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This place was even darker than the first level, and the temperature was lower.

After the seven-colored ray of light fused into Li Xiangs body, his attributes increased by a level, improving his condition.

“I didnt expect to be the first to enter the second level of the Evernight Continent and even got rewarded.

Then, do the third and fourth levels have rewards too”

Li Xiang was somewhat tempted.

“Eye Demon, Vine Whisker Demon, Black Wing Demon, go and check out the surrounding!”


They instantly disappeared into the thick fog.

Not long after, they transmitted back the information they got.

“Master, I have discovered a group of Level 60 iron-armored wolves in the northwest direction.

They are huge, and iron armors covered their bodies.”

“Master, I discovered many Level 58 giant magic insects of various shapes and sizes in the south and east.

There are many of them.”

“Master, a tall mountain has been discovered to the north.

I found a large number of caves there.

There are some Level 65 mutated demons inside.”

Li Xiangs subordinates transmitted information about the surroundings to him.

At the same time, they sent a topographic map.

Soon, Li Xiang completed the map on the second level.

After entering the second level, almost all the monsters were of Level 60.

Li Xiang did not delay any further.

He fiddled the Little Phoenix, Qing Ying, on his shoulder and said, “Qing Ying, you, Alice, and Alicia, go and kill these monsters.

Its a good chance to level up.”

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Qing Ying jumped up lightly, instantly turned into a flame, and flew towards the north.

Alicia and Alice did not choose another direction.

Instead, they followed behind Qing Ying and planned to work together.

Li Xiang waved his hand, and a sofa appeared beside him.

There was also a coffee table with fruit plates, pastries, and tea.

He sat down on the sofa and poured himself a cup of tea.

After taking a few sips, he picked up a piece of pastry Yang Mi made and took a small bite.

As for his subordinates, they had already spread out to a 50-meter radius and were on alert.

After all, they were not of the same species.

Human food was not very attractive to them.

Soon, a large amount of EXP appeared on his system panel.

An hour later, his subordinates had cleared all the monsters within a ten-mile radius.

These monsters were all Level 50 to 60.

Killing one of them would give him thousands of EXP.

Even if he could only get a tenth of it, it would still be a massive amount of EXP.

With the EXP he had accumulated, he could directly increase it to about Level 120.

However, if he raised his level to over level 100 and killed these level 50-60 monsters, he wouldnt be able to gain EXP.

That was why he did not level up.

At the same time, the main lord level in the Myriad World Continentwas only around Level 30.

It was still acceptable for him to level up to Level 50.

However, if others saw that he was over Level 100, it would attract countless attention.

Although he wasnt afraid of being noticed and coveted by others, this kind of troublesome matter wouldnt benefit him.

Naturally, keeping a lower profile would be better.

At this moment, the Little Phoenix transformed into a streak of flame and flew over from afar.

Once again, it transformed into a petite figure and landed on Li Xiangs shoulder.

Afterward, Qing Ying saw the fruits and pastries on the coffee table.

She flew over and circled, chirping and looking anxious.

Li Xiang was surprised to see her interest in human food.

He quickly picked up a piece of fruit, cut it into small pieces, and placed it on his palm.

The Little Phoenix immediately landed on his wrist and excitedly picked up the fruit and ate it.

She was swift.

Moreover, she seemed to want more.

Alice and Alicia were interested in human food and did not reject it.

“Master, we want to eat too!”

Li Xiang laughed, saying, “I have enough for everyone to share!”

As he spoke, he took out some fruits and pastries again and gave some to the two of them.

Alicia was only interested in fruits, but after eating a few pieces of pastries, she immediately gave up on fruits and ate pies instead.

It just so happened that Alice was the same.

The two of them almost fought over this, which made Li Xiang chuckle helplessly.

He thought the two of them were not interested in human food!

“Alright, stop snatching it.

You two get one each.

When we go back, Ill get the chef to make more.

You both have storage rings, save them and eat slowly.”

“Thank you, master!”

After this contact period, Alicia was satisfied with Li Xiang as her master.

Although his talent was a demon, he should belong to the evil camp.

But he was not bad.

He was too kind.

Li Xiang did not know what his subordinate was thinking.

Even if he knew, he would only react calmly and smile.

After feeding the Little Phoenix, he made the sofa and the coffee table disappear.

When he wanted to choose a direction, a Vine Whisker Demon suddenly emerged from the ground not far away.

“Lord, strange insects are moving underground in the distance.

It is coming over here.”

Li Xiang lifted his eyebrows.

When they reached the second level, Li Xiang noticed this place was much more dangerous than the first floor.

“Force it out and kill it!”


The Vine Whisker Demon Commander replied and sank into the ground again.

Not long after, the ground began to shake slightly.

Soon after, the ground hundreds of meters away began to rise.


Then, Li Xiang saw a grayish-white monster that looked like an earthworm but had a mouth that was as big as a flower petal, coming out of the ground.

At the same time, more than ten kinds of Vine Whisker Demons were on its body.

These Vine Whisker Demons did not seem to be a significant threat on the ground, but they were a terrifying existence underground.

Countless vines wrapped around the giant worm, and the strong vines directly squeezed into the worms flesh and blood.

The giant worm struggled and twisted crazily, trying to get rid of the vines.

But the more it struggled, the closer the vines got.

Until, at a particular moment, the vines tightened their wrap around it all at once.


The giant worm, which was twenty to thirty meters long, was cut into countless pieces by the vines.

Even the largest pieces of the corpse were twisting and struggling after landing on the ground.

Dense granulation spread out from the broken parts, trying to hook other pieces.

[ Shadow Spirit Demon Earthworm ]

Level: 67

HP: 20,000

Attack: 1,000

Defense: 1,500

Speed: 900

Skills 1: Earthbound Skill

Skills 2: Venom

Skills 3: Infinite Regeneration

Skills 4: Infinite Disintegration

Li Xiang looked at the monsters introduction to its attributes.

When he saw skills 3 and 4, he could not help but sigh.

These two skills were somewhat heaven-defying.

“It looks like it wont be easy to kill this monster completely.

Qing Ying, roast this monster for me.

Let me see if it smells good!”

Qing Ying looked at the monster in the distance in confusion.

The first thing that appeared in her little head was the fruits and pastries she had eaten.

She thought, “Could it be that this big monster is delicious We can only eat it after burning it”

Qing Ying had no resistance to delicacies.

She immediately flew up and transformed into a huge fire phoenix after Li Xiang beckoned her.


Qing Ying spat out a mouthful of golden air.

The fire of the Phoenix instantly charred the countless twisted and regenerating corpses on the ground.

In the end, they turned into charcoal and shattered into dust.

However, at the same time, a fishy stench also rose from the ground.


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