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Yang Mi gritted her teeth.

Just as she was about to say something, Li Xiangs message suddenly came in.

“Stop chatting.

We still have things to do in the Evernight Continent.

Well talk about the rest when we get back!”

At this moment, Li Xiang was also thinking.

In the future, when there were more people in the alliance, there would be more things to do.

He had to increase his strength.

Coincidentally, he saw an alliance warehouse on the Alliance interface.

It moved him to use it and immediately stored a large amount of equipment in his storage ring in the warehouse.

He had plenty of equipment, at least thousands of them.

The worst among them was B-Rank equipment.

Instantly, the Alliance warehouse lit up.

The appearance of this equipment almost instantly awed Yang Mi, Ning Xiaoyue, and Zhou Yutong.

Ning Xiaoyue shouted, “Li Xiang, whats wrong with you Where did you get so much equipment”

Yang Mi was calm.

She knew Li Xiang had wiped out many countries, cleared many territories, and killed countless bosses.

It was reasonable for him to accumulate so many pieces of equipment.

The one who was honestly shocked was Zhou Yutong.

Zhao Yutongs heart hammered as she looked at the dozens of SS-Rank equipment inside the warehouse.

If she had the equipment, she wouldnt need to level up now.

After putting them on, she would dare to confront the dozens of country lords.

“Li Xiang, these pieces of equipment…”

“Yes, you can exchange these pieces of equipment with alliance contribution! As for contribution, you can obtain it by completing the Alliance Mission.”

“Alliance Mission”

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Zhou Yutong opened the mission list and looked at it.

Her pretty face immediately flushed red, and she muttered, “Li Xiang, in your dreams!”

Yang Mi snarled, “Li Xiang, what the f*ck are you thinking about!”

Ning Xiaoyue was conflicted.

“Li Xiang, how could you make us do this”

Li Xiang cleared his throat and began to modify the mission in a hurry.

These missions were all set up by him when he was bored.

Li Xiang did not activate the mission system then, and the others could not see it.

It was only him entertaining himself.

He had never thought that he would accidentally expose the contents.

Those missions were:

Mission: Massage Li Xiangs back for 10 minutes.

Alliance contribution points: 10.

Mission: Massage Li Xiangs legs for 10 minutes.

Contribution points: 10.

Mission: Sleep with Li Xiang.

Contribution Points: 100.

Some of these quests made even Li Xiang blush and feel ashamed when he set them, not to mention the three girls.

At this time, Zhou Yutong, sitting on the back of the white fox, fixed her gaze on Li Xiang, making him feel uncomfortable.

“Ahem, you have misunderstood.

That is just something I did to entertain myself when I was bored.

Its not a real alliance mission.

Look! Ive changed it.”

“Humph, even if you changed them, you still have those intentions when you created them!”

“Right, dont expect us to do those shameful things!”

Only Ning Xiaoyue hesitated for a long time before she sent a message and asked, “Li Xiang, are your previous missions still available”

“Xiaoyue! What do you want to do”

Ning Xiaoyue explained, “Well, cousin, the previous missions were so simple! Now, these killing missions are not suitable for me.

Its just massaging Li Xiangs shoulders and legs.

Its so simple and not tiring!”

Anger flared in Yang Mi.

“Xiaoyue, can you be more reserved and live with dignity”

Li Xiang was speechless.

He didnt know what to say.

At first, he thought having a harem was a happy thing, yet he could feel his harem getting chaotic with only three wives.

Li Xiang quickly said, “You dont have to contribute.

You can buy it with crystal coins.

The price is 50% of the market price, but theres a limit to the number!”

After saying that, he said to Zhou Yutong, “How do you decide Do you want to go to the second level with me to level up, or do you want to get some equipment to level up and take revenge”

Following that, his gaze landed on the white fox beneath Zhou Yutong.

Then, he took out the [ Bloodline Demonic Pearl ] and said, “I have a pearl.

It is of no use to me.

But it might be of great use to you!”

Zhou Yutong took the [ Bloodline Demonic Pearl ] and looked at it.

Her eyes immediately lit up.

“I want this pearl!”

She could give the Bloodline Demonic Pearl to her only hero, the nine-tailed fox.

If she could upgrade its bloodline again, her grade would rise from SS-Rank to SSS-Rank, evolving from a nine-tailed fox to a nine-tailed celestial fox.

Although the rank was only one word apart, the difference between the two was like the difference between heaven and earth.

“How much does this cost”

Zhou Yutong did not have much money, but this pearl was more important to her than a piece of top rank equipment.

“Its for you! Take it as a gift for joining the alliance!”

Li Xiang wanted to be generous toward his people.

The reason why he had to charge them for the equipment in the warehouse was to give them the motivation to prevent them from being used to taking everything for free.

It would not be good if they made it a habit of getting something for nothing.

When Zhou Yutong heard this, she glanced at Li Xiang.

For some reason, when she looked at this fellow now, she felt that he was much more pleasing to the eye.

“If theres nothing else, Ill go to the second level.

You can stay in the first level and kill monsters.

If you encounter any trouble, feel free to withdraw.

Ill help you take revenge when you pass this level.

Ill reward you with something if you can enter the second level before I enter the third level and be the guild master!”

“Alright! Be careful!”

Zhou Yutong did not ask about the reward, but she knew Li Xiangs intention to encourage her.

[ Ding! ]

[ Do you wish to enter the second level of the Evernight Continent ]

[ Yes! ]

[ Ding! ]

[ Demon Lord, Li Xiang, you are the first country lord to enter the Evernight Continents second level.

You have obtained the reward, Holy Blessing.

All attributes permanently increased by 10%.


As the last notification sounded, Li Xiang and his subordinates had already disappeared into the teleportation formation.

Almost simultaneously, a seven-colored ray of light descended from the sky and fused into Li Xiangs body.

Then, the entire teleportation formation gradually turned into a shadow and disappeared.

Zhou Yutong watched the teleportation formation disappear.

For some reason, she let out a soft sigh and felt relieved.

Looking at the name of the alliance she had joined, she thought, “I dont know if my decision is right or wrong.

I can only take it one step at a time.”

“Bai Ling, quickly eat this Bloodline Demonic Pearl!”

Zhou Yutong jumped down from the white fox and fed the Bloodline Demonic Pearl to the white fox.

The white foxs body flashed and transformed into a woman dressed in white once again.

The nine tails behind her swayed slightly.

“Thank you, master!”

“What are you thanking me Quickly consume it and see if it can help you advance.”

Bai Ling smiled as she took the [ Bloodline Demonic Pearl ].

Her clear and cold eyes filled with anticipation and excitement.

She opened her lips and swallowed the Bloodline Demonic Pearl.

“Master, its not very safe here.

Lets go over there.

Even if I can advance, it will take quite a bit.”


The world changed before them after it turned dark.


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