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Not long after, Eye Demon suddenly said, “Master, weve found traces of humans at about five kilometers southeast.”

“Lets go and take a look!”

At this time, the monsters that rushed over from the west had been eliminated.

It was just like a small-scale beast tide.

No one knew what had caused it.

Li Xiang rode on his horse and quickly headed southeast.

Not long after, he saw a woman in red clothes and golden armor sitting under a thick, charred, and dead-looking tree on a small hill.

The woman was sitting cross-legged with a battle sword on her knees.

A strand of her beautiful hair fluttered in the wind, looking like a beautiful painting.

Li Xiang and the others strange movements quickly alerted the woman in red clothes and golden armor.

“Stop, dont come any closer!”

“Uh! I just want to come to inquire about Evernight Continent.

If you have any requests, feel free to mention them.

My name is Li Xiang! This is my first time entering Evernight Continent!”

In order to show his sincerity and harmlessness, Li Xiang did not go too close.

He raised his head and said this at the foot of the small hill.

The woman turned her head slightly, revealing an absolutely beautiful face.

Her slender eyebrows and phoenix-like eyes were charming with a dignified and murderous aura.

Her pair of bright eyes were deep and clear.

At the same time, there was a bit of coldness that kept people at an arms length.

“This is your first time entering Evernight Continent”

The woman only looked at him from the side and sized him up slightly.

Then she said indifferently, “Then you have to be careful.

The monsters here are extremely crazy, and their distribution is irregular.

Sometimes, you dont even know when and where those terrifying monsters will appear.”

“Moreover, once you are bitten or scratched by the monsters here, you will be easily eroded by the Shadow Fog of this world.

If you cant get rid of it in time, I suggest you kill yourself.

Otherwise, you will turn into a monster sooner or later.

And you will wish you were dead!”

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Hearing the womans words, he felt that the monsters here were so similar to the zombies in “Resident Evil”

Of course, he knew that the monsters here were definitely not zombies.

They had some zombie characteristics, so they could not be infected or eroded.

“But, seeing that you brought so many demons subordinates here, they dont have to worry too much about being eroded by the Shadow Fog here.

On the contrary, it will give them a bonus.

You can bring them to a safe place and keep farming monsters.

With the double EXP bonus, their levels will increase very quickly.”

“The above is free information.

What else you want to know depends on the value of the information.”

Li Xiang nodded.

He felt that this woman should be quite reliable.

“Okay! I want a map of this world.

Do you have one”

The woman was stunned for a moment and said indifferently, “I only have a simple map that I drew myself.

Do you want it”


“Two hundred crystal coins!”

Crystal coins were the advanced currency of gold coins.

One crystal coin was equivalent to ten thousand gold coins, and two hundred crystal coins was equivalent to two million gold coins.

Li Xiang had cheated hundreds of country lords, but he did not have more than ten thousand crystal coins on hand.

However, the map was very important.

Even if it was simple, he could quickly understand this place.


Li Xiang did not waste any words and directly took out two hundred crystal coins.

The woman waved her hand, and the two hundred crystal coins fell into her hand.

As if she did not expect Li Xiang to be so straightforward, she took out a piece of parchment and threw it down.

“You are quite interesting.

Here you are!”

“What else do you want to know Just ask!”

“Whats the use of points”

“Points! This costs one hundred crystal coins!”

Li Xiang didnt waste any more words and traded with another one hundred crystal coins.

“Points are very important! The higher the ranking of points, the higher the reward when leaving Evernight Continent.

At the same time, the other important use of points was to exchange for items! As long as you have enough points, you can exchange for the right to enter this place the next time.

You can also exchange for the right to enter the next level of the Evernight Continent.”

Hearing this, Li Xiangs heart moved slightly.

“It seems that the points are really important.

But if I want to exchange for items, why didnt I see the exchange interface”

“Where do I exchange for them”

“When your points reach one thousand, you can open the exchange interface; when your points reach ten thousand, you can exchange for the right to enter the next level; and when your points reach one hundred thousand, you can exchange for the right to enter this place the next time.”

“I see, I understand now.

Thank you!”

The woman looked at Li Xiang and said, “Ill provide you some information for free.

Dont eat or drink anything in this world.

Otherwise, youll be immediately contaminated and eventually become a bloodthirsty monster.”

Li Xiang had already thought of this.

Even without her reminder, he had a bunch of snacks and delicacies that Yang Mi prepared for him in his storage ring.

He had no intention of eating in this world.

As for the demons, they were not picky about the food here.

They were not afraid of being contaminated or eroded.

“Do you have a map of the second level of Evernight Continent”

“No, the second level is much more dangerous than the first level.

Although Ive been there before, I havent stayed there for long.

Im not familiar with that place!”

“However, if you can enter the second level, the EXP gained from killing monsters there will be four times more!”

Li Xiangs eyes lit up when he heard that.

“Good Lord! Four times the EXP.

If we farm there, wont we be rich”

“Could there be the third or the fourth level in Evernight Continent”

“I know theres a third level, but I dont know if theres a fourth level.”

“Oh right, Ive marked a few extremely dangerous places on the map.

Youd better not go there.

There are already many country lords who have died there.”


Li Xiang opened up the goatskin map and looked at it.

There were three places marked with the skulls.

There was also a small piece of text beside it, recording the dangers of these dangerous places.

“I didnt expect this woman to be so thoughtful.

With this map, she has really helped me a lot.”

[ Twin-headed Demonic Dragon ], [ Soul-devouring Tree ], [ White Bone General ]

The three Bosses were all level 60 existences.

It was indeed a little too difficult for the current country lords.

However, to Li Xiang, these were all EXP and points.

The lady sitting on the hill saw Li Xiangs eyes light up.

She was a little speechless when she saw how eager he was to give it a try.

Did my advice just now have the opposite effect The more I adviced, the more he wanted to go Who is this annoying brat

Is he really that confident in me Those are level 60 Boss!

“Youd better not take the risk.

Although you have demon soldiers with you, it is still not enough compared to a level 60 Boss.

Unless they are all level 50, or else there is no chance of winning.”

“Thank you for the reminder.

I understand!”

She did not know that even the most common soldiers were already level 80.

There was no risk at all for them to deal with a mere level 60 Boss.

The points were almost given for free.

Its now or never.

Therefore, he had to go.


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