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Chapter 112 Hero Leveling Up


Berserk flames and energy splattered everywhere, and the earth shook.

A mournful roar with despair came to an abrupt end.

The smoke and dust dispersed, revealing the Inferno Spiders giant corpse and Alicia, who was standing on it.

She was in full black armor, yet her figure was enchanting and looked valiant and heroic.

The lava on the ground was still gurgling and making muffled sounds.

The hot smoke rose, and the corpse of the Inferno Spider was about to be swallowed by the lava.

The Demon Warlord waved his hand, and four extremely tall Flame Demons rushed up from behind.

They quickly jumped into the lava and dragged the corpse of the Inferno Spider up.

Alicia leaped lightly and landed on a nearby rock mountain that was not contaminated by the lava.

She swung the beautiful and shiny long sword in her hand a few times before gracefully putting it back into the scabbard.

“Sir, this is an item dropped from the Inferno Spider!”

The Flame Demons voice was very coarse, deep, and loud.

It was three to four meters tall, and its large hands were as big as a pot lid.

The Demon Warlord saw what was inside and nodded.

“Seal it up and bring it back to the Country Lord to have a look!”



The Demon Warlord turned his head and glanced at Alicia, who had a look ofIve completed my mission ahead of time.

youll handle the rest on your own.

Without saying anything, he began to command the other demons to eliminate the remaining Inferno Spiders.

Large amounts of inferno iron that dropped were packed into boxes.

At the same time, Li Xiang also received a system notification.

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[Your hero, Fallen Angel, Alicia, has killed the Inferno Spider.]

[35,000 EXP obtained.]

[Alicia and the Demon Warlord have met the requirements to level up.

Do you want to level up]

Li Xiang was slightly surprised.

That Inferno Spider actually had so much EXP.

He did not hesitate and immediately clicked to level up.

[Alicia has been upgraded to Rank 11]

[Demon Warlord has been upgraded to Rank 11]

[Alicia has been upgraded to Rank 12]

[Demon Warlord has been upgraded to Rank 12]

Li Xiang was overjoyed.

Those two heroes had only been summoned for a short period but had already upgraded two ranks after killing an Inferno Spider.

He opened up their attribute lists to check.

[Fallen Angel: Alicia]

Quality: SSS

Race: Fallen Angel

Growth Rate: 10

Rank: 12

Attack: 1,550-2,550

Defense: 750

HP: 7,500

Skills: Sword of Destruction, Dark Magic Light, Hand of Despair, Wings of Death.

[Demon Warlord: Lys]

Quality: SSS

Race: Demon

Growth Rate: 10

Rank: 12

Attack: 2,600

Defense: 2,600

HP: 10,500

Skills: Shadow Spike, Triple Leap Strike, Sword Aura Slash, Life Sharing.

[Life Sharing]: Share life with own subordinates, sharing and even transferring damage.

The attributes of the two heroes increased significantly, and their strength was stronger than before.

As SSS-rank heroes, their initial status was almost equivalent to that of a Lord-tier boss.

As their levels increased, they would become more and more powerful.

The Inferno Spider was only a common monster in the Inferno.

It merely obtained a boss template after coming to the ground, causing its HP and defense to increase significantly.

However, facing two heroes whose levels were far below it, it had almost no way to fight back.

Before it could even use its skills, it had already died.

If he could gather another set of top rank equipment for each of them, their strength would definitely explode.

It just so happened that while he had been fighting everywhere during this period, he had, in fact, accumulated quite a lot of equipment.

Other than the top rank equipment that was suitable for him, like the Dragon Slaying Battle Bow, he also had quite a lot of other equipment.

Li Xiang turned off the shared view and turned around to pay attention to the situation around him.

After occupying two districts, his base was bigger, but the border had also become longer.

Naturally, the difficulty of letting go had also increased by several times.

And now, countless factions with evil intentions gathered in the surroundings.

He had to eliminate those people before he could develop in peace.

Just as he was thinking, Alice came in and said, “Country Lord, the Hundred Flowers Country sent over a batch of inferno iron.

Theres quite a lot of it.

Adding on our own and those we earned today, we should be able to craft around five thousand Purgatory Divine Crossbow.”

“Okay! I got it! Is there anything else”

“Yes! We just received news that a large number of troops have gathered near the northwest border.

They are very hostile towards us.”

“Whats their background”

“According to our investigation, these people came from the same alliance, called the Skywalker Alliance.

The leader of the alliance is called Sun Feng.

He is the biological brother of the Black Tortoise Nations Country Lord, Sun Ling, from District 0032.


Li Xiang was stunned for a moment before asking, “Where is this Sun Ling”

Alice revealed a strange smile on her face and said, “This Sun Ling was the cannon fodder that Lin Tao pushed out to resist us.

Ultimately, he was trampled to death by the Dread Fiend Cavalry.”


“I see.

This is a huge grudge!”

Li Xiang smacked his lips and said, “Keep an eye on the other partys movements.

If there are any unusual movements, immediately report it.”


Not long after, Alicia and Lys returned with the army.

At the same time, Lys also handed over all the spoils of war to Li Xiang, especially the most important item dropped by the Inferno Spider.

Apart from a large amount of inferno iron, spider silk, and other materials, a pet egg was also dropped among the items.

The pet egg was half the height of a human and covered with dark golden strange patterns.

The whole thing looked slightly red and even carried a burning aura.

One look and one could tell that it had an extraordinary origin.

“Could this be the egg of the Inferno Spider”

Opening the pet eggs attributes panel, his eyes lit up.

[Pet Egg]

Quality: SSS


Type: unknown

Bloodline: unknown

“Whoa! SSS-rank pet egg!”

Even though Li Xiangs subordinates were all SSS-rank heroes, he was still very surprised when he saw the SSS-rank pet egg.

His underlings were SSS-rank because of the Only One talent, but the pet egg was completely random.

It was definitely due to luck.

He circled the pet egg but did not find any signs of hatching.

That made him scratch his head.

He did not know the type nor the bloodline.

How should he hatch it

“Hmm, this thing should be of the fire attribute, right”

After making some guesses in his heart, he had no leads.

He then said to Alice, “Send the pet egg to the Magic Tower.

It might be easier to hatch where there is abundant magic power.”


Although Li Xiang was looking forward to this pet egg, he was not in a hurry.

“Lets put it aside for now! We would know what it was once it hatched.

It would be best if it were not a large spider.

My aesthetic standards had yet been reduced to such a standard.

However, the probability of it being a spider was not high.

After all, it is an SSS-rank pet.

The Inferno Spider does not have such qualifications.”

“Eye Demon!”

“Your subordinate is here!”

“Release your split clones.

Other than monitoring the castles surroundings, place the remaining clones at the critical points at the border and keep an eye on the surroundings at all times.”


Following that, Li Xiang sent out a portion of the Vine Whisker Demons and Black Wing Demons to monitor his border.

“Oh right, Alice, you said we can now refine 5,000 Purgatory Divine Crossbows, right”


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