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Chapter 113 Establishing An Alliance


“Then what are we waiting for Lets go all out! Dont stop buying the inferno iron.

Ive had enough!”

“Country Lord, the inferno iron bought is only a small number.

It wont affect the current operation of our country.”

Suddenly, a notification sounded on Li Xiangs communication channel.

He opened it and saw that it was from Ning Xiaoyue.

He immediately picked up.

“Li Xiang, this is bad.

A force called the Skywalker Alliance has declared war on the Hundred Flowers Kingdom.”

Li Xiang frowned.

This Skywalker Alliance was originally targetting his Demon Country.

Why didnt they now attack the Demon Country but go to the Hundred Flowers Kingdom

Yang Mi had already applied to become a subordinate territory of the Demon Country, but Li Xiang hadnt approved it.

He knew that Yang Mi had spent a lot of effort for the Hundred Flowers Kingdom, and she was also a friends cousin.

There was even some ambiguous relationship between them, so it was somewhat unreasonable for him to occupy the Hundred Flowers Kingdom as his territory.

He did not expect that, with his good intentions, he would let others think he was weak and could be bullied, even setting their eyes once again on the Hundred Flowers Kingdom.


“You wont cry until you see the coffin.

Since you want to fight, then you have to be prepared to die.”

“Xiaoyue, tell that Skywalker Alliance that I was the one who killed his brother Sun Ling.

If he wants to take revenge, come and find me.

Ill take him on any time.”

They had already run to his border and were full of hostility.

But now, they were going to attack the Hundred Flowers Kingdom instead.

They were either stupid or evil.

But how could an idiot become the leader of an alliance

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Obviously, those guys had other plans.

Ning Xiaoyue said worriedly, “Li Xiang, dont be careless.

This Skywalker Alliance isnt like the mob from District 0032 that would fall apart before an outsider could attack.”

“Oh You know about this Skywalker Alliance”

“Only a little.

It seems that there are a total of twenty countries in this alliance.

The total number of troops that can be used at any time is over a million.

Its not weaker than the previous Undead.

It might even be a little stronger.”

“Really Thats great.

I like powerful enemies the most.”

Ning Xiaoyue stomped her foot in anger upon hearing Li Xiangs arrogant tone.

Then came Yang Mis communication request.

Li Xiang hung up on Ning Xiaoyue and instantly connected to Yang Mi.

Ning Xiaoyue was so angry that she gritted her teeth and cursed angrily, “Theres no humanity when theres the opposite sex!”

“Be careful.

Your battle record is not a secret in the entire region.

Since they dare to attack, they must have confidence.”

“Okay, dont worry!”

Just a few simple words greatly alleviated Yang Mis slightly worried mood.

“What do you plan to do”

Li Xiang sneered and said, “Of course, its to block their escape routes and catch them! This alliance clearly knows that you are my person, yet they still dare to declare war on you.

There must be a conspiracy behind this.

Well see whose method is more brilliant.”

Yang Mis heart beat wildly when Li Xiang saidmy person.

Her entire body went soft, and an inexplicable feeling of sweetness rose in her heart.

“Their army of over a million is different from the Undead army of a million.

They are all elites from various countries, and their levels are around Rank 10.

Many of them are very powerful.”

“Yeah, I was just worried I didnt have enough EXP and Soul Points! They came just as I wanted!”

Yang Mi was stirred by Li Xiangs overbearing words and wanted to immediately throw herself into his arms.

However, that thought was just a thought with a little impulse.

If they were face to face, she definitely wouldnt do such a thing.

“Then Ill directly respond and declare war with them.

Lets see what these people are planning!”

Li Xiang pondered for a moment and then agreed, “I left an army in the Inferno Valley previously.

Plus the army that stayed with you, the soldiers can ensure your safety.

Also, you have to pay attention to those 200,000 captives.

Dont let others incite them for mutiny.”

“I know! Ive already divided these 200,000 people into 40 teams and arranged different tasks.

Even if the enemy wants to use them, they wont be able to cause any waves.”

“Also, I wanted to form an alliance before to gather the strength of more like-minded people.

Your Hundred Flowers Kingdom will be the first ally then! Actually, two small countries formed an alliance with us before, but they arent considered members of the alliance yet.

Well still have to see their performance.”

“Oh You want to form an alliance”

“Yes! No matter how strong my country is, its still tough to defeat everyone in a place like the Myriad World Continent.

Only by forming a group can we have greater development and strength.”

“Ill listen to you!”

Hearing Yang Mis decisive and gentle voice, Li Xiangs heart pounded violently.

Even for a top rank beauty like Alice, Alicia, and Isabella, he would only feel lustful, but not such a yearning and heart throbbing feeling.

“Could this be love”

Li Xiang shook his head and threw those distracting thoughts out of his mind and did not continue to think.

“Okay! I will build the alliance now.

Then I will invite you.”

Li Xiang already had the Alliance Token.

He could build the alliance at any time.

He did not have anyone to trust before, so he naturally did not use it.

Now, at least Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue had the qualifications.

As for Miyamoto Sakuragi and Duba, who had signed the alliance agreement with him before, that was just a transaction.

It would take a long time or a test to build enough trust.

Holding the Alliance Token in his hand, Li Xiang was thinking about the name to give.

After a while, more than ten names appeared in his mind.

Then, he eliminated them one by one and left a name behind.



“This name represents the alliances inclusiveness.

At the same time, it also represents the alliances neutral position and camp and the alliance leaders broad-minded love.”

After coming up with a name, Li Xiang took it out and submitted it to the system.


[Demon Countrys Country Lord, Li Xiang, has established the Harem Alliance.

Deducting the cost of one million gold coins, are you sure]

“F*ck, its actually one million gold coins.

Its really not cheap!”


[Ding! The alliance has been established successfully!]

[Alliance: Harem]

Level: 1

Alliance Leader: Li Xiang

Ally: 0

Alliance Member Slots: 1/30

Li Xiang immediately sent an invitation to Yang Mi.

Instantly, the alliance panel changed.

[Alliance: Harem]

Level: 1

Alliance Leader: Li Xiang

Ally: 1

Alliance Member Slots: 2/30

“Li Xiang, is Harem the name of the Alliance”

Yang Mi gritted her teeth and asked.

If she knew that was the alliances name, she wouldnt have joined even if she was beaten to death.

The name was too embarrassing.

“Uh! Isnt this name good”

“How is it good”

“Its easy to remember!”

“Scram! Then what am I now Which palace do I belong to”

“Which palace do you want to be in Feel free to pick!”


How could Yang Mi fall for it No matter which palace she wanted to be, didnt that mean she had fallen for Li Xiang


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