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Chapter 119: World Announcement

However, the news that came was not all good news.

[Ding! Your mine in Red Rock Valley has been destroyed.

The miners have all died and the ores have been plundered.]

[Ding! A forest within the borders of your country has been set ablaze, causing huge pollution and losses to your borders.


Li Xiangs expression did not change.

With such a huge war, who knew how many people had died It was simply impossible for him to guarantee that his property would not be damaged at all.

He could bear such a small loss.

Those lords would also use their own lives to compensate for it.

The lords themselves were the largest mobile treasure trove.

After killing them, he would devour their territory and also obtain all sorts of resources and treasures that were stored within the country.

Therefore, as long as he could win this war, he would definitely be able to make a fortune.

[Your hero Alicia has killed the Fire Demon Lord.

You have obtained 1000 points.]

[Your hero Alicia has killed the Thunder Rhinoceros Lord.

You have obtained 1000 points.]

[Your hero Alice has killed a hero unit.

You have obtained 500 points.]

With the speed of Alicia and the Succubus, they could fly around once in half an hour.

Thus, their killing speed was at a stalemate, rising alternately.


Time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, three hours had passed.

Alicia had killed more than a hundred lords, and Alice had killed more than 200 heroes.

On the other hand, Demon Warlord Lys had commanded ten troops to charge in all directions, killing the least number of lords and heroes.

However, the points he obtained were not much worse than Alicia and Alices, and the damage and intimidation he caused were even more astonishing.

The ten Demon Armies roamed within the borders of the Demon Country with the Demon Castle as the center.

Most of the enemies they faced were allied armies from several countries, and the numbers were extremely large.

However, the results shocked everyone.

The war was still going on, but the originally lively scene on the chat channel gradually became quiet.

This war, which everyone believed would end in a very short time, was still going on.

But the result made everyones heart turn cold.

“Lord Bai Xiang is dead, his profile picture is no longer on my friends list.”

“The Qingfeng Lord and his hero were killed by a common demon.

The most common demon in the Demon Country is comparable to a boss.

It would be difficult to kill even one.”

“A few of my friends have participated in the attack on the Demon Country.

Now, out of eight friends, only two are left.

They are escaping the Demon Country, but it is still unknown if they can escape.”

“Many of the country lords have already received the news and want to escape.

Unfortunately, entering is easier than leaving! The Demon Country has two extremely terrifying heroes.

Many of the leaders were directly charged into their army and killed.

There is no way to stop them!”

“Its too terrifying.

The Demon Country is really a country of demons.

Whoever enters will die!”

“Now, those who can even escape from there will be profiting!”

[Ding! World announcement! The Demon Countrys lord, Li Xiang, has killed 100 lords and obtained 100 kills! Reward: one gold treasure chest, one additional quota in the Evernight Continent.]

[Ding! World announcement! The region ranking board has been opened.

The top 10 in each ranking board will receive world rewards.]

[Ding! Region C9 subdivision0042 Demon Lord Li Xiang has obtained first place in the combat strength ranking board.

Reward: one cross-region teleportation array, 1,000,000 gold coins.]

[Ding! Region C9 subdivision 0042 Demon Lord Li Xiang has obtained first place in the overall national strength rankings.

Reward: one cross-region teleportation array, 1,000,000 gold coins.]

[Ding! Region C9 subdivision 0042 Demon Lord Li Xiang has obtained first place in the wealth rankings.

Reward: one region teleportation array, 1,000,000 gold coins.]

The entire Myriad World Continent was stunned by these five consecutive world announcements.

Regardless of whether it was the humans or the foreign races, they all remembered the name of the Demon Lord, Li Xiang.

Countless people were shocked, and even more were speechless.

Those who had invaded the Demon Country and survived all wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

They were filled with regret.

If only the ranking list had been released earlier, they wouldnt have dared to come and take on the bounty even if they were beaten to death!

This Demon Country was ranked number one in the entire region!

A region! A region was not a thousand countries, it needed a total of 10,000 countries to form a region!

If one included the wilderness and all sorts of forbidden lands, the size of this region was beyond imagination.

The World channel was once again in an uproar.

“Terrifying, terrifying.

Fortunately, I controlled the greed in my heart and did not join in the fun.

Otherwise, I really would not be able to return.”

“Killing like crazy.

One of my friends is a Lord who has already submitted to the Demon Country.

He told me that the country is still killing! There are already more than 150 fallen lords.”

“This Li Xiang is so murderous.

If the enemy is willing to retreat, then let them leave! You are so strong, what are you afraid of!”

“Where did the idiot from upstairs come from Its really a miracle that he can live until now.”

“Dont bother about that kind of retard.

This kind of person wont live for long.”

“Tsk tsk, now look at the bounty on the interface.

Im really sweating all over!”

“Yeah! These two million gold coins are really not easy to earn.

Hes basically using his life to exchange for it.”

“You guys are thinking too much.

He cant even exchange his life.

This bounty is useless.

No one dares to accept it.”

“This lord named Li Xiang is actually so strong.

Ive never heard of him before!”

“Youll hear about him often in the future!”

Of course, other than these more normal comments, there were also some who asked for help or protection.

However, no one paid attention to them, and they were instantly drowned in a sea of comments.

In the Hundred Flowers Kingdom, Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue were so excited after hearing the world announcements that they almost jumped up.

“Hahaha, Li Xiang is too formidable, too strong, too awesome!”

Ning Xiaoyue was almost incoherent.

Her little face was flushed and her eyes were shining, full of admiration and excitement.

Yang Mi was also a little unstable in her excitement.

Although she wasnt jumping up and down like Ning Xiaoyue, her beautiful eyes were rippling and she was so excited that she couldnt help it.

She opened the chat channel and quickly sent a message over.

“Li Xiang, are you okay How are you Are you hurt”

In the Demon Castle, Li Xiang sat on the throne with a faint smile on his face.

Suddenly, his expression changed.

He opened the chat channel and saw the message from Yang Mi.

His heart warmed.

“Of course Im fine.

They say that Ive killed hundreds of country lords, but in reality, most of them were done by subordinates who worked hard.

They were the ones who did it.”

“Thats good.

After we survive this disaster, no one will dare to provoke you again.”

“Is that so I cant wait for more people to provoke me.

That way, I wont have to go out and fight for territory.

Unfortunately, who knew that there would be a world announcement if I killed 100 people Now that my background has been exposed, the chances of getting such a chance are too slim.”

Yang Mi was speechless.

Was he speaking in a human language

Many people wanted to be able to live peacefully, but he wanted more people to beat him.


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