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Chapter 114 Enemy Invasion

She would have left the alliance immediately if it had been anyone else.

However, she hesitated when it was Li Xiang.

After hanging up the call, Yang Mi stood up angrily and paced back and forth in the room.

She sometimes gnashed her teeth and sometimes had a look of hesitation on her pretty face.

Once the name of Li Xiangs alliance became known, how would those who joined the alliance face the world in the future

Unless that person was really his woman.

But was she his woman

Yang Mi felt like she was about to burst with rage.

Just a while ago, Ning Xiaoyue saw her cousin looking excited.

Why did her expression change now

“Yang Mi, whats wrong Did Li Xiang make you angry Did you quarrel”

“Hmph! Li Xiang, that big pervert, he actually named the alliance…”

At that point, Yang Mis tone paused, and there was an indescribable sense of shame.


“What Faster say it, Yang Mi!”

Yang Mi glared at her fiercely and said, “The name of the alliance is Harem.

Do you want to join too”

“Ah Why would someone name it like that Yang Mi, you joined”

Yang Mis pretty face flushed red, and she said hatefully, “I only found out the alliances name after I joined too.

I didnt pay attention at that time…”

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Ning Xiaoyue looked at her strangely and said with a deep tone, “Yang Mi, its not that you didnt notice it.

More like you didnt want to notice it!”

“Damn girl, what are you talking about Why dont you join too”

“What Yang Mi, youre actually so magnanimous”

Yang Mi was stunned for a moment before she realized what Ning Xiaoyue meant.

Since she joined Harem, wasnt she Li Xiangs woman If she let her cousin join too…


Yang Mi roared angrily and turned around to leave.

Right now, she didnt want to care about anyone.

She just wanted to be alone.

Li Xiang sat on his throne, holding his chin and laughing.

He had thought about this when coming up with the alliances name.

What kind of person did the alliance need to find

It would require time to build trust, but there wasnt much time in the Myriad World Continent.

Therefore, his idea was to establish an alliance in which he could rest assured.

Thus, the alliances members would have to be his women.

Initially, he had wanted to take things one step at a time with Yang Mi and had things naturally fall into place.

Unfortunately, the situation suddenly changed, and he had no choice but to change his plan and return to the country.

Now, he could take this opportunity to pull Yang Mi into his alliance, and at the same time, he could also save himself the trouble of confessing.

For someone like Yang Mi, who had lots of experience, his selfish schemes were not worth mentioning.

However, even if she knew, she would continue with the mistake as long as she had the intention.

Of course, there was definitely a risk in doing so.

In the future, he would definitely not do this to others.

“Li Xiang, you better change the name of the alliance.

Otherwise, I will teach you a lesson!”

“Sister Mi, I really cant change it.

The alliance needs to level up to Rank 3 before I have the authority to change its name.”

“I dont believe you!”

Yang Mi was so angry that she threw the pillow on the bed on the opposite wall.

She was still angry and rolled on the bed a few times before she finally stopped venting.

“Hmph, you still want a harem.

Lets see who else will join this stupid alliance!”


“Im here, Country Lord!”

“Declare war on that Skywalker Alliance for me!”


[Ding! The Hundred Flowers Kingdom has declared war on the Skywalker Alliance!]

Following that, Yang Mi directly relayed Li Xiangs words and posted them on the district channel.

Her tone was naturally extremely rude and even carried a hint of ridicule.

“Sun Feng, are you stupid The one who killed your brother was the Demon Countrys Li Xiang, and you actually brought 20 countries to declare war on me Your brother must have been picked up by your parents when he was young, right You dont even know how to find an excuse!”

In a place with dangerous terrain, dozens of people gathered in a large temporary tent.

“F*ck, this b*tch, does she really think that we dont know her relationship with that Li Xiang She actually dared to declare war on us and even ridiculed us.

Shes simply courting death!”

“Hey, guess what I found” Suddenly, someone shouted.

“Whats wrong”

“I just checked the information of the Hundred Flowers Kingdom and found that she has joined an alliance, and this alliance was established by the Demon Countrys Li Xiang.”

“Hmph, a small and useless alliance with just two people.

What kind of foundation can it have to dare to oppose twenty countries!”

“Ay, ay, this…”

Another person checked the alliances information and suddenly saw its name.

“Harem F*ck, what is Li Xiang trying to do He actually came up with such a name.

Is he planning to open a harem in the Myriad World Continent”

“F*ck, Yang Mi is the only member of the alliance right now.

What does this mean Could it be that Yang Mi has already become a member of Li Xiangs harem”

One of the Country Lords stood up and roared with jealousy.

When the others heard that, they started to check the information about Harem.

At a glance, there were only two people in the alliance.

One was Li Xiang, and the other was Yang Mi.

“How is this an alliance Li Xiang is trying to build a harem!”

“How can Yang Mi agree to join such an alliance”

Everyone had sad faces.

Yang Mi was once everyones dream lover, but now she had been taken into a harem.

That fact was hard for them to accept.

“Pick up your f*cking IQ.

Dont use your lower body to think about problems.

They are only two countries, and one is in ruins.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

When the others heard that, their expressions returned to normal.

Although they still had delusions in their hearts, they controlled some of their impulses.

Sun Fengs eyes flashed with fierce killing intent as he said coldly, “Everyone, follow the original plan and kill Li Xiang in the Demon Country!”

“If anyone can kill Li Xiang, I will give him SS-rank equipment as a reward!”

At that moment, Sun Feng only thought of avenging his brother.

He did not care about any treasures or women at all.

As soon as those words were said, everyones eyes lit up.

SS-rank equipment was something that could only be found by chance.

It was priceless.

Just one piece was enough to raise ones strength by a large margin.

“Dong dong dong…”

At different locations at the northwest border, armies were advancing toward the Demon Country.

[Ding! Enemy troops have invaded the border.

Please check immediately!]

[Ding! Enemy troops have invaded the border.

Please check immediately!]

After a dozen warning notifications, Li Xiang opened the map with a solemn expression.

He saw a large patch of red flashing near the northwest border.

“They are rushing to their deaths! Just so happens that I found the speed of leveling too slow.

If you are willing to come, it saves me the trouble of looking for EXP.”

Just then, Eye Demon also sent more detailed information, from the number of armies to the type of army, direction, and location.

They were all displayed on the map in detail.

“Lys, lead the troops and attack immediately.

Alicia, Alice, and Isabella, you guys assist from the side and kill the high-value targets of the enemy.

Ill be at the back, providing support at any time!”



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