.

But even so, he felt an unreserved trust.

“Take care, beauty!”

Leaving a bridgehead in District 0032 was equivalent to protecting the existence of the district teleportation array.

Even if the event ended, it wouldnt affect him teleporting his army to this place.

He guessed that should be what Yang Mi was thinking too!

Otherwise, although the Hundred Flowers Kingdom looked very miserable now, in reality, they only lost their population and some unimportant facilities.

Their true foundation wasnt exhausted much, and they could completely make a comeback within a short period.

The reason why they did that was all for him.

Although he really wanted to meet Yang Mi right now, he still took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “Return to the country.”

Not long after, Li Xiang saw Alicia and Eye Demon with 1,000 Vine Whisker Demons waiting beside the teleportation array.

“Country Lord!”

“Theres an accident in the country.

The bet mission has ended.

Lets return to the country together!”

Alicia did not ask any more questions and went straight to Li Xiangs side.

The teleportation array flashed, and the Demon Army returned to District 0043.


The army started moving, bringing up a cloud of dust as they hurried towards the Country Lords castle.

Just then, Qin Feng from the Holy Light Kingdom looked at the system notification dumbfoundedly.

He had thought that the chance of winning this bet was extremely high, but the other party had suddenly terminated the mission.

That was entirely out of his expectations.

“Such a forced system mission can actually be terminated”

However, he felt relieved when he thought about the Bet Token he had used.

But he had nowhere to vent his anger, which made him feel even more uncomfortable.

On the contrary, his subordinates eyes flashed with joy.

Qin Feng really couldnt hold back his anger.

He directly spouted nonsense on the World Channel and scolded Li Xiang.

It was also then that Li Xiang realized that Qin Feng was actually targeting him because of Yang Mi.

He was even willing to use his talent as a bet to take revenge on him.

“A person who becomes muddle-headed because of lust.

No matter how good your talent is, youre still trash.

This isnt earth.

Ill deal with you when Im free!”

In the Demon Country, the situation in the surrounding area immediately stabilized after Li Xiang returned with the Demon Army.

But it was only slightly stable.

There were still many forces that coveted the Demon Country and hated it.

Li Xiang didnt want to miss this opportunity to expand, but he had to settle down first, so he could only temporarily stop the expansion.

But he wouldnt let go of any of those people who coveted him.

In the evening, he brought Alicia, Alice, and Isabella to the Low-Rank Magic Tower not far away.

“My Country Lord, what are you doing here Although this Low-Rank Magic Tower is famous for its wonders, it is still too difficult to make use of it.

Even with Isabellas attainments in water-type magic, she can only attain one spell, Hydrotherapy.

That is ridiculous.”


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